The new Surface Pen for the Surface Pro 4 has a tail eraser and full year of battery life

During Microsoft's Windows 10 hardware press event today in New York City, the company has officially announced the new version of the Surface Pen made for the just revealed Surface Pro 4 tablet.

Microsoft will include the new Surface Pen with the tablet, which comes with a full year of battery life. It will include a tail eraser with stickiness and friction. The pen will also include 1024 levels of pressure and magnetically latches to the side of the tablet. Users can also double-click on the Surface Pen button to launch the OneNote app, and users can hold down to activate Cortana in Windows 10

The new Surface Pen comes in five colors, and it will support interchangeable pen tips to emulate the feel of a pencil, ballpoint, felt tip pen, and more. Microsoft said that 50% of the current Surface Pro 3 members use the current Surface Pen.

Stay tuned for more news from today's Windows 10 hardware event from Microsoft.

John Callaham