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Official Windows 11 ISOs are live — here's how to download

Windows 11 Install
Windows 11 Install (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Windows 11 build 22000.160 has been released for Insiders in the Dev Channel.
  • The new Clock app is rolling out.
  • Official Windows 11 ISOs are available for download.

What a day it's been for Windows 11. Not only did Windows Insiders get a brand new Windows 11 build, 22000.160, but the fresh Clock app with Focus Sessions also began its rollout. And that's not all!

On top of those two other massive drops, ISOs are now available. As promised in the headline of this post, here's how to download them: Just go to the link Microsoft explicitly made (opens in new tab) for those interested in downloading the ISOs (yes, the one hyperlinked in this very sentence). That's all there is to it.

Microsoft provides an outline of what to expect when using the ISOs in its blog post announcing the new Insider Preview Build.

As you use these ISOs to install Windows 11, you will go through the new Windows 11 setup experience (often referred to as the "out of box experience" or OOBE for short) which is designed to build excitement for Windows 11 right from the moment you turn on a new Windows 11 PC for the very first time. Based on your feedback, we have added the ability to name your PC during the setup experience too. After running through the setup experience, the Get Started app is a new first run experience app that will help you quickly get setup on a new PC.

There you have it. Grab those ISOs and get ready to have your excitement built, courtesy of Microsoft's Windows 11 team. And be sure to keep checking Windows Central for all future updates concerning the operating system.

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  • Not as long as I cannot have some organization on Start.
  • Start11 is an option. A step back from tiles but at least it is functional.
  • I'm sure it'll come soon. In the meantime windows 10 still works well.
  • What I wouldn't give for a simple small digital clock on my screen--not a huge window and a world map.
  • Pretty easy with something like rainmeter
  • Theres a small digital clock on your screen, right at the task bar.
  • It's for Insiders only. Where can I get the ISO without being an insider?
  • You can't, at least for now.
  • I'm an insider and got an error message when I tried to download it. Gave up.
  • I used this about 2 weeks to get a windows 11 ISO that i've been running in VMware