Oh! Today is Angry Birds Seasons day on Windows Phone 7

Yesterday Rovio surprised us by releasing an Xbox Live version of Angry Birds Seasons for Windows Phone 8. No one ever announced that Seasons would be coming to Windows Phone at all, and it’s not exactly the newest game in the Angry Birds franchise. But considering how many people love Angry Birds, not to mention the frustrating lack of Xbox Windows Phone 8 games, the sudden appearance of Seasons is certainly a good thing.

Still, we naturally wondered if Angry Birds Seasons would also come to Windows Phone 7. Angry Birds Space and Star Wars did so, stripped of their Xbox Live features. And now, just one day after the Xbox Live version, Angry Birds Seasons has arrived on Windows Phone 7 too.

Busting pigs all year long

Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons is the second game in the series and as such plays closest the original game. You won’t have to worry about low gravity or activating Jedi powers in this one. The terrain feature of extra-slippery ice, however, debuted in this game before appearing in the recently released Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth levels.

As Seasons’ name indicates, this sequel focuses on the seasons of the year and holidays most of us know and love: Valentines, St. Patrick’s, Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year, and more. Rovio has totally shunned the most important holiday for American consumers, however: Black Friday. All 15 level packs of the iOS version (the last of which just came out in December) are included for a total of 432 levels, by my count.

It’s great to see the Windows Phone game packing the full content of the lead version, especially since the first Angry Birds lacks so many of the other platforms’ levels. However, we can’t be sure this one will receive future updates. Angry Birds ‘the First’ only got one update and Windows Phone 7 Angry Birds Star Wars still lacks the Hoth update that the Xbox Live version recently got.

Angry Birds Seasons costs 99 cents. Go here to get the Windows Phone 7 version, which is even available in Brazil. Windows Phone 8 users should grab the Xbox Live version instead.

Dual release strategy

Angry Birds Seasons

The WP7 screenshot guy was feeling lazy. All the shots are from the same level pack.

The super-fast arrival of Angry Birds Seasons on Windows Phone 7 begs the question: why bother releasing two separate versions of these Angry Birds games?

Yes, we know it’s easier to port from iOS to Windows Phone 8 than to 7. But if Rovio feels it’s important to make sure each game is available to both Windows Phone 7 and 8 users, they might as well just make a single Xbox Live version for Windows Phone 7. It’s not like the Windows Phone 8 versions do anything that couldn’t be done on 7 other than supporting higher screen resolutions. They’re just doubling up on development costs for no discernible benefit.

What do you think, guys and gals? Is the current strategy of releasing two different versions of each Angry Birds game better than single releases for Windows Phone 7?

Thanks to Guilherme S. Manso once again for the tip!

QR: Angry Birds Seasons WP7

Paul Acevedo

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  • Awesome, thanks to Rovio!
  • Rovio lol
  • Hmmm.  When I scan the QR Code, there is no 'Try' button; only 'Buy'.
    I agree, though.  Not sure why two seperate versions have to be made  - seems like extra it would be extra work.  Nonetheless, I am glad that WP7 users will have an opportunity to enjoy the game :)
  • Maybe two different teams are working on porting, one for WP8 and another for WP7, i dont care as long as Rovio doesnt forget the WP7 users like Microsoft.
  • You forget that iRovio completely ignored us, until Ms paid them to port their stupid and simple 2d games to WP. And even after that they took months for that porting too. Rovio will not have my money, never.
  • You shouldn't take a lack of support so personally. Many developers haven't made a WP game yet but will in the future. Should we boycott their games too?
  • Yes, venetasoft I believe is wrong about boycotting Rovio for the reason he stated but I agree with him that it's a stupid game. While I was an Android user, I downloaded it, played it once, and uninstalled it. Sorry but that's how I feel.
  • I don't get the joke (?) about Black Friday... Isn't that a US-only shopping day? That would put it on par with Thanksgiving as that is US-only too :P
  • Sigh! Updated the wording.
  • Sorry, I really didn't get the joke. I thought Black Friday was just a shopping day and not an important holiday... But I see that is the joke now :P In Australia "Black Friday" refers to a day that had devastating bush-fires. Around the world it has a lot of different (mostly negative) meanings, so I was confused about which one you meant. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_friday
  • Make no mistake, bf here in the states is negative too. People get killed over limited sales.
  • Canadians have thanksgiving as well, just on a different day...
  • In a different month too lol
  • no trial
  • I'm hopelessly addicted to Xbox Live status for my games. Not just for achievements. I like a record of my gaming out there somewhere.
  • I like that too. :)
  • You're not the only one out there. I'd love to get Seasons, but I gotta have my achievements! I'll wait until I upgrade to WP8 in a few months before purchasing this game.
  • I guess releasing two separate versions would help port updates to WP8 version faster than WP7 version. I've seen games that have yet to get an update quickly on WP as they do on iOS and Android.
  • No, it is GOOD that the WP8 version is separate - supporting the higher resolutions of WP8 is important.  Most games do not (as they are for WP7) and it makes them a big step down graphically from iPhone 4 equivalents...
  • WP8 version might be a gimme due to Windows 8 ports?
  • This makes no sense. Nokia or Microsoft shouldn't allow this kind of crap to happen.
  • That there are two versions? Why not? You disagree that the wp8 version should support the higher resolution of wp8 devices? Also, getting updates might be faster due to eaiser port from ios as someone stated above. Also, its the dev's call how they want to do it as long as they don't violate the rules.
  • It would be more cost efficient, but I guess Rovio is making enough money, to create two separate games. Also, given the obvious death of WP7 in a year or two, it would make no sence to condition the quality of a game in WP8 just to accomodate it to WP7.
    Sure I would prefer that they would treat WP7 and WP8 equally...but when not even Microsoft does that, it's hard to blame 3rd parties for not doing so.
  • WP7 users: Upgrade and move on ;)
    I jest!
    Noticed that the publisher for the the WP7 version is Rovio Entertainment Ltd and the WP8 version is just Rovio. Wouldnt be surprised to see two different develment teams. One working on the WP7 version and the other WP8.
  • That's what I'm thinking, plus it helps avoid needing the extra "enhancements" that XBL would give it, like sitting in limbo waiting for updates due to backlog. I won't be getting this (still should clear more levels on the original and star wars before considering a third game with the same) since i wont be able to carry it over for acheivements when i eventually get WP8. 
    also I know you jest, but us poor Canadians still shed a tear every time we have to consider staying on WP7 longer or paying the exorbant fees charged to early upgrade our 3 year contracts. 
  • HD for WP8 Please!
  • Now the real question: Will us veteran WP7 users get an update for the game when one is available?
  • So far.....nope.
  • Purchased!  It's only 0.99 so I'm not really caring about the Xbox Live achievements.  It's really not that serious for me.
  • I can't download this game. Bummer. No hd7 love.
  • I bought a Windows Phone for Xbox Live games/achievements. And Rovio finally brings this to WP7 users and it's not an xbox game? I'm not saying I am boycotting Rovio or anything but if it had gotten the Live treatment, it woulda been an impulse buy and they'd have one more person giving them coin. Oh well. One Angry Birds game is enough for me
  • I have a phone 8 and phone 7. Already bought seasons on my phone 8 and now i have to pay again to get it on phone 7. Come on Rovio, stop pulling such tricks on me.
  • No achievements...no sale. Pathetic to be honest. There is no good reason for the lack of achievements at all.