NumberTap now available for Windows 8, sports synchronicity with Windows Phone

NumberTap is a popular game available for Windows Phone. The team behind the title has now released a version for Windows 8, which is now available for download from the Windows Store. The Windows Phone game, which has been listed on Microsoft's mobile platform since 2011, has been updated since released and is highly rated on the store.

Much like the Windows Phone version, NumberTap for Windows 8 enables users to give the mind a work out with mathematical questions in a timed period. The object of the game is to answer as many of these questions as possible before the time runs out. Now, this may sound like a simple concept (and it is) but the game fires out questions that force you to look closer and calculate without making mistakes.

NumerTap Win 8

The Windows 8 version of NumberTap sports the familiar looking user interface, screaming out typography and Windows Phone on every screen - which isn't a negative as we're all still completely in love with the unique, simplistic style for presenting content. What's more is both games available for the mobile and desktop platform support cross-platform gameplay. 

Leaderboards are present to see who's ranking high, and the ability to link a single player to multiple devices is available. Simply firing up the Windows Phone app and checking out the link code will enable users to open the game on their Windows 8 (or RT) device and continue playing no matter where they happen to be.

Some other highlighted features:

  • Badges (achievements)
  • Bonus questions for double points
  • Time bonus for answering all the questions in a round before the timer expires
  • Multiple question types (questions may sport brackets)
  • Social integration is present with ability to share score with social networks

You can download NumberTap from the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.

QR: NumberTap

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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