Nokia updates Accessories app to support BH-121 Bluetooth headset, fix bugs

Nothing in the realm of huge updates, but this morning Nokia has pushed out a new version of its Accessories app for Lumia phones. The app is used for finer control over specific hardware, like the CR-200 in-car stand or the newly announced BH-121 Bluetooth headset.

Version is live in the Store and it adds support for that new headset and it includes the usual bug fixes, according to the change log. With this app, users can pin individual tiles for their accessories to the Start screen to get battery info, give the device a name and manage settings (like program buttons on the Nokia Purity Pros).

Head to the Store by following this direct link to update your Accessories app, although we’re not expecting too much in the way of drastic changes. Thanks, Khushboo S., for the tip

QR: Nokia Accessories,

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Good
  • Owh how i wish a similar update would come up for access point so internet sharing would become stable to connect with apple devices.
  • Daniel could u pls make wpc app free
  • Pretty pretty please? If you add a cherry on top you might have convinced him... /s
  • You poor cheapskate..
  • I wonder if i ask a free app it makes me a cheapstake lets consider wp users as beggers:'(
  • He starts off negative and then wants something in return. Just for that we should double the price.
  • @EvoLutioNHeaVy..... Agreed... Oh the irony in his comment. I vote we send him to the Droid community.
  • I came from droid community and regret comming to the wp to the greatest extent:'(
  • No wonder wp community is in such a sorry state...
  • The WPC app is worth every penny. Your comment is offensive. I suggest that you work free of income for at least two weeks and then evaluate your inquiries. App development is not without cost, and it's certainly time consuming. Now apologize to Mr. Rubino, and Jay (Developer)! :-)
  • Do u know that ads give income?can u explain why the ios app is free....i apologize for the pretty late ......sry if i hav offended any one
  • Not offended at all. However, the app is pretty neat, and it compliments the WP8 platform to every degree. It is my most used app. Live tiles and toast notifications are flawless. I can save articles for offline reading. Very useful when you ride NYC MTA everyday! If there's any app in the Windows Phone store that is deserving of my money, it is certainly WPC. I believe many would agree. I didn't mean to come down so harsh, but there are apps in the store that's not worth downloading more or less paying for. These apps are usually strip down versions of Windows Phone counter parts or simple web portals. Developers such as Jay (WPC), Rudy (6tag, 6sec, & more) are the reason us Windows Phone enthusiasts enjoy our phones. At the very least, supporting and acknowledging developers of the like in return provides quality apps for us all to enjoy.
  • Contradictory...i just meant that ...if wp needs to grow at least a few awesome apps should be free
  • The trial is unlimited with adds. Isn't that enough. Sorry you regret coming to WP. Why is that? What's so bad about WP? what feature or app does WP not have that you want?
  • Lots of things
    Sharing especially apps,music ,vedios via Bluetooth
    File manager
    There isn't a single proper fps like dead trigger,
    None of the trending games ss,tt2,ccs friends tease me for that ...lack of customization
    I cant even chose a default browser :'(
  • Agree with you. I don't even buy apps really cause most free ones do what I want. But WPC was the first app I bought once I switched over to WP. One of the best on WP for all the reasons you stated. 
  • Me too ! WPC was my first purchased app in the Store. all the feature are working percfectly. No regret buying it at all. Kudos to the developer.
  • No one ever wants to pay for an APP but most agree that this one is worth 99¢.
    (group hug)
  • @EvoLuTioNHeaVy...I believe this is the first App I purchased after I set up Wallet. What is It? $.99? I Forgot.
  • And i don't understand why when devs can make free droid and ios apps but keep it paid in wp:'(
  • I have a different request; Why don't you just come out and say; Mobile Nations doesn't want to make an app for WP. Then we can see the hypocrisy clearly.
  • Agreed;:)
  • @NightWatch71... I've never thought of that one. Is there any validity to your comment?
  • For some reason I didn't get any notifications for replies. It's not officially confirmed but it's logical. After all, all the apps for other MN sites are free. Jay claims he is independent and that should mean money from the app goes to him directly. Can you think of any other reason?
  • I cannot think of any other reason. Therefore, until an objective response contrasting your statement is made, I will have to agree with you :-)
  • That kinda makes sense hmmmm...
  • Nokia updates. What's happening to Microsoft? Sleeping? Good luck Nokia take care of Microsoft, don't let them die like in Windows Mobile (TM) and Windows Phone Kin (TM)
  • Relax there buddy. Hopefully the 30,000 + employees set to transfer to Microsoft will continue their performance after the aquisition is final.
  • I don't see any signs on Microsoft giving up on WP after buying a part of nokia + I'm okay with Nokia taking over the hardware and software.
    Most of us wanted this and now we just need to give them time to execute their plan.
  • I'm all for the deal, but my investor side sort of wished an aquisition would've taken place after Nokia were able to achieve 15 million phone sales per quarter. I wouldn't mind the potential profit generated :-)
  • Did they fix the equalizer being turned off while playing music in bluetooth device bug? All my wireless accessories sounds crap with FLAT sound and its a joke Nokia keeps releasing new wireless devices without even listening to what people really wants. I hate WP8 to the core when it comes to the Music segment. 7 band equalizer, no option to save custom eq. settings, no progress bar seek, makes me take my iPod touch with me daily.
  • Shame they dint support the BH905 very well. Mine crashes and will not power off.