You can now order knock-off Lumia 950 and XL battery covers in Blue or Orange

Back when news of the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL was leaking in late summer reports of the phone coming in a Windows Blue color were circulating. We quickly squashed those rumors noting the blue color was only for the prototype, and instead the phone would be offered only in black or white. That came to be the case although third party manufacturers can indeed fill the gaps.

Now, a seller on AliExpress is offering replacement battery covers for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL and besides black or white you can also grab them in bright orange or that Windows blue color.

The cases themselves are super cheap at about $3 a piece. However, it should be noted that as far as we can tell they do not contain the Qi wireless or NFC components. Instead, they are just plastic covers and for all we know cheap knock-offs. Still, you could solder in your Qi pad even removing the one from your existing case if you are brave.

Shipping is also very cheap although since it is coming from China, you are looking at about a 2-week timespan. Expedited shipping goes past $100, which is just ludicrous for a $3 item. You are also limited to just two covers per order.

Needless to say, we have ordered up some covers for our Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL and will, of course, do a hands-on when they arrive. For now, if you want to take the gamble you can head to the store links below to order them up.

Order Lumia 950 Blue or Orange Battery covers Order Lumia 950 XL Blue or Orange Battery covers

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Daniel Rubino

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  • I think I'll wait for something a little more official. At least they're cheap, though.
  • So you wouldn't get a Mozo because Microsoft didn't make it?
  • Microsoft endorses and advertises the Mozo cases.
  • Facebook "endorses" the Facebook app made my Microsoft and people still complain that it isn't "official".  I buy lots of things that aren't "official".  The USB-C cable I have isn't from Microsoft or endorsed or sold by Microsoft.  Does my memory card from Sandisk count as "official" even though Microsoft didn't sell it?  I guess I just don't understand the obsession with "official" if something else works just as well or even better. 
  • Even though it is unlikely, I guess if an unofficial accessory breaks your device, like say this back burns out your battery during wireless charging, I can see MS or a carrier voiding your warranty and not fixing your device.  Don't get me wrong though, I have third party USB C cables too and I know what you mean.  But, there are people out there that want official things.  It's clearly shown when people constantly complain about official apps vs third party apps that do the same thing.    
  • Me thinks you have trouble with the meaning of the word "official"
  • I said a little more official. I guess what I mean is that I want something with the Qi and NFC already built in and possibly by a known company.
  • Like the Mozo?
  • The Mozo ones are nice, but I want a blue back like these ones (though I'd prefer a darker blue).
  • I get the Qi/NFC thing. That makes sense. 
  • they are only stickers. you can get those parts elsewhere
  • You do need to line them up just right for the contacts to connect. I expect that isn't rocket science, but not something you can just slap in any antenna. On the Mozo case, the innards looked just like the stock MS case. One reason I wasn't upset by the price.
  • I wouldn't get a Mozo one because they are insanely expensive, I don't like leather, and I don't like the color options or the metal-coated band.
  • I just received my Mozo black leather cover with silver color band today.  It sure makes L950XL look elegant and premium.  With the added SD card, screen protector and the Mozo cover, the L950XL weighs 180g.  The Mozo cover is well worth it.
  • I'll second that. Got the black Mozo for the 950XL. Makes it look like a whole new device. Showed a coworker after I got it and the re-action was,'you got another new phone?' If you don't like the aesthetics, I get it, but it is a quality product, and retains the back features, Qi and NFC. Well worth the price. I'm pretty happy MS didn't do something super stylish, and charge me for it. Licensing to others could provide more options, at whatever price point you are willing to accept. The stock colors are probably fine for many, who will be enshrining the device in an impenetrable case anyway. I am always ammused by those that have to extact their device from the Otter Box or LifeProof to show off their gorgeous rose gold iPhone.
  • There are few things I noticed about the Mozo cover.  It is nice and firm and there is no crackling sound at the bottom of the L950XL as the original case would have.  It adds a few grams of net weight but it is far less than the weight of external cases.  The small camera hump looks even smaller.  It is much less slippery than the polycarbonate case.  So the Mozo case actually offers some benefits more than just the looks.  You can get it for $42.99 at Mobile Fun.
  • The reason I get a case is to add protection. The Mozo offering doesn't do that. So, all of those things about adding grip, stopping the creaking, looking nice (which I subjectively disagree with), it's all ruined because it offer almost nothing in the way of protection, since it's just a replacement back, not a case. For under $10, I can go on Amazon and order any number of cases in several colors and styles to take care of what I want. That beats almost $50 (after shipping and/or tax) to basically give me nothing, but that's just for my use case.
  • My phone Protection Plan coves damage and loss, so I don't rely on a case to protect my phone even it might.  :-)
  • I'd rather not have to spend money on a deductible to replace my phone. Betther $10 on a case than $125 on a replacement. I spend $4 on the case for my 920, and it was able to survive a fall onto concrete with no damage, except a minuscule chip in the corner of the chassis that is hard to see.
  • Different strokes for different folks. I, for one, will not hide my phone in a cheap $4 case when there is an option that would make it more elegant. If it falls and scratches, I can simply snap another one on it. I got my Mozo cover the other day. It is incredibly well made and now, for the first time, I view my phone as a premium device.  However, it is not for everybody. Clearly not for you.  Different strokes for different folks.
  • Like you said, depends on preference. I don't find the Mozo cases to look anything in the neighborhood of elegant. I find the pseudo-metal ugly, I find the leather ugly. You talk about falling and scratching, but my point was falling and damaging the screen. The Mozo cases do absolutely nothing to help with that. A proper case, like my $4 one, has the thing wrap around the front some, which protects the screen if it fall face-down. It's about protecting the highly important sheet of fragile material that serves as input for the device.
  • I dont understand the need for this  ?
  • The need for what?
  • In the grand scheme, there is no "need", just like there's no "need" for the device that this would be accessorizing.  Of course, there are people who WANT to have colors other than black/white for their phones, so this satisfies that demand. 
  • I don't like leather.
  • You dont like leather? You wear galosh's year round?
  • Mozo doesn't have Cyan
  • I ordered my MOZO over a month ago, still no shipment in site......F- Mozo at this point, they charged me 70$ for the cover, where the hell is it!
  • MobileFun sells Mozo covers for $42.99.
  • As the 'official' cover is loose and squeaks we can no do much worse with 3rd parties. Any word if these are better?
  • It is nice and firm.  No squeakes.
  • I'd rather wait for an official Windows 10 device before getting those phones, I consider 950s to be developer prototypes.
  • I wasn't aware that you were the person who decided that sort of thing.  I'll be sure to consult you in future.  Are you just in charge of Microsoft phones or should I check with you before buying certain other things too?
  • I see. So these are $3. So they cost a bit more than the ones that came factory?
  • Any word on when they're going to start selling the actual batteries?
  • Right now on ebay
  • you dont know what you are talking about. They arent on ebay.
  • look again, ive bought one
  • I can't find them on ebay
  • I'd grab the orange in a heartbeat if official
  • I'd grab a red, official or not, if it had Qi.
  • Yes, red. My 1520 display quit working today. The touch seems to work. I just reset with hardware buttons, but no. I'm crushed. Guess I have to step down to a 950xl.
  • May I say that I want to have a red case too. My 1520 display it's acting weird. Exorcism style. Mozo case looks cool but I want that official Microsoft logo cuz having the logo case, everyone thinks it is an iPhone with a leather case. But then 1520 to 950 xl seems like a downgrade(I guess because of the display size) :|
  • Step down in what way bro?
  • In EVERY way. The fact that it has Windows Phone 8.1 and not Windows 10 Mobile, puts it eons ahead without even getting into the rest of it.
  • I passionately disagree! I'll take Windows 10 over 8.1 any day in my 1520... and even in my 925.
  • There's now a glint of hope that one day I could move from my 1020 and keep that retina-burning yellow. ​
  • "Retina burning yellow" HAHAHA
  • I want that "retina burning yellow" for my 950xl, dam it :D always loved that color on the Lumia 1020..
  • "retina burning yellow" Now that is a good colour. Miss the old Lumia colours.
  • Apple is gonna sue you for using retina, but yea, I also miss the old lumia colors. Had the 520 in that same retina burning yellow. That windows blue from the summer rumors Dan mentioned squashing was really nice, shame it was just for the prototype.
    But I'd rather order a Mozo cover than just spend 100 on shipping for these and not have NFC or Qi
  • HA HA HA...I never had the yellow! I had a red 920 and I loved having the bold color.
  • That's what I want so that it matches my car.
  • Your car appreciates it.
  • You know there are vinyl/plastic dyes and paints. Haven't tried it on a back cover yet, but for automotive trim they're fantastic.
  • I've read many names of that particular yellow, but never this one XD
  • My 67 mustang was puke green. At least that's what my girlfriend called it. She would only ride in it after dark.
  • That's one of my fovorite shades of green. It's between that and baby poop  green.
  • The Freaks come out at night....
  • I love the slime green on my 735... Black and white are too vulgar these days
  • I loved my yellow 920, and cyan 900 before that. I bought a bright green knock-off back for my 640 on eBay.
  • How well does it fit? I am trying this gamble again with a green back cover.
  • I'd really loved that color, my stolen 720 was it :(
  • AliExpress to the rescue. I've bought some covers for my Lumia 1520 and Xbox One silicone controller covers there and been pleased.
  • Interested in seeing what you guys make of these cases. If having to do a hack to get the components into a blue case, I don't mind.
  • I have ordered several cases/covers from china for the L635, L640 and L920. From what I can tell, half the cases come from the same tooling as the official battery covers and include the stamps, separation lines and other features that would indicate this is from the same machine. Finishing if these cases us usually poorly done: Raised parting lines not smoothed down, foam pads that are too thick. These are easily correctable with an xcato knife abed 30 seconds. The other cases were clearly different and came in funky colors like cobalt, bright yellow and dark green. These were fun to change things up on my L640, but didn't fit as nice as the first category of cases. If you look hard enough, you can find pink, purple and even metallic (plastic) replacement case for the 920. QI not included.
  • I see, cheers for the info
  • Need red!
  • Yes.
  • Looks my orange case on my Lumia 640 XL.
  • I've purchased various chinese knockoff covers and stuff from all kinds of sellers on ebay.  All of them had fit and finish problems (i bought stuff for my 920, 620, 625, 830, 735, 1520).  ALL of them.  My 735 knockoff case was 1mm too short so you couldn't even get the phone into it!  100% totally useless.  Don't waste your money like I did.  I thought eventually I could find a source that made stuff that actually fit, but I never managed to find one. 
  • "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.".... you should have stopped after the second 100% useless Chinese knockoff you purchased!
  • By that logic he shouldn't have purchased anymore than two Lumia and we all know how many I've purchased. Its ok to be fooled for being curious.
  • In this case, it's a $3 "gamble".
  • Microsoft should make the prototype blue back cover be available to be purchased by Windows Insiders. That way, Microsoft can make more money and Windows Insiders can have something special for their phones. I'd buy a Windows Insider, Prototype Blue - NFC and Dual Wireless Charing Back Cover for as many phones as they make it for that I own. I'd even switch out the back cover on the 640 that I have. I bought the special Dual Shot hot orange covers for the 635 as they were awesome. The official color could be Windows Blue, Insider Blue, Prototype Blue or whatever so that we can select that color for current and future back covers. Microsoft wouldn't have to make millions of back covers as it would be a special order item that would be marketed to Windows Insiders and it would help us stand out and would also be free after sale advertising for Windows 10.
  • I like this idea.
  • Second that! Windows Insider Blue. For all the field medic logs I've submitted this past week, "a cover to boldly affix your badges onto and show the world." Or however marketing wants to sell these...
  • Funnily enough, I half expected a cyan leather Mozo cover to appear. I'd love to see that.
  • I love orange flip cover on my 640xl... I get noticed everywhere and my girl can find me from distance too...
  • I would buy the Lumia blue accent could one. The colour we had on our Lumia 800, the one I couldn't get on my HTC, even after hacks from XDA - was it called, Nokia Blue? That one.
  • Would make it easier for me to try and speak to whomever I meet, in the metro for example, who has an Insider/Ambassador Blue cover. Those people are bound to know a bit more about the phone than others. Love it.
  • That is a great idea!
  • Good idea. I'm sporting a mozo brown leather case. Love it.
    It was expensive though and in failed attempt to compensate for the length of time it took to get the case (month) they sent a blue/pink case that did not fit the 950xl.
  • Great idea but would it be available for the rest if the world or only America?
  • "Microsoft should make the prototype blue back cover be available to be purchased by Windows Insiders." I'd think they would just need to make it generally available at that point. I really wonder how many WP users are insiders. I would guess the percentage is actually pretty high. Maybe it is higher in the better than bargain device owners, but I expect many of those were bought buy WP users who wanted a second device for playing. I think insiders are a pretty significant portion of the WP population. Any insight, Daniel?
  • I order 10 for next day deliver.
  • I'm waiting for the price of 950 xl to go down which it ain't going a penny.
  • That shows what fool people have been about prizes. Everyone kept telling me I was a fool to shell out such hefty money when prices were to come crashing down come Christmas. Im glad, 950XL is still as expensive. It should stay like that for another 10 months at least. I can dream, right.
  • Where do they the CAD models from? Would love to get my hands on them
  • If i get a case i can just scan it in for you
  • Iam the one u put the details on WC forums at least give credit....
    I also ordered blue and orange color...
  • The forum thread is linked in this article with a via. I had to find the thread on my own, if you want more credit you could have tipped us. Also, this was posted on reddit like a week ago.
  • Kool no problem....iam just happy to help people and find new thing where ever windows is do i tip u guys....i own a mobile store and keep sourcing lot of new stuff and make youtube videos aswell....i also ordered blue and orange color with report hows the quality Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Daniel, not hating, just genuinely wonder why the review for the XL never came. I held out on a purchase for a while waiting. Since buying one, I have always assumed that there were some reason why, aside from time constraints, that stopped you. As my go-to site for Windows Mobile info, I was quite disappointed. It is a real glaring omission from the site. Shocked, if I am being honest. That said, I really love the majority of the stuff you guys throw out. Great to see all the articles, like this one and the usb-c lead articles, so helpful. Your gaming, peripheral and update news/reviews are first rate, on point and measured. WC articles are genuinely the only ones I tend to share, as you guys are usually spot on. Loving my 950xl though, inspire of the issues. It blows my 920 away, as I knew it would. Incidentally, if I didn't use wireless charging, I might actually buy one of these cover. That said, I bought a Mozo ran cover, yikes, what a stunning cover.
  • Simply been too busy with holidays, travel and CES.
  • Cheers for the reply Daniel, I was concerned that I may suffer some Whiskey fuelled vitriol, or worse a Kimora. Kudos to you and the team for frequently replying to readers' comments, it really does add a great deal to an article, and WC is definitely the site that frequently gets more post article writer than any other. And I can fully understand why some writers elsewhere shy away. I eagerly await the new WC app, gagging to try it, and some more ask Dan episodes.
  • Its an awesome device. Go to reddit, go to our forums - those that love it just love it! Hardware is awesome. Software, we know the story.
  • I love mine, yes it has a tiny red tint to the screen from certain angles, yes the production standards are not top end, yes the screen has resisted all attemts at applying tempered glass protectors, but a great phone, and my concerns over the Snapdragon 810 heat were unrealised, it runs without half the heat that my 920 had. The rear speaker is crazy loud for ringtones.I am fortunate that I seldom suffer from many of the other issues reported. Nice size too, and relatively manageable in one hand, with a couple of tiles shifted. Charges so quick too off a plug. The few issues I have are software related mainly, but I am giving tons of feedback.
  • I like the blue one.
  • I'm current rocking a knockoff yellow cover on my 640 which is actually made better than the official cover. And it fixed the speaker sounding muffled when laid on a flat surface flaw, because there's a tiny nodule next to the speaker cut out on the back which slightly raises it for sound clearance. So don't knock the knockoffs til you try them. I have matte yellow, Lumia 1520 green and glossy orange
  • Ooh really? Do you remember the seller by any chance? I tried one for the 640 and it didn't fit. It also broke my SD card too.
  • Yeah, who was the seller? I'd like to look into that too.
  • I may get one and custom paint it for fun.
  • The seller is showpurchase
  • Who do I have to sleep with to get one in purple.
  • An aubergine?
  • You want an old BMW colored phone?
  • If you look enough like a Victoria's Secret model, then I'm your man. I know my way around a can of cheap spray paint.
  • Prep is key though.
  • With me! If you're a girl. If you're a guy, i give the "victoria's secret" advantage.
  • You I really hate to say "I told you so" but...
    I've got similar "unofficial" back covers for my 635 and 640. They look and feel great. If you need the QI charging, just be patient, for they will come too.
  • Yep. The obsession with "official" is kinda crazy.  Lots of 3rd party options will be improvements.  
  • The logo with "Microsoft Lumia" feels way sexier than just the MS logo
  • Great idea indeed!
  • Not suggesting they would ever go back to offering the rainbow of shell colour options that Nokia used to (although that would be great), but it would be nice to at least see the Microsoft colours Red/Yellow/Green/Blue offered from the start, as well as the standard Black and White they seem to be obsessed with at the moment.  
  • I was tempted before seeing the price, then interested when I saw they were without Qi or NFC, and from China. Hopes dashed...
  • The official case I have with my 950xl feels like a 3$ case, so I guess it can't get worse..
  • They look like they don't have all the holes for mics on the back. Could be a deal breaker in addition to the lack qi & nfc
  • I guess you're expecting too much from your 3$.
  • No there are holes for the mic on the back cover....
  • There are four small holes on the top and bottom of the Lumia 950 XL
  • Count again.
  • Five each, good call lol
  • In a tear down video, only one mic hole is acutally used. The other 3 or 4 for each are for aestetics only. 
  • This awesome. I want a blue one. But I'll wait for better ones. This raises the fact that people want them.
  • Bought a battery for my nokia from them and it drained in half an hour. They sell siht. Dont ever order from them Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Finally colors. They should have put them in sale with colors
  • LOLL $100 expedited shipping
  • A yellow 1520 looking skin with a proper yellow color theme. The w10 yellow is terrible!
  • FIANLLY. Cyan for My Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. PERFECT NEWS.
  • COME ON!  We don't need knock off covers.  We actually need 'knock off' 950's ie. phones at a decent & reduced price.  Anybody who had put down the 500+ USD for a 950 phone can go and buy a full price, nay double price cover IMHO.  
  • Someone is a Denver Broncos fan
  • Thanks, but i ordered the mozo back cover cognac colour for my 950xl. Should be arriving by 15th Jan. So excited!
  • Why wouldn't MS offer case backs in multiple colors?? Doesn't make sense.
  • I picked up a Mozo leather back case, it's really nice, looks very professional.
  • I wish someone made one out of magnesium and finished in silver/shiny gun metal gray.
  • First trying to buy 950 itself. It's been long wait MS should learn announcement-to-availability from apple. Certainly MS supply chain is a disaster.
  • Different colored backs should've been available day one from MS. A flagship Lumia deivce that only comes in black and white is an embarassment.