Newly released Crack Attack brings a smashing twist to the matching genre

If you're bored of the usual matching-style games that appear on Windows stores you may want to check out the newly released Crack Attack. Developed by Crash Lab, the title tasks you with smashing hundreds of eggs to free creatures imprisoned by the evil Eggsterminator.

Here are some highlighted features of Crack Attack from the store listing:

  • Intuitive and easy to learn – you'll be cracking eggs before you can say "omelette"!
  • A new approach to gameplay – tap to build sequences; it's not just about making lines anymore! Think outside the (egg) box to increase your chances of success!
  • No matter how you like your eggs, we've got you covered. From exploding ones, to glass ones, to indestructible ones…you'll need to master them all if you want to crack this game.
  • Variety is the spice of life: new levels, new worlds, new eggs, new creatures…and more being added all the time!
  • Be the envy of your friends and collect creatures from each world for fantastic bonuses
  • Impossible to put down - once you crack, you'll never go back!
  • Colour-blind mode – Don't confuse your hues!
  • Now available in Russian, Turkish, and Brazilian-Portuguese!

Crack Attack

The title will also be updated to Windows 10 after Microsoft releases the next version of the company's desktop OS. It's a universal listing, so be sure to grab it for Windows 8.1 too.

QR: Crack Attack

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Is this ported?
  • Don't think they would tell us lol we been getting alot games lately!
  • Yeah, a LOT of games (-_-)
  • Not everyone have access to that program yet.
  • LOL
    "NO XBOX Achievements NO Download" :D
    Already Done with match three games !
  • You're going to be missing out on a lot of good games with that policy.
  • Okay! Tried this game but as other saying not able to link my facebook account :(
  • I am more interested in ported apps rather games. We have seen ported games are working well but not sure about apps..
  • I want PVZ 2
  • I want pizza
  • How can anyone tell a "ported" game to a normal game?
  • If it has bn ported frm app store it wont install on sd card i guess, Like crossy road
  • Why do you say that? It shouldn't make any difference.
  • Cant connect to FB
  • Im stuck during facebook linking too
  • Hi, Thanks for trying our game. We have noted your difficulties with FB and looking into it now. Will update here when it has been resolved. In the meantime, thanks for your patience. Don't know how this issue slipped through the net! Apologies for the inconvenience. Egghead  
  • Not only can I not connect to facebook. But my lives wont rejuvenate if I close app. I have to leave it open for them to rejuvenate. And also my life timer now says I have to wait 100m+ to get new lives. Im really addicted to this game now. Can u please fix. I have contacted the company through the 'contact us' option but have no received a reply
  • Hi Jessie,   So sorry to hear about your problems. For some reason your message didn't come through, but please check out my general response below. 
    We are working flat out to make the fix. I think the problem is that it occurs on just a small proportion of devices and so is difficult for us to replicate and therefore identify. We're working on it though... Thanks for your patience Egghead
  • We're trying to get to the bottom of it, but the current status is that it WILL connect to FB... eventually. It just appears to take a while longer on this platform. Note this delay is specifically when you first register. Once done, when you play again it will sign in much quicker. The timing is caused by a combination of available memory on your phone and current connection speed. We do apologise again for this and we are already working on a fix. In the meantime, if it becomes a major nuisance then perhaps just play the game to try (without FB) and see if you like it and then register with Facebook at a later session. Not ideal, but it is a solution for the interim. Egghead  
  • For your attention to the WP platform and quick in-the-field customer service alone, I'm downloading this game right now. Thanks for being a good dev!
  • Is there a way for the game to back up your progress without using facebook?
  • Does the game use the latest Facebook API? Lots of games (and other apps) seem to be broken after Facebook changed it recently. ​Nice game otherwise. Hope the FB situation can be solved. ​ ​ ​
  • Stuck in fb linking in my lumia 830 and try to install to my hp stream 7, but cant install...
  • Once again, Sincere apologies for the problems some of you are experiencing. We have tested the game on all versions of the Nokia (Windows) phones and Surface Tablets but no problems with Facebook occurred for us, other than it sometimes taking 20 seconds to connect. There have been over 5,000 Windows installs now but only a very small proportion are experiencing connectivity issues with FB. However, 'a very small proportion' is still unacceptable and so we are investigating this problem and have all resources on the case.  Note that, in response to an above question from awusr, your game state is saved automatically, whether connected to FB or not. However, if you are not logged into FB then it won't propogate your progress across all your different devices (if you have them). You can also see your friends' progress and give/receive lives and eggs if you are signed in. Hope this helps. We'll continue monitoring this page so feel free to ask questions.  Thanks again for your patience Egghead
  • Since the developer made some nice comments here, I'm going to try it. It's always good to have people caring about their product and user experience
  • Still stuck with the FB linking. No matter what wont connect (using 1520). If I go to my FB settings I can see this game show up there, but it won't get past the connecting screen. Seems like a great game, but without being able to link and save progress across devices is becoming a major downer.
  • Hi Bob, We are similarly frustrated about the problem but a fix is underway. Once we're satisfied we've resolved it then we need to undergo testing to ensure it works across as many phone models as we can get our hands on - we did do this originally but experienced no issues on the devices we tested, so we are just sourcing more models for this purpose. Obviously, this isn't an immediate process but we're woirking as fast as we can as we know it's an impediment to players' enjoyment. Apologies again. Egghead
  • Egghead? What's that :p
  • I love this game! Got hooked the first day playing. Could you please put out a article or blog on what each bonus means? Like what are the stars for? What are the woodland, aliens etc collection for? Maybe it could added to how to play section of the game. Just a suggestion.