At Windows Central, we're all anxiously awaiting the release of the new Surface Pro. (I already placed my preorder, and I keep checking my email, hoping Microsoft will ship it early.) But as is always the case with Surface hardware, Microsoft charges a premium for the Surface Pro. Here it starts at $799.00 for the barebones model and shoots all the way up to $2,699.99 for the fully loaded Pro. Yowsers.

If you simply don't have the cash for a Surface Pro right now, you're certainly not alone. Forum member lbeezy2188 recently started a valuable thread, asking the community for opinions on the best Surface Pro alternatives.


I want a Surface Pro but I think it's slightly overpriced. Is there any other devices out there with similar specs that I can get more bang for the buck?


Just last month, we put together a list of the best Surface Pro 4 alternatives, and we're in the process of updating it for the new Pro right now. But we're curious what you think. Is the new Surface Pro 2017 a bit too pricey for you? And if so, what's your pick for the best alternative? Hit the link below and sound off.

In the forums: What is a good alternate to the Surface Pro?

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