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Nokia Lumia 1520 has its protective covers leaked online

We're only hours away from Nokia's event in Abu Dhabi tomorrow when we expect the company to announce multiple devices. One of them is the Lumia 1520, which has now more of its protective covers leaked online. Twitter profile Evleaks (has been accurate in the past) has published the above image on the micro-blogging service, showing off some cases in black, red and white.

The shells themselves match what we've looked at previously with rumours and leaked images of the Lumia 1520. The "phablet," sporting a massive 6-inch display will be unveiled tomorrow, so be sure to remain tuned to our feeds for the announcement and some hands-on.

Source: Twitter (@evleaks)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I'm very excited for Nokia world, but I want to be surprised, and not evleaks leaking everything. I guess we'll see. Who else is excited for the 1320, 1520, and 2520?
  • If you want to be surprised, I suggest not reading sites that cover new technology a week before the event because it will get leaked. That applies to everything from a fridge to a military tank.
  • Yeah, all of this would be much cooler if we had been in the dark this whole time.
  • man where is the like button for comments here :-)
  • Like
  • Here, here. I want NL1320 for Xmas :-D
  • Anticlimactic leaks may be but I guess they create a buzz among non-windowsphone users as well.
  • totally agree!!!
  • Looks like red is on board. Too soon to wish for a 920 successor being shown tomorrow as well?
  • Yeah I would wait til this time next year before we see some really new hardware
  • Most likely not until WP8.1 release in Feb/March or whatever it is going to be.
  • Hmmm interesting. So I guess this case will have a front screen cover that doubles as a stand. So does anyone know if the home screen will support landscape mode? Don't think I ever read anything about it.
  • Wish it would.. Maybe with Nokia Black? ;) You heard it from me, first!
  • Thinking GDR3 is already out there, no, it wont. 
  • It will be running RT which supports landscape : |
  • Yes of course it will.
    The Lumia 1520 is going to be incredible!! Just wait a month after it is released and save a £100 on the asking price on lauch day.
    Nokia 4 Life
  • I hope this is Qi compatible with the folding stand/cover. Take my money now
  • I hope this is Qi compatible WITHOUT a cover!
  • Me like! Ill take the red one XD
  • Do these include Qi charging?
  • I thought it was built in? Maybe thats only the international model. If that's the case then this CASE should definitely have a wireless charger in it.
  • It also looks like the flip around front cover is detachable.  Have there been specs leaked, or only the image?
  • That looks really nice!
  • So it doesn't look like these have wireless charge connectors on them... dare I hope that Nokia is bringing back built in wireless charging?
  • Black phone with white case. Sexy. Can't wait!
  • Think this is the same that was shown in the press renders before (comparing the sizes between this and 920)...the "ipadesque" cover..
  • You are correct sir
  • Anyone knows if we're going to be able to watch the live stream on our phone?.
  • Gsmarena had a short article showing devices on which u can watch the event. A cellfone, tablet and a laptop. About a week ago. Just don't know if it's live.
  • Ok, cool.
  • No contact for Qi wireless charging?
  • Just noticed that as well. :/
  • probably showing you the international version.   The international version will have it built in....the north american version will probably need a case to get wireless charging
  • If the 1520 or a variant comes out on T-Mobile I'll get that to replace my wife's Note2. She loves how my 925 looks and how the tiles look but she can't go to anything smaller than what she has. This would make my household a full Windows Phone home if it's released on my carrier.
  • If she wants something bigger, call me ;) Sorry, had to!
  • I don't see wireless charging contacts. :(
  • I am considering selling my 1020 to get this phone. I seriously need more space. And with micro sd i think that will fix my problem.
  • Heck, keep the 1020 and just add one of these to your arsenal. ^_~
  • I have a 1020, and had a 920 before that, and never ran out of space. Maybe I will with all the super high-res pictures and video, but more likely I'll get a new Surface to get the included upgrade to 200GB of SkyDrive and that will solve the problem. :-)
  • I have a 920 32GB, and I am constantly running out of space. microSD is a MUST for me.
  • Original cover xP
  • This article is leaky
  • iI hope they make a case like this for the 1020.
  • Waiting for Apple trolls coming and claiming they had this idea first and Nokia is copying them...maybe they are? lol
    On a side note, why no wireless charging in these?
  • Looks the 1020 is future proofed for a while since it's already been upgraded to 2GB of RAM, already top-of-the-line Pureview, etc. Other than a larger and higher resolution screen (which is a love it/hate it thing anyway), it doesn't look like these will supercede the Lumia 1020. Which is good as it's still being rolled out in many countries.
  • Its not supposed to supercede. They are releasing it to give people options. In terms of hardware, the only phone that will replace 1020 is the 1020 replacement next year with better camera. Until then, 1020 will remain as a flagship.
  • Those cases look sweet!
  • I want 5inch device with 41mpx :) ....
  • There are no more "unveilings". Only "confirmations". I miss surprises.
  • I'm not a fan of these cases/covers by Nokia with just the corner wrap. I miss the days of the full rubber case like the Lumia 800 and 900 had.
  • Those are ugly, these are elegant. But I won't deny those are more useful than these in terms of protection
  • Otterbox Defender series is a wraparound case for 920, maybe they will make one for 1520
  • they need something like this for the 1020!!! 
  • i refuse to believe there won't be a cyan color. i saw the render of the 1520 in cyan online, and although anything can be photoshopped these days, i refuse to believe it. give me cyan or give me death.
  • Hi There Nokians, Windows Phoners and the WPC team
    I am absolutely throbbing with envy Daniel!! I would give a kidney to be there in Abu Dabi tomorrow :(
    Anyhow. I want to ask if someone can PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEZZZ Record the entire live stream of the event in decent quality and upload it to youtube! I wont be able to watch it myself and I am so pist off because of that :(
    So can one of you awesome people capture the live stream and upload it to youtube so I can watch the magic later on???
    I would really apreciate it guys
  • I'm sold already. NOKIA TAKE MY MONEY.