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Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition finally reaches Steam and Windows 10 on April 27

Several weeks after its Xbox One debut, Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition will make its way to PCs on April 27. The game will be released on Steam fand for Windows 10 gamers via the Windows Store.

This version of the game includes all of the content in the original Ori and the Blind Forest from developer Moon Studios, plus some extra content such as "new areas, new abilities, more story sequences, multiple difficulty modes, fast travel between areas" and more. Here's a quick description for those of you unfamiliar with the game:

Players take control of the titular Ori, a guardian spirit who explores the haunting forest of Nibel – a breathtaking backdrop that imparts the magic of classic hand-drawn art with the help of some impressive tech.

The price of Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition will be $19.99, and Steam owners of the original game can get it for just $4.99, The Windows 10 version will add enhanced resolution and monitor support and the ability to cross-save games between the Windows 10 and Xbox One versions.

  • F**K YEAH
  • Can't wait
  • What about cross-buy?
  • store to officialy join. mayb then it will work... stilll waiting w10 qb.
  • Lol @ "Steam for older PCs", suggesting that Steam is only good as a fallback platform for non-Win10 machines. I see what you did there, nice try.
  • Well, I'm sure they meant non-windows 10 machines. But windows 10 one does have enhanced graphics. But either way most users on steam are on windows 10 according to their stats. And judging by the hardware stats a lot of them are running on some powerful hardware. So definitely just a weird way of wording it hehe.
  • In the article when they say "Windows 10 Version" do they mean the Windows Store version...? If so, that version has enhanced graphics over the version you get from Steam? I'm going to get it from the Windows Store anyway (Didn't pick it up on Xbox One yet) anyway, but curious to know if the store version is supposed to be enhanced in some way
  • Pretty sure the graphical fidelity is the same on the regular PC (Steam) version an that Store release. Of course there is still a risk that the Store version looks slightly worse or ends up with (for now) unfixable bugs due to the weird UWP limitations. Also keep in mind that any patches usually arrive later in the Store, if at all.
  • If anything I'd expect the Steam version to look better (for now) if what I read about UWP games is correct, some body said they don't support 4K but it's coming in the anniversary update. No idea if that's true though they might have been talking specifically about Quantum Break and it's dynamic resolution wizardry
  • "Somebody said" ahh yes, might as well be true. Actually the graphic fidelity is much higher because of the use of directX 12. Now, the publisher could choose to provide better textures as well for the windows store version. I'm more inclined to believe the graphic fidelity is due to directX 12. If that's the case even Steam users on windows 10 would get the same benefits. But since it's Microsoft Studios it could be an exclusive to the store. UWP is growing to include a pretty good API set. There's no limitiations other than the vsync settings which will be fixed in the anniversay edition. The problem with locking vsync is that it drops frame rates pretty drastically even if if goes 1 fps below 60. It works in multipliers, so if you are set at vsync and are running at 60 fps, dropping 1 frame will drop you to 30fps. By removing vsync your fps will be determined by your computers power rather than locking. The problem with this is that if you have a really powerful computer and your monitor/tv only draws at 60hz, if you're running at 200fps you will get some bad tearing. There's dynamic vsync as well and other types of settings. So these will be included in the api.
  • Don't you know who Somebody is? He's all knowing! ;) DirectX 12 leading to higher graphics fidelity makes sense, like how in some games you can specify switch the mode you want to run in, which can lead to less effects in game on lower DX versions - I was confused by the wording as to what "Windows 10" meant in this case - I'd prefer them to have said on a machine with a GPU that supports DirectX 12 if that's what leads to improved fidelity - Sometimes "Windows 10 Version" is used here to refer to the version from the store. One thing that floats about is the thing about "No SLI Support" but Mike Ybarra said that UWP games can indeed support it, not sure why the Store version of Tomb Raider didn't when it launched (maybe it does now?) but Quantum Break doesn't specifically because the game engine doesn't support it (from an answer Remedy posted online) rather than it being UWP related. I tend to put V-Sync on most of the time, like you say, to avoid screen tearing - But would turn it off in games where I anticipate the PC won't maintain a solid 60FPS most of the time. People seem bothered by the fact that the UWP games run as a borderless fullscreen window - I know that to get the Xbox DVR working with games you tend to need to run it like that and not "true fullscreen" - I've never had a problem with this running games at 1080p, same native resolution as my monitor, not enough of a difference to notice a performance hit at least.
  • when I say "on a machine with a GPU that supports DirectX 12" should also specify it's a machine running Windows 10, since that's a requirement for DX12
  • I typically use dynamic sync right on my nvidia card. You can set it in the option ok a pet game basis. So it will remove vsync if it drops below 60. The card itself is doing the calculations. All you have to do is disable it in game. Does not need dev support as the card is aware of frames it is drawing and can intelligently control it. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Lumia 950xl
  • Nice! I'll try that out myself. I see the option in Nvidia Control panel so next time I play a PC game I'll put it on for that.
  • Yeah. As if Steam-users are all on old PCs. Ridiculous comment by the author of this article.
  • Steam IS only good as a fallback platform... Only their die hard fanboys and the "75% off or no buy" crowd buy it there.
  • Steam is actually the best platform.. What do you bet this will be $10 on the Steam Summer sale, $5-$7.50 during the Christmas Sale. Its the main reason I buy anything from Steam. I have yet to see any other vendor, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Origin etc bring prices down to what Steam consistantly does during their promotional sales. I like to save money... so I'll buy from Steam.. If Microsoft had sales of this nature I'd consider them too.
  • My thoughts exactly. And even if Steam itself wasn't eager to offer any sales, there are always (legit) resellers like GMG, HumbleBundle or even brick and mortar shops that offer competitive prices for the same keys. Good luck waiting for a reasonable sale on the MS Store, especially outside the US. And if Microsoft doesn't see the need to offer sales, there is no alternative either. Besides, Steam is very likely to be still around in the coming decades while I believe it is pretty inevitable that Microsoft will loose interest in the PC gaming market yet again. And if MS closes up shop like they with GFWL or, you can wave your Store licenses goodbye.
  • People are not loyal to platforms, they just like Steam because they can get cheap stuff there. Whether this comes from some sort of monopoly on the market or if it's bad for the industry is a different discussion, although a relevant one.
  • Hardware reqs? Can I play on surface 3 (non pro)
  • Surface Pro 3 has Intel HD 4400. Search on the Internet for "Ori and the Blind Forest Intel HD 4400". A lot of people have tried running the game on that hardware and report their results in FPS or something like that.
  • Steam version and no cross-buy, Microsoft continues the stupidity of shooting themselves in the foot...
  • Spot on. No Microsoft Studios games should ever release on Steam, or any other PC gaming Store besides the official Windows 10 Store, ever again. And every single Microsoft Studios game that launchs on Windows 10 should be cross-buy, cross-save, cross-sync, and cross-play. They always screw themselves over by weakly dipping their toes in the pool instead of jumping in.
  • I think they will get there with cross buy. It was the thing that made me pre-order Quantum Break if I'm honest. Otherwise I might not have got it at all yet (So glad I did btw). I would be happy with the code redemption approach they went for with QB for now - They could have done this one the other way around; buy the PC version and get a code for the Xbox version. I'm never going to buy the same game twice on PC and Xbox One, and I think the majority of people are the same. Looking at it that way they aren't necessarily losing out on a sale. They should move away from using codes once the stores merge fully, and that will be good for them because with QB you could have split the cost with a friend and one take the PC code, one buys the Xbox One version (In that case, it could be a lost sale)
  • if you have a friend with a pc that can run qb nomaly with no problems then you i doubt your friend is financialy worried about half the cost of a game......  just sayin...
  • I agree partially but then again getting at half the cost means more beer (whiskey) money. Having money doesn't mean you wouldn't save where you can. I know people with 2 x 980Ti graphics cards in their machines and none of them would say no to savings. Worth saying in this case that that second 980Ti would do zilch for Quantum Break anyway as it doesn't support Dual GPU (They said the game engine doesn't support it, but AFAIK UWP games in general doesn't support SLI, think it's coming though.)
  • I do agree on the fact that Microsoft should publish their games on their platforms, but I personnaly prefer Steam over Windows Store for game distribution. Plus, it would have been a bit stupid to release the DE only on Windows Store while not releasing it on Steam, since Steam got the original edition.
  • Nah, it would've been a good opportunity to entice said Steam gamers over to the Windows 10 Store: offer them the same upgrade discount from the base version to the definitive version, but only sell it in the Windows 10 Store.
  • My computer already runs the Steam version borderline, and knowing the V-Sync and other bugs on the Windows 10 Store games, plus the fact that graphics are improved in the Windows 10 version, my computer might not run this one. I would buy that version though, if there was the discount for original owners on the Windows 10 Store and my computer could run it. (Only for the nice start menu tile)
  • Hardly. It's an old game. They aren't going to sell any Xboxes or make any Windows 10 conversions with this.
  • think just because something is old to you does not mean it is not completely new to another human.
  • Its not a Windows Store exclusive because MS wants to sell more than 7 copies.  
  • If that's their goal then they should put it on PS4 and Wii U too. Same dumb logic.
  • They are smarter than you are, not that that's much to accomplish. They know what they are doing. When MS wants your opinion on how to release games I'm sure they'll reach out to you.
  • Holy Kool-Aid your teeth are permanently stained red.
  • Wow, games sure reach the Definitive Edition thing a lot faster lately. How long did this game come out? Six months? Four?
  • 1 year ago.
  • In a year xbox won't have any exclusives left Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thinking of getting, but so into street fighter V!!
  • No you're not. And you're not funny.