Nokia showing a "bunch of new devices running Windows Phone" next week in London least according to Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft at the recent Web 2.0 summit. Now, we suppose we can engage in a semantic debate about what constitutes a "bunch" combined with social-linguistic and pragmatic uses of the term, but up till this point, we were only really expecting maybe two devices from Nokia: SeaRay/800 and the Sabre/703/710.

But perhaps we need to re-think what Nokia may be doing. We know at the very least the SeaRay will be going on sale in various countries in November e.g. France, Italy, so for certain we'll see those devices for respective carriers. But Nokia has always talked about "shipping in volume" in 2012 in addition to bold claims like a new device every three months (remember that one?). So maybe, just maybe we'll see more than just 2011 devices but also what's in store for 2012--like perhaps that rumored Nokia Windows Phone for AT&T?

Then again, if Ballmer was just being colloquial, perhaps a "bunch" really is just two. We'll be live in London next week at Nokia World to find out, so stay tuned...

Source: Mary Jo Foley (Twitter)

Daniel Rubino

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  • 3 devices maybe?
  • I wonder if they will be releasing only mid-range handsets this fall and then high-end handsets early next year? I'd really like to replace my focus with a high-end Nokia handset ASAP, rather than have to wait even longer.
  • Give me a 4inch qwerty And I'm sold!
  • you should get venue pro then
  • it's not offered on Vzw
  • Bunch ... That's a numberwang!
  • .
  • A bunch huh? Just jump out the blocks sprinting with what ever how many devices are released. I have a feeling it wont be so impressive, I hope Im wrong.
  • **** AT&T I want a nokia device on T-Mobile.
  • We should be friends.
  • I don't know if I even care anymore, Samsung has finally won me over with their design.....first the Galaxy SII line and now Galaxy Nexus....just beautiful.......what the **** do I have to do to get a Samsung phone on Sprint with WP7. Jebus H!!
  • It's useless.As usual, it will probably be underpowered devices with weak storage (8 or 16GB) with no expandable storage, and small screen (3.7 inch).Where are the 32GB devices???
  • good grief. With cloud storage you don't need 32gb...
  • I'm finding it more and more likely that MS new relationship with Nokia is the reason why we haven't had a chance to get our hands on new HTC and Samsung hardware. What a bunch of ****
  • Yeah right go for Samsung? They got the hardware looking good but try one of their shoddy updates that bricks everything.
  • As a stockholder in MS this man scares the **** out of me.
  • maybe the next pics will show a phone that doesn't looked scratched to ....