Turn your Windows 10 Mobile phone into a laptop with NexDock and Continuum

NexDock has launched an Indiegogo campaign seeking funds for a 14-inch monitor with built-in battery and Bluetooth keyboard that works with Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile. Unlike Microsoft's display dock that requires you to have your own mouse, keyboard and monitor to use Continuum on your Windows 10 Mobile phone, this is the complete package. Resembling a typical laptop, the NexDock has a 14-inch monitor that folds over the keyboard that can pair to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

If you have yet to grab a Windows 10 Mobile-powered smartphone, the NexDock can still be used for a number of other purposes as well. You can use it with PC sticks, or as a display for your Raspberry Pi, or even with a tablet or Android-powered smartphone and the iPhone. In the future the company hopes to be able to offer this with a variety of different displays and form factors, from tablets to desktops, as well as offering the processor and operating system of your choice.

For just $120, there is a whole lot of value to those who want to maximize the potential of their existing hardware in new ways, especially while on the go. Those who back the project early can get in on the NexDock for as low as $79. The company currently anticipates shipments to begin in June 2016.

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Source: NexDock; Thanks, Lance M., for the tip!

Jared DiPane

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