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What you need to know

  • Minecraft is the world's most popular game, and has been an invaluable tool in the last few months.
  • Now, Mad Zoo Events and MSI are teaming up to hold an all-day event inside of Minecraft.
  • The event will see players building and interacting with each other in an underwater Minecraft world.
  • There will also be featured artists and musicians playing live, and releasing new music.

Minecraft is home to an endless number of creative worlds and servers, and now one more unique realm can make that same claim. Mad Zoo Events, Hospital Records, and MSI (yes, that MSI are teaming up to hold an all-day event inside a custom-built Minecraft world called Hospitality in the Void. The event will be fully interactive, where players can build, play games, shop for new merch and in-game items, and socialize with each other.

The headliner for this all-day event, however, is the music. Ten different artists will perform live during the event, and even debut new music releases and more. The artist lineup won't be announced until August 10, 2020, but we do at least know that Mat Zo, a Grammy-nominated artist, will be present at the event.

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Hospitality in the Void will be held on August 22, 2020, and begin at 9 am ET, or 6 am PT. If you're interested, you can buy a ticket early starting at $10 on the Mad Zoo Events homepage. There are optional upgrades to gain access to virtual meet and greets, dedicated servers, and more. The event will also feature a live chat, with party systems so that friends can attend the event together.

This is not the first time a musical festival has been held inside a game, but it never gets any less interesting to see happen. Are you planning to attend the festival? Let us know in the comments below!

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