New Microsoft Store now available on HoloLens and Surface Hub

HoloLens (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The new Microsoft Store is now available for HoloLens and Surface Hub.
  • Rudy Huyn, the principal architect lead of the Microsoft Store, shared the news on Twitter.
  • The new Microsoft Store has an improved design and was initially launched with Windows 11.

The new Microsoft Store has made its way to HoloLens and Surface Hub. Featuring a revamped design that's easier to navigate, the new Microsoft Store shipped with Windows 11. It has since rolled out to Windows 10. With its arrival on Surface Hub and HoloLens, it's now available on all major Windows platforms.

Rudy Huyn, the principal architect lead of the Microsoft Store, shared the news on Twitter.

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In addition to a massive visual overhaul, the new Microsoft Store has new revenue policies that are friendlier for companies that use their own commerce model. There's also a feature for finding content through streaming services, such as films, though apps have to support it.

Our executive editor Daniel Rubino took a close look at the store late last year in an interview with Giorgio Sardo, the general manager of the new Microsoft Store.

"Our goal was to have consumers find the best content on Windows devices and [for] developers to be more successful. That's it. That's the only goal. Needs of consumers and needs of developers," said Sardo last October.

With the new Microsoft Store on HoloLens and Surface Hub, developers and organizations can now target these devices and take advantage of the store's new features and design.

HoloLens was also in the news today because Microsoft partnered with Volkswagen to get the augmented reality headset to work when inside moving vehicles.

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  • That this mean IT departments can use the new store on W10/W11 Digital whiteboards that run on Windows iot or embedded in terms of app deployment? I wonder what the experience is like with hololens. More importantly, glad to see Rudy Huyn is doing well at Microsoft.
  • At least they're pushing updates to these products, but both seem to be on relative life support. The Hub never got the 2X upgrade that was promised, while HoloLens was hidden as a niche that never had a fair chance to thrive. I actually recommended looking at a Hub for my work this year, but it never came to fruition. I don't see it as likely we do it when they've left the devices in the past for a while. $20K for a years-old device with no successor in sight is a hard sell