The Mpow H5 active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones have dropped to $29.99 with the code MPOW143A1 on Amazon. The price is also that low thanks to a direct drop from the headphones' regular $53 price down to just $45 even before you apply the code. The Silver headphones are also down to $45, but the code does not apply to those for the extra discount.

Listen to the savings

Mpow H5 active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones

These headphones include upgraded noise-cancelling tech so you hear only what you want to hear. They have a 30-hour battery life with ANC active. Clip the on-page coupon and use the following code at checkout to save.

$26.99 $53.00 $26 off

With coupon: MPOW143A1

The H5 use P10 Premium 40mm stereo drivers for dynamic and powerful audio. They also have an upgraded active noise-cancelling technology that reduces ambient noise. Use these headphones on the subway or a crowded street or the cabin of an airplane and you won't even notice the noises that would normally be so distracting.

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The battery life for these headphones will last for up to 30 hours even with active noise-cancelling on. That's a fantastic battery life. You really can take these to the airport and use them on a long flight without worrying about keeping them charged. Use the headphones between classes or on your lunch break, and you won't have to charge them until you get home.

The soft enlarged protein ear pads on the H5 are designed to be comfortable so you could legitimately wear these for 30 hours if you want without noticing them. The ear pads also swivel so they can be stored flat. They are collapsible, adjustible, and very lightweight at just 240g. Travel easily all around the world with the headphones packed up and easy to access.

You'll get Bluetooth 4.0 technology built into the headphones. So not only do you not have to worry about a charging cable thanks to the long battery life, you don't have to worry about any cables even for listening to music. The Bluetooth tech can work up to 10 meters away to connect with any compatible device.

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