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Nokia Lumia 900 shows up on a Czech Republic site with a price

Adding more fuel to the fire that a Lumia 900 is going international sooner than later, the phone is now listed on the site Obchod S Mobily found in the Czech Republic. While no date is given for release there is a price which amounts to be about $760--certainly not cheap, although who knows if that will be the final sale price or is just a placeholder. As the website Techin5 points out, some of the detailed Lumia 900 specs are a bit off but Obchod S Mobily are most likely not confusing it with the Lumia 800, as that phone already has a landing-page there. It's also worth noting that only an 8MP camera is listed and not the rumored (but unconfirmed) 12MP variant that some sites are reporting.

Regardless, between Carphone Warehouse, SG Best and now this Czech site, we're very confident that Nokia's flagship phone should be hitting other countries within the next few months. While Carphone Warehouse had a June date, it could be sooner than that and hopefully Nokia will reveal more at Mobile World Congress.

Source: Obchod S Mobily; via Techin5

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • If $760 for unlocked then in at&t network, should be around $199.00 with 2 years contract.....
  • That is about £500 which is roughly the same as a Galaxy S2 or Titan unlocked.. Can't wait to have a play when it is released
  • Will they just release this thing already!?
  • It is common in the Czech Republic that some sites are offering goods not officialy available in the country. Typically it takes 4 to 18 months before phones available in other countries becomes officialy supported there.
    The price is high, but not in comparison of other new high-end phones sold in the country. Lumia 800 will receive an official support next month and the announced price is 12.490,- CZK (= $640).
    The phones will eventually be available on contract for lower price, too - but it typically does not happen anytime soon for the newer/expensive pieces.
  • That would actually make sense, but the Lumia 800 is given as CZK 10,895 on Obchod S Mobility, so much lower than the announced price (it says already in stock?).
  • It may be gray import, too.
    Offical Nokia shop:
    Other trustworthy shop:
  • Could be.. but not necessarily. (2nd link doesn't work)
  • Most likely just an attention troll.
  • Just Czech-ing. :P
  • Ha-cha-cha-chaaa
  • oops..double post