New icons found in Windows 10 build 9901 point to updated modern design language

The digging continues on the Windows 10 build that leaked earlier this week, and this time it seems we're getting a peek at a new style of modern UI icons coming along for the ride.

The icons, which were leaked to Neowin, display markedly thinner lines and make less use of color filling. Furthermore, the icons were found in an asset called "MDL2" which, as Neowin notes, could stand for "modern design language 2."

Modern UI 2 Icons

These icons show up in the same build 9901 that leaked earlier this week and gave us a look at some new consumer features such as a redesigned Xbox app and Cortana integration. However, if you're eager to rush out and install this leaked build, be warned, as installing it will prevent future automatic updates.

Source: Neowin