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O2 rolls out Denim update for Lumia 930, 'Hey Cortana' passive-listening not included [Updated]

Update 2: O2 has mentioned that the issue is now fixed, and that an OTA update with the passive-listening feature enabled will be made available soon:

We're trying to get the updates out sooner by streamlining the test and approval process. As a result, we were trusting Microsoft to test the O2 software updates for us and provide the results of the tests for us to approve, rather than us testing it, releasing back, and waiting for it to be pushed. In the case of the Lumia 930, the Cortana issue was missed by Microsoft, so we will be working together to improve the process for future updates.Microsoft have identified the issue and have fixed it - as a result, the previous 930 update has been put on hold until it's replaced with the fixed update which we hope will go out soon, though no ETA has been provided.

Update 1: Chris from O2's social team commented (opens in new tab) on the omission of the "Hey Cortana" passive-listening feature, stating that the carrier was looking into the issue:

Everybody, I'm sorry I didn't give a heads up that the Denim update for Lumia 635, 930 & 1520 would be going live last night - I received notification that this would be going live yesterday. It was a day off and I was unwell so hadn't seen it until today.I understand many of you are unhappy around an issue with Cortana functionality being missing - please leave this with me and the device team, we'll find out what the issue is and report back.

Original story follows.

UK carrier O2 is rolling out the Lumia Denim update for the Lumia 930, but it looks like the "Hey Cortana" activation feature is not available. While there is no statement from O2, several users have taken to the carrier's forums (opens in new tab) to complain about its omission.

The "Hey Cortana" command utilizes passive-listening technology found in Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8XX line of SoCs to invoke Cortana by speaking the activation phrase, even when the phone is in standby mode.

At this stage, it is unclear as to why O2 did not include the feature in the Lumia 930, seeing as how the UK carrier's variant of the Lumia 1520 comes with it. We'll have more to share as we find out what's going on. In the meantime, let us know if any of you on O2 are seeing the feature on the Lumia 930 after updating to Denim.

Source: O2 Forums (opens in new tab)

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • They probably want to sell more iPhones instead and not make a Lumia too good.
  • Windows 10 for phone is coming to 8th February.
  • Source?
  • maybe? (It's a joke btw.)
  • I see many o2 users flashing the CV firmware.
  • I already have
  • >I see many o2 users flashing the CV firmware. Are you omnipresent? Is that you Jesus?
  • Another reason to buy an unlocked phone from somewhere such as Carphone Warehouse with an O2 contract. That's what I did and I got Hey Cortana with passive listening on my 930 :-)
  • As an o2 customer the only thing that prevents me from doing this is the lack of visual voicemail, which is only available in the UK on o2 "locked" handsets.
  • I'm not familiar with Visual VM - what does it offer?
  • It's basically on your phone. It allows you to be able to see the time someone left the voicemail, time, duration and the number. Normally when you call the voicemail you don't actually know who sent it until you listen to it. It's not a killer feature but it is useful at times.
  • That's a useful feature given that O2 charge us to listen to voicemails! I still can't believe they do that - even for contract customers.
    I've since turned off my voicemail
  • I've been with o2 since the beginning and I've never been charged for voicemail?
  • Allowing carriers to cripple the operating system is stupidity. If there's one thing that sets IOS apart, it's consistency of experience. And immediate update availability - not one year later but immediate.
  • +1000000000
  • That may kill your cellular radio...
  • 100% concur
  • >Allowing carriers to cripple the operating system is stupidity. If there's one thing that sets IOS apart, it's consistency of experience. Agreed. And I am sure MS would love to be able to be in that position. Apple can drive through their terms, as they make the carriers tons of money (massive margin on iPhones) and volume, so carriers do what Apple wants. MS doesn't have their clout, as they are at the value end of the market, and their numbers are smaller. If users want MS WinPhone to survive, your best bet is to continue to complain to providers, retailers that you want a Windows Phone app for their service or outlet. Once MS have big enough numbers they can have a greater say in what carriers do or don't do.
  • Mine didn't come with hey Cortana. But I did a hard reset after I got Cortana then the option for hey Cortana was there
  • So it could just bs a bug.
  • It would be as I noticed when I press the back button the pages disappeared but after the hard reset it came back and hey Cortana was in the settings.
  • Hard reset as in return to factory settings?
  • I had to do this with my 930 on EE.
  • Doesnt work for me neither. German 930 unbranded .. Carrier Vodafone germany.
  • I have denim on the Lumia 1520 in the UK - no "Hey Cortana" either.
  • I'm sure you've done this, but for those unaware Hey Cortana isn't activated by default. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the main settings screen and turn her on (ooh err) from there.
  • The issue is that the Hey Cortana option is not available on the settings list. We're unable to switch it on.
  • Could you manually download the settings option using Lumia Pusher? They may have just accidentally left it out of the it may well be compatible if you search for the download link.
  • Found this in another thread.  Brings up the Hey Cortana option in the settings list.
  • Worked for me!
  • It must be a bug. My install has the problem. However, a colleague has just installed Denim. After the restart he too had the functionality missing. But, whilst he and I were looking at his settings his screen literally went weird for second and hey presto he suddenly had Hey Cortana at the bottom of his settings. Lumia 930 O2 UK.
  • Was that a soft or hard (as in factory settings restore) reset?
  • No reset at all. I am serious when I say we were only looking at his settings screen and his phone went weird - screen "shook" for a second and then his Hey Cortana suddenly was there.
  • Lol
  • Fcuk denim.. Anybody saw nawzils tweet ????? He said wp10 might come today or tomorrow..
  • Yeah dude. 4th Feb is what sources say
  • I read on softpedia - they say it's on tomorrow
  • F**k you.. and do people still believe in what that piece of sh*t are telling? He's nothing more than an attention seeker wh*re.
  • Yes but no one takes that rumor as a valid one for 100%; anyone can say they have a friend in the windows mobile team. And also Win10 is in preview stage for now, most likely will have bugs and some users will want to flash back to 8.1. The issue here is that the carriers in some countries take out features on these phones with no serious and moral reasons. Lucky for us that we have a CV variant to flash with. The US customers are tide up to the US version of the FW because of the different GSM bands and phone models.
  • Windows 10 will be 10th......
  • Denim is WAY more interesting for anyone interested in the camera. Rich Capture, 4K moment capture, phenomenal speed... I'm dying for this update. F*uck the W10 beta.
  • Having your phone on the latest firmware would make a great deal of sense before updating anyway. So yeah, Denim is a big deal still.
  • For anyone interested in the camera, with a 1520 or 930/Icon.*
  • Windows 10 maybe coming tomorrow ie. 4th Feb. Sources. Have tipped windowscentral about it! :)
  • Just flash your device with an UK Country Variant firmware and be done with the stupid Carrier limitations. My older 1020 from O2 UK never had the option to chose 2G because of the carrier bullcrap policy. Flashed it with a CV ROM and got rid of that problem. My latest Lumia 930 from Orange RO still wouldn't be on Denim if I would not have had flashed it with a CV ROM from Nordic a CV firmware instead of a carrier branded one has lots of benefits.
  • Like I said earlier...hey Cortana appeared after a hard reset. I choose NOT to restore back up to get fresh system settings so that may help
  • Hard reset as in back to factory settings? I'd rather avoid that personally.
  • I've noticed that switching off location services (in settings) switches off "Hey Cortana" - just a wild guess but have you checked that?
  • When you switch off location Cortana doesn't work
  • That's what he's saying. For those that say they haint got Cortana, check your location setting.
  • +930 :-)
  • Still no update here in the Philippines. 1520
  • I live in LA and I'm still waiting on the update for my 1520 on TM when will it ever come .
  • Denim and/Or Update 1 has not yet reached all the phones. But people here are talking about Windows 10! You guys are hilarious. I'm sure after 1 week of Windows 10 developer preview, you guys will be excited about the upcoming Windows 11.
  • This^^
  • Windows365?
  • What about the remaining phones
  • This too^^
  • It's the same on EE, it would seem - Updated to Denim last night on Lumia 1520 (Country Variant) and while Cortana is present the "Hey Cortana" option is missing. Why exactly do O2 and EE think people wouldn't want this feature available to them on the appropriate hardware? Makes mugs of all the MS promo work that advertises the feature on very specific hardware!
  • I'm on O2 UK with a 930 but still no update.  Anyone else on O2/UK still waiting?
  • I am.   930, O2 UK and nothing here so far.
  • I updated last night, I'm on O2 UK and have a 930, I disabled preview for developers and was able to update
  • The same thing happened with Data Sense a while back. I never had it on my HTC 8X after the update but then upon resetting the phone it was there. This must be an update bug of some sort on Microsoft's side.
  • Yep, had the same thing
  • Don't tell MS, Christ, well never get denim in the US at this rate. Congestion att. Edit: Meant come on, I suppose its all the same.
  • I'm on three uk. Got the update this morning. What's special about denim? All I see is a different interface on my camera. I'm using a 1520 #amazinghandset
  • "Hey, Cortana", other is all about Camera (4K video, HDR, Smart Flash etc.)
  • Are they actually going to make people in Great Britain say "hey Cortana" then? People here don't say "hey" before names, that's not how we talk. Just let people say "Cortana" on its own.
  • It's already answered so many times. If they keep it just 'Cortana' if you are talking to someone about Cortana, for example "Microsoft's Cortana makes my life easier" then Cortana will misunderstand it as a command and will start to search about "makes my life easier".
    I hope you got the idea. They can't keep everyone happy. Try to adapt other cultures. :)
  • Then they need to improve the feature. In Star Trek the Next Generation they would say, "Computer:" and then the command. They didn't say, "Hey Computer" because that is informal and childish.
  • Sonu K is exactly right on this. I wish it were different, but it's the same reason you have to say, "Okay, Google" for Google Now.  However, "Hey, Cortana" should be changed depending on country or region. Even in the US, "Hey" just isn't universal.  Perhaps, "Attention, Cortana" would be better. In Texas, they should change it to "Howdy, Cortana." In the inner city area of Chicago, it could be changed to, "Yo, B*tch". Aw, shucks. What we really need is to be able to type in a setting exactly what we want Cortana to listen for, so that it can be customized by person.  It would also be nice to have one for "Cortana actions" and another for "Cortana searches." Example: Cortana actions = "Hey, Cortana", Cortana searches = "Cortana, Tell me" "Hey, Cortana, get me directions to the nearest Starbucks." (action) "Cortana, Tell me the atomic weight of Aluminum." (search)  Oh, wow. I tried that atomic weight thing, hitting the mic button and saying "tell me the atomic weight of Aluminum", and she replied "26.982 u". I got a card. Not bad.
  • Yo bitch, that made my day.
  • wow, never thought i would see the beginning of the slippery slope, that is carriers meddling with phones/software, like in north america. tut tut
  • I'm on o2 UK got update last night, did manual update, disappointed the "Hey Cortana" function was missing !! Come on o2 get it sorted ......
  • Oi Cortana
  • That's really poor stuff. The 'Hey Cortana' feature is the most useful part of the update. 
  • Denim
  • This possibly explains why my unlocked Lumia 930 CV got the Denim update back when it was released, but Hey Cortana was missing. I'm using a giffgaff SIM which is technically O2.
  • Dude. Another carrier related issues.... Didn't MS promised that carriers will not be the problem when comes to updates??
  • Hi all I have it on good authority that a new update will soon be available to all those affected which will add hey Cortana to your Lumia 930.
  • LMFAO.......WP10 in a few days?.....Denim update "will be rolling out in...", its beginning to get agitating that we are getting fed all kinds of bs hype and nothing happens. The day I punted my Crapple POS was a glorious day and I've never looked back, but at least when Crapple says that update revision whatever was releasing on such and such day that it actually happened. Who is the main Pete Carroll (aka idiot) here?...MS or AT&T (in US)? I'm ready to bloat their inbox daily with hate mail cause this is getting ridiculous.......
  • This^^
  • Would you like to explain your "this" comments below many comments including mine? May be I'm not good with English language. I don't understand "this" . :-\
  • Believe he/she is concurring with the statement above his post hence the arrow pointing up...
  • Thank you :)
  • Thank you for explaining my "this" comment for this guy or girl. :)
  • :| People put "this" on here all the time.. Are you new or something?
  • I'm not new. I got it confused with sarcasm i guess. :) Thank you for agreeing with my comment. :) And for the record i'm a guy.
  • If I buy from carphone warehouse on an o2 contract but stick a Vodafone payg sim, update to full demin (with Hey Cortana), will it still work when I replace it with my o2 contract sim?
  • Still nothing for the Icon. The Lumia Icon is still on 8.0 and Lumia Black. This phone is defective and needs to be refunded.
  • That is shameful. If that had happened to me I think I'd say goodbye to Verizon upon end of contract.
  • Nice comment from Chris though =]
  • If you read the whole of this thread i said twice you must reset your phone to get hey Cortana to work
  • Greaaaat, bet Verizon disables hey Cortana for icon too
  • no 1020 update yet, even just to get Hey Cortana I'd settle, knowing full well that's all we'll get anyway (ie no camera update due to hardware limitations)
  • I don't think we get Hey Cortana.
  • 1020 and 920 don't get hey Cortana
  • Damn! I thuoght we were. OK, waiting for next flagship then :)
  • Sorry guys, I'm have cyan software on my lumia1520 uk variant, how can I get the denim?pls guide a noobie here.
  • Take middle finger, spit on it, and stick it up your ass and wait, that's what ATT is making us US 1520 owners do. Just playing, btw. Scroll up, see comments.
  • I have 2 O2 Lumia devices, both with denim, a 720 and a 735, neither have hey Cortana, maybe this is by design may be not but its very disappointing
    Both devices have had full factory resets for various reasons, no sign of hey cortana
  • The 720 and 735 will never get Hey Cortana- it requires the more advanced SnapDragon chipsets.
  • O2 more like Opoo
  • FYI I had to turn off Preview for Developers to see the update. Downloading now, not sure if I'll have Hey Cortana!
  • And... no Hey Cortana. Bloody O2.
  • No matter what platform or what version of the OS they'll use, this is something that will always plague Microsoft: not testing the major features of the software. I'm not talking about some obscure feature hurried in some unused menu of an unimportant feature, I'm talking about important features, like CORTANA that is so much promoted and so much waited. Do not continue to blame only Verizon for not delaying so much first Cyan and now Denim. M.S. enables them by sending sloppy software as updates. Microsoft, get your act together please.
  • US: UK: Downloading this app adds the Hey Cortana option to the settings list for those who are missing it. 
  • ROFLOL @update2... Okay guys, if you've got Denim but missing Hey Cortana, grab it from Not sure what the deal is, but Windows Phone will, sometimes, not install included apps (which is what these settings really are) when updating and "restoring". If you went ahead and did a full hard-reset you'd have ended up with this enabled also. Anyway, hit the link above and Bob's your uncle.
  • Try downloading directly:
  • Wahey! Cheers dude :)
  • Excellent! Thanks man. Works perfectly.
  • Strange, I was able to update to denim last night with no issues (uninstalled preview for developer just to be on the safe side). Been proudly showing dynamic flash and hey cortana off round the office! People seemed more impressed that only I can wake her up (even when they tried their best to copy my voice).
  • When it rolling in India for L630
  • Since downloading update I have lost my buttons at the bottom back, home and search. What do I do?
  • Also for cortana have u tried to train cortana in the settings. My setting have new options like glance and audio.
  • I have had this update for weeks now and I'm on o2 as well. Passive Cortana had always worked on my phone as well...
  • Anyone else with a CV 1520 (UK) having issue with moments not being able to save the best shot? It crashes for me, and for others looking at the reviews on store
  • I followed boggy79 link and installed hey cortana so tnx boggy79 about to try it now
  • 1520 on 02 in the UK, Hey Cortana does not work when you phone is on the lock screen or standby, any ideas?
  • Epic fail!
  • Still haven't see anywhere that anyone who got the denim update on their 1520 got hey Cortana!! Didn't SPECIFICALLY say devices running snapdragon 800 will get the feature cuz only they have sensor core? So why they pushing the update without the damn thing? I'm a Nokia user (if it ain't Nokia I don't use it) but I dont really give a damn bout WP itself,but this is exactly why they're a SERIOUS distant 3rd cuz it seems they breaking their promises and pushing out half assed updates!! Got an unlocked 1520 which I paid damn good money for last January (hate carrier shit phones,something always missing and hate seeing carrier brands). WP 8 was released in 2012 with the 920 and it was damn STABLE,got 8.1 in 2014 (2 damn yrs later) and it's driving me up a wall,yes its got some cool features but it has battery bug that got alone knows how to deal with (phone shuts off at 97-89%) and when rebooted comes up at 2%,not even gonna talk about the overheating and massive battery drain DAILY!!,and now they rolling out stability improvements (gdr1) with denim which they didn't have to do. Absolutely love Nokia but honestly I can't wait fa them to come back in Q4 2016-Q1 2017 running android or something ANYTHING other than WP I swear!!!!!!! What's the sense in spending hard earned money on something and not being able to enjoy it?