New Nokia Lumia 800 "Beautifully Different" UK TV advert [Video]

Nokia UK announced a new TV advertisement for the Lumia 800 today, which follows the recently unveiled U.S. Lumia 900 commercial with the "Beautifully Different" theme. The video focuses more on the visual appeal of the Windows Phone itself and how live tiles can help the consumer.

This could be the beginning of the second wave of marketing from Nokia. We've become used to seeing "The Amazing Everyday" campaigns on a global scale, so perhaps it's time for something different to keep interest peaked? We do agree with the new advertising though - Windows Phone (especially the Lumia handsets) are "beautifully different".

Source: YouTube

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • "...and save the universe..." ;-) nice commercial!! It's beautifully different indeed!!
  • Wow! Best WP commerical I've seen yet.
  • Simple, eloquent, great commercial... beautifully different indeed...
  • Now that's a commercial!!
  • I like this ad for one simple shows something no other OS has...Live Tiles. "Beautiful Different" is a nice !.
  • Truly beautiful. I wish Verizon would get this in red.
  • Reminds me of Brandon Foy's fan video:
  • I liked the ad, but I think it would've been better if the lady doing the voice-over could've sounded a little more 'alive'.
  • It's great that they're promoting the live tiles. The display models in the stores always look so boring. They need to come up with a store display mode that shows how alive your phone can be. All you hear from other platforms is how you can't customize WP7, but what's more personal/customized than live tiles showing you the info you want to see? IMO it beats the hell out of rows of static icons with a custom background pic you can't see anyway, but that's hard to get across with the store displays.