Naval MMO 'World of Warships' announced for Xbox One

World of Warships is a free-to-play naval massively multiplayer online game (MMO) from Wargaming. You may recognize the developer from titles like World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. As expected, World of Warships shares similar gameplay elements with the two projects. There are several classes of ships to choose from and the game still revolves around team-based matches. World of Warships launched on PC in 2015 but it was unclear until now whether it would come to consoles.

Today, Wargaming announced that World of Warships will be coming to Xbox One in 2019. It's unclear when the title will hit the system though because no concrete release date was provided. Wargaming issued the following statement on Reddit alongside the reveal.

With extreme thrill I can finally answer one of the questions I had to ignore many times… Our new game World of Warships: Legends is announced on Xbox and PS4… You've been a great support and source of feedback... for our beloved PC child. Now, I fully acknowledge that Reddit is community-driven, so I guess it's up to you if this wonderful community will unite the most engaged players from both platforms. But let me just say that I hope it will… let us all wish the new project a wonderful journey!

Hopefully World of Warships will be a polished MMO on console. Just like World of Tanks, the game is expected to support Xbox One X. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

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Asher Madan

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  • This is going to be a disaster. If it's like the Microsoft Store version of the game on Windows 10, you cannot connect your Wargaming ID to your Microsoft Account and login. Microsoft Store versions of the game have their own servers and progress, so if you are a long time player on PC, you cant use any of your ships, etc.
  • That's probably accurate but it seems like they're targeting a new audience here. They don't expect PC players to jump to Xbox One.
  • Actually u can use your wargaming ID by altering (version)api.dll name. Btw, just like the steam version.. Win10 version plays on the same servers as the OG PC version. Why renaming the dll file works no matter where u downloaded the game from.
  • I didn't know that. That's amazing!
  • yeah it is something that has been reported on the official WG faq. that cross play with the same WG ID does not work because Warships is build from the ground up new. when they actually could have just easily enabled or allowed it, so instead we figured it out and just do it ourselves 😛😃. there are several online tutorials to find now.
  • I have faith. World of Tanks was a little rough when it launched on 360, but it was constantly updated , and turned into a solid console experience. I'm excited?
  • Are these games accessible though? I felt like getting into World of Tanks required a lot of time, like Elite: Dangerous.
  • It's the grind that can take a while, there are plenty of tutorial videos online. If you support the game the gind is much less, and even so it doesn't take many battles to get to popular tiers like tier 6.
  • I play the PC version and am looking forward to trying this. I'm pretty sure its going to be a completely separate game from the PC version which is too bad. If anyone wants to try the PC version, hit me up and I can get you some starter stuff for free.
  • Interesting announcement timing - one day after War Thunder releases on xbox. Coincidence?
  • awesome game, glad to hear it.