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Nokia adding Bluetooth support for the Message Access Profile (MAP) in future update to Transfer My Data

We’re a few weeks away from Nokia World in Abu Dhabi. We expect to see a handful of new smartphones running Windows Phone and even a tablet running Windows RT. We’ll have a pair of boots on the ground bringing you the latest from the event, but it’s always fun to see news trickle out ahead of the event.

We suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of devices taking advantage of some Bluetooth magic, like the Nokia Treasure Tag. But the Bluetooth fun doesn’t stop there with Nokia, read on to learn about some changes coming to the platform.

Nokia’s Transfer My Data app allows users to copy contacts from nearly any phone (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc.) to their new Windows Phone device. It’s also about to receive a new update according to a recent filing on the Bluetooth SIG Certification website.

What’s the update bringing? The new version of Transfer My Data will support transferring data through the Message Access Profile (MAP). Basically, MAP is a way to exchange messages between devices using Bluetooth.

MAP really shines by sending messages to your other devices besides smartphones. For example, MAP can be used to send messages to your car for hands-free use, your laptop or “tablet”, or other devices like wearable Bluetooth devices.

We don’t know of any Nokia plans to build a car, but they are working on a tablet (the Lumia 2520) and apparently a Nokia smartwatch as well. Supporting MAP would allow your messages to be sent to those devices when in proximity of your Windows Phone. We’ve always dreamed of a world where we can reply to SMS messages via our computers without having to go for our phone. Could Nokia’s tablet allow you to do that if you have their device? Maybe.

What are your thoughts on your next Lumia device supporting MAP? Limited to just transferring old messages to your new smartphone? Or bigger implications for the future of messaging? Sound off below.

Source: Bluetooth SIG, Via: Windows Phone Daily

  • Nokia all the way :-)
  • Its Microsoft now.
  • Nokiasoft? Microia?
  • Microsoft
  • No, it isn't.
  • Great news for Nokia
  • If it is used to send text messages from a computer/tablet, then amen!  About time...
  • There is an app for that: Email
  • Data connections.
  • There is an app for that: USB cable
  • I see you know app for all :)
    Do you know app for exchange location data between family's devices in real time?I want to know where my children and wife everytime, and my wife wnat to know where our children and me. 
  • There is an app for that: telephone call. There is an app for EVERYTHING
  • It's realy good app, but what if my son is in school and couldn't answer me? (Maybe he isn't in school and I want know where is he, but he don't answer) And my wife in cinema, where she can sound-off her mobile phone?
  • Find my windows phone? :)
  • "We’ve always dreamed of a world where we can reply to SMS messages via our computers without having to go for our phone." I guess you mean "receiving and reply" to sms? 'cause otherwise I've been living in your dream world for over 10 years, Sam. Operators in Europe have messaging capabilities on their websites. I can send an sms from my Vodafone account through their website without the need for my phone around =P
  • If you've used Win 8 the messages come out as a little notification...if you can just reply through it as SMS...I'd Love it! No need to fiddle with Vodafone
  • You can do with sprint via zipwhip or something. I used to do it. You get replies too. Very awesome
  • I remember the Nokia OVI suite had an option to send message or make calls trough PC if its paired via Bluetooth. It would be great if they have such a function.
  • If it uses Bluetooth to charge the lumias that would be a sure
  • Well this is the Transfer My Data app, so it's clearly adding support for transferring your SMS messages from your old phone to your new Lumia. Don't get too giddy with all the other use cases (none of which would use TMD).
  • Who needs Bluetooth?
  • I agree. I go to the dentist twice a year just to prevent it.
  • I actually had to chuckle at that one...
  • Didn't webOS have the feature where you could send and receive sms messages from both the phone and the tablet they had? This is also where iOS really shines with Messages, because everyone I know basically has an iPhone and I can send them a message from my Mac.
  • The point is to use your phone number, however. It would connect to your phone via Bluetooth so you could send texts from your phone, on your tablet or laptop.  After all, Windows 8 and Windows Phone have Skype messaging capabilites out of the box, but it only works if you and your friends are willing to use Microsoft's offering, doesn't it?
    Just like iMessage. It's great, but only if you and all your buddies are willing to switch to Apple's offering. The point of this is allow that, without requiring you and all your buddies to lock yourselves to one company's service offering.
  • The old Nokia PC Suite used to allow you to send, receive, read, back up sms on Nokias many years ago.
  • Very well remembered. I used this feature a lot on my N95.
  • Can this work now with pebble? :)
  • Apple done this first though from apple to mac but,glad we are getting,that
  • So did palm, so did Nokia
  • Or simalar
  • It's a great feature and one I was surprised wasn't present when Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 launched last year. I'd hope it's not a Nokia exclusive though, as it should be an OS feature.
    Still, if it is a Nokia exclusive, hopefully it's just for their phones and not their tablet as, let's face it, most people buying a Windows tablet are not going to buy a very expensive RT running tablet even if it does look pretty and colourful and is made by Nokia. Potential customers for RT is very small right now anyway but when it's also $500 that group gets even smaller.
    The majority of people with a Nokia Lumia phone will have a Windows RT/Windows 8/8.1 PC (whether tablet or otherwise) not made by Nokia. In fact, even if we just look at RT, most people (including those 11,000 people at Delta) will be using a Surface.
    I really hope this exclusive nonsense doesn't expand any further.
    I appreciate RT native versions of HERE maps/drive+ and Nokia Music etc. are great differentiators for Nokia's offering, but for a lot of people it still won't be enough to drop a lot of money on their tablet. Hopefully these exclusive apps will be available for all Windows 8/8.1 devices, even if it's for a cost. I know I wouldn't mind dropping $4.99 to have HERE Drive+ on my Dell Venue Pro 8 as that's an actual service. Free is always good though. ;)
    I'm really excited for the event on the 22nd. It's looking like it'll be a blitz of new devices, new software and app updates, and new accessories. All very cool!
  • Will this let me send contacts to my car Bluetooth system? As not supported at the moment.
  • Which phone/which automaker? I get phonebook download just fine with Ford Sync/Lumia 920, but I can't send SMS via the messaging part of the car software since the phone doesn't support MAP (yet). I did have an interesting experience yesterday trying to reply to facebook via the speech "read aloud incoming texts" setting. 
  • Abu Dhabi? Say hi to Nermal for me.
  • Nokia + Microsoft = win
  • Until Nokia/Microsoft fixes Amber's bug which will not allow you to use both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi simultaneously (it's one or the other) I could care less about this new ability. It would be nice if turning on Wi-Fi calling didn't likewise prevent MMS messaging, voicemail notifications, and visual voicemail access. Let's focus on fixing the big problems before we start developing new niche capabilities guys.
  • I've not come across that issue personally. I can still use WiFi while having ny Nokia Purity Pro connected wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • Several things, first, the bug is only present with the Amber update, not prior. Many phones have not received this yet, however my 925 shipped with it already installed. Secondly, some features of Bluetooth still work, but it cannot be used with Wi-Fi calling while talking over a Bluetooth earpiece, or say your car's Bluetooth connection. Your Purity Pro may work as functional headphones, but I doubt you'd be able to make a call over Wi-Fi calling with them (I'm assuming they have a built-in mic). The bug does allow both to turn on at the phone, but it manifests as either an inability to make or receive calls, very poor call quality (often times just complete silence), or random disconnects during calls for no reason. This is a well known bug that many people have reported, so I know it is not merely something wrong with my specific phone. I'd post some examples, but apparently this forum does not allow links.
  • As suggested above it would be cool if WP supported accessing its contact list via BT. That's a great feature when driving.
    Also, support for BT devices like e.g. a keyboard is badly missing. :-/
  • What's the difference between this and Google Voice other than cutting Google out of the equation?
  • "We’ve always dreamed of a world where we can reply to SMS messages via our computers without having to go for our phone."
    If thats the case it would be great especially with windows 8.1 intergrating well with windows phone 8.1. but will it  not be almost late, as IM's are becoming really popular?
    anyway that breakthrough would be a welcome and would be useful. Hope its not OS tied or Service provider tied up...
    by the way, my HIKE messenger claims to send sms even without the other party having HIKe app but my friends (here in northeast India) never received my messages. Hope it doesnt happen like that....
  • Am I the only one who noticed "we don't of any of any Nokia plans"? Usually the comments are littered with people pointing out errors in the articles.
  • That's because you're probably the only person that read the whole thing. Thanks and fixed :)
  • How about SAP (Sim Access Protocol)?
    So I can connect the Lumia to my Mercedes again! At the moment I carry my old Symbian in the car with duoble SIM to connect with th car. SAP is far better than the HF-Protocol as it uses the cars antenna and receiver.
  • So is this different than what it currently does when it reads mytext messages in my car over my bluetooth stereo connection and my bluetooth headset when attached?
  • I can connect to my car streo and navigation system make calls and answer calls  with my nokia n900 and thats three years old or more why i can't do that with my windows phone that's the real question we should be asking !!
  • Bit of a bump on this one, but has anyone tried the text messaging transfer aspect ? Does it work for MMS too ?