NVIDIA is hosting Minecraft with RTX Build Challenges powered by RTX 30-series laptops

Minecraft RTX Screenshot
Minecraft RTX Screenshot (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft with RTX is an evolution of Minecraft's graphics with real-time ray tracing powered by NVIDIA GPUs.
  • To celebrate the public launch of Minecraft with RTX, NVIDIA is hosting a Minecraft with RTX Build Challenge series.
  • The Build Challenges would see popular Minecrafters from different walks of life pair up with established Minecraft build teams.
  • The entire series will be powered by newly-announced NVIDIA RTX 30-series laptops, which bring NVIDIA's latest tech to portable computers.

Minecraft has changed and evolved a lot over the years, but its visuals have remained mostly the same. Sure, there have been some tweaks and changes here and there. Texture packs can give your game a new look, while community-created shaders can have dramatic effects on PC. But none of that has been as complete an overhaul as Minecraft with RTX, which combines Minecraft with NVIDIA's powerful RTX GPUs to deliver real-time ray tracing. This means realistic lighting, reflections, shadows, textures, and so much more all done in real time.

To celebrate the public release of Minecraft with RTX, NVIDIA is hosting a Minecraft with RTX Build Challenge series. The Build Challenges will be powered by recently-announced NVIDIA RTX 30-series gaming laptops, and sees the most famous Minecrafters team up with incredibly talented build-teams. The goal? Create the most awe-inspiring, epic Minecraft creation possible with RTX turned on.

The Minecraft with RTX Build Challenge kicks off tomorrow, January 15, 2021. The first pairing is Minecrafter and YouTuber BdoubleO100 and established build-team Cyclone Designs. You can tune in to BdoubleO100's YouTube channel to witness the Build Challenge in action, and see what they're able to accomplish in Minecraft with RTX.

If you're in the market for a new laptop and want to play Minecraft with RTX, keep an eye on our list of Best Laptops with RTX GPUs, which we constantly update with the best of the best (and before long might be filled with new RTX 30-series laptops).



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