New Club, LFG, and profile features now rolling out to everyone on Xbox One

After a bit of testing in the Xbox Insider Program, Microsoft has started rolling out a batch of new feature updates to all Xbox One users. The big highlights are some new ways to interact with Clubs and LFG posts, but there are also some smaller tweaks to profiles, the activity feed as well. One potentially big change for anyone with a large library of games: you can now sort your library by Xbox One and Xbox 360 games.

Here's the official look at what's now rolling out to everyone:

Profile and Activity Feed:

  • New 'Join broadcast' button in your profile, one of the many ways to access the game stream of someone broadcasting their gameplay.
  • In your Activity Feed, we're adding the ability to hide individual posts, pin posts to the top of your feed, and filter posts by friends, games or Clubs.

Clubs and Looking for Group (LFG):

  • When you create an LFG post, as the owner you will be able to see new vetting cards that include hero stats from gamers interested in joining your party. Hero stats are contextual to the game you're playing, showing you relevant stats like kill/death ratio, rank, or score.
  • Achievement hunters, this one is for you! You will be able to search LFG posts from the Achievements tab, related to the Achievement you're trying to finish.
  • We're adding the number of open LFG posts to the Game Hub and Club Hub headers.
  • Have you made a successful LFG post that you want to create again? Now you can see previous LFG posts that you have created, participated or shown interest in, and can copy them to create new posts.
  • When creating an LFG post, see all the recent tags you've used and easily select them.
  • Club owners and admins will be identified and labeled in their text posts to better help them stand out and manage their community.
  • Club owners and admins can pin a post at the top of their Club feed.

My Games and Apps, and Settings:

  • In 'My Games and Apps,' we're adding the ability to filter your game library by platform – Xbox One and Xbox 360.

That's a decent helping of new stuff to check out, and only adds to the big changes the Xbox team recently rolled out to the dashboard with the Xbox One March update. There's certain to be more on the way, including custom gamerpics, which should be making their way to testers in the Xbox Insider Program soon.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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