Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Known bugs, issues, and workarounds

Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Image credit: Moon Studios)

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a sensational game, with tight platforming, infectious combat, and a gorgeous and emotional storyline. However, it is a little rough around the edges. Despite some issues, we still awarded the game 4.5/5 for its excellence, and while the game does have some problems, they don't detract too heavily from the experience overall.

Regardless, there are some issues outlying, despite a couple of post-launch patches already in. Here's every issue Moon is tracking for fixes right now, along with some known workarounds.

Xbox One Upcoming Fixes

  • Improving performance on both Xbox One X and Xbox One S across the entire game as well as during busy combat scenarios
  • Removing the stutters on Xbox One S and Xbox One X after longer periods of playtime
  • Addressing various gameplay, localization, and technical bugs
  • Additional improvements are also planned for the Xbox One version later this year, including plans to improve the HDR support for Xbox One

PC Upcoming Fixes

  • Sound glitches/buzzing
  • Weapon Wheel (both RT/LT bringing up abilities)
  • Chinese font rendering issue
  • End-game Achievements Unlock Error
  • Leaderboard Missing Information
  • Key Remapping Error
  • More options for performance tweaking on the PC:
  • Resolution scaling %
  • Allowing to super-sample or under-sample the game
  • Exclusive full-screen mode and other small tweakable graphic options
  • Plans to improve the HDR experience with HDR support for PC is coming soon

More Known Issues We are Investigating

  • Crash during title screen: Investigating
  • Save game files missing: Investigating
  • No In-game sound: Investigating

We also understand there are a number of softlocks, i.e., when Ori gets stuck somewhere and you cannot progress through the game, and while we work on their fixes, the best workaround would be to use a backup save.

You can access Will of the Wisp's backup saves via the game's main menu while selecting a save file to load up.

Fix suggestions

While many of these problems may have already been fixed, here are some of the workarounds I used during the review process.

  • If you encounter a bug where the game's check-pointing system doesn't work anymore, and your game doesn't save, your best bet is to close the game and re-open it. On Xbox, you can do this by going to the home screen, hitting the menu key on the Ori tile, and selecting Quit.
  • I've seen performance increases by moving Ori's installation to the internal HDD, rather than my USB-based external SSD. This might be an issue with my SSD or cable, but if you have space, it might be worth moving the installation to your internal storage device instead. You can do this by hitting the menu key on the Ori tile from the dashboard, and selecting "Manage game & add-ons." There, you can check whether it's installed on an internal or external, and select "move all" to shift between devices.
  • Will of the Wisps can sometimes become a little unstable when it resumes from the Xbox One's "fast resume" feature for consoles that are in standby mode. Closing and re-opening the game should improve things.

Reporting bugs

If you want to report a bug, here's what Moon is suggesting.

  • For Steam users, post your bugs in this thread on the Steam community forums.
  • For everybody else, Moon suggests joining its Discord server for tracking bugs with other specific versions.

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