Out This Week on Xbox One: The Walking Dead, The Evil Within, and Sleeping Dogs

It's horror season, and what better way to celebrate that than with some games that will make you scream! However, it is also apparently re-mastered edition season as two of our games are re-releases of last gen games. First up this week, we have zombies with the first release of The Walking Dead: Season One on Xbox One. Secondly, there is The Evil Within from Bethesda Softworks is our other big game this week which is sure to give you nightmares after playing alone and in the dark. Lastly, we ditch the horror scene for a more action oriented game with Sleeping Dogs: Definitive edition. Continue reading to see which ones are worth the buy.

The Walking Dead: Season One

zombies are your last worry

The Walking Dead: Season One began in April 2012 on last gen systems and concluded in November of April of that year. It flipped the zombie genre on its head by focusing gameplay on narrative instead of pure action and violence. The Walking Dead: Season One is an episodic interactive game and unlike most interactive games it doesn't involve puzzle solving. Instead, character involvement is the focal point here because every choice you make in game has an affect the story.

The game has won numerous awards including game of the year. If you haven't checked out the game before this is a must buy! It's personally one of my favorite games ever. The Xbox One version also comes with the 400 days DLC. The Walking Dead: Season One's story begins for the first time on Xbox One on October 14.

The Evil Within

fight or flight

The Evil Within is a survival horror game by the original creator of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami. Mikami stated at the beginning of development of The Evil Within that he wants to take survival horror back to its root. This is accomplished by making players feel alone and isolated as well as making weapons hard to come by in the game.

In The Evil Within, you play as a detective who was ambushed at the scene of a mass murder and knocked unconscious. When awoken, the detective realizes that he is in a crazed world that is full of deranged and grotesque monsters. You must then make your way out of this world to figure out what is was that ambushed you. The Evil Within launches on October 14.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

law and order

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition will be making the jump to Xbox One this week after its initial release on Xbox 360 in 2012. It will run native 1080p on the Xbox One as well as include all DLC packs. Fun fact about Sleeping Dogs is that it was originally slated to be part of the True Crime series but Square Enix bought the publishing rights to it after it was canceled by Activision.

In Sleeping Dogs, you play as a police officer in Hong Kong who infiltrates the Triad by going undercover. You must prove your allegiance to the Triad by committing crimes, all the while taking down Triad members for the police force. The game is open world which means you are free to go about your missions however you would like. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition lets you get sweet justice on the Triad starting October 14.

What game are you thinking of grabbing this week?

Jonathan Dollison
  • Cool
  • Aww mehn...can't wait to play Sleeping dogs again..such a great game ;-)
    Reconvirus...wow love your name. I work with viruses so we can be good pals..lol
  • Lol
  • Why don't they add dead space 4.. That game is really reeally scary.. Seriously
  • Pre ordered all 3 already.
  • How much does the walking dead cost?
  • Be aware that "The Evil Within" has an aspect ratio of 2.35:1 (Cinemascope) so you'll have black bars on top and at the bottom of your screen! Same goes for the PC version but additionally it's automatically set to 30fps (and it's also designed for this). The devs advise against (!!!) setting it to 60fps. I hope this 'we need to promote console games and f*ck up the experience for PC gamers' madness ends soon (looking at you, Ubisoft).
  • The walking dead is the greatest game I have ever played, it's topped Planescape Torment. Not only is it the best adaptation of the source material, it is just simply a fantastic game. I'm on the fence on whether I want the various changes to make more of a difference or not, we'll see once I play season two anyway and I wouldn't want anything to sacrifice the amazing story telling anyway. So damn good (so is The Wolf Among Us, by the way), well, I know what I'm playing tomorrow, season freaking two, I've talked myself into it.
  • Oh please no. 24fps works fine with movies because they are made in a different way than games (camera -> shutter speed) and use motion blur. Those things are irrelevant in games. Yes, the reason for this aspect ratio is to make it look like a movie. Their 'excuse' is that Resident Evil 4 had an aspect ratio of 16:9 while being developed for old 4:3 TVs. They could at least make the aspect ratio optional. To me it looks like this generation of consoles is not making any progress. We've had TVs capable of 1080p and 'pseudo' 100Hz+ for a few years now and they still can't manage to make every game in 1080p and 60Hz (not even mentioning 120Hz/144Hz). Don't want to make this sound like a "I don't care about consoles, PC is better anyways" but look at Ubisoft. They covered up the fact that the PC version of Watch_Dogs would've looked much better than the console versions by removing lightning effects and lowering the graphic settings because "it wouldn't have been running stable on PC with them on" (which is complete BS, you can look it up on many PC gaming sites). 60fps just looks much smoother. It's just that the difference is much more noticable on PCs (with 60Hz/120Hz/144Hz monitors and a good midrange to high end GPU). All I see when I look at statements like "60fps is too difficult to achieve" and alike is that devs, publisher and console manufacturers won't admit that the current console generation is far behind from what can be achieved on a PC. The 'victims' are the PC gamers that get 'butchered' games only for the sake of making consoles don't look bad compared to PCs. Right now consoles are treading water. Don't get me wrong: despite gaming on a PC I like to play on my X 360/PS3 and even my cousin's GameCube every now and then because of console-exclusive titles. I'm not against consoles at all, I'm just pro progress (which just isn not happening with the XBOne and PS4 right now and their even holding back PC gaming). Phew, that reply turned out to be much longer as I planned it to be. I just hope it doesn't get misread for a "I hate consoles" bash (which it isn't supposed to be).
  • I think my post changed, but anyway, I'm not saying that it's amazing, or that it will be amazing but I'm interested in seeing how this plays out, and whether it actually does give the game a more filmlike quality. If it doesn't, so what? Within a day someone will have hacked it to allow whatever fps you want. I like locked framerates more so than fluctuating anyway, as even if it stays above 30 but still ranges up to 60 or more it's very notable (like you said, more fluid). Which PC is less inclined to provide, although maybe this all stems from the fact that I've been to lazy to upgrade my woefully underpowered geforce 430 (can still play Bioshock Infinite though) and I'm just trying to make myself feel better because I can only get a really decent gaming fix out of my One and 360 at the moment.
  • Season 2 comes out next week :) Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • The episodes are available already.
  • Both Sleeping Dogs and the Evil Within come out on the 14th, not the 8th.
  • Fixed! Happens when you're up at 3am writing these ;) lol Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • not able to préorder and préload the walking dead on the stor, don't wanna get the disc version...
  • Yea I'm not too sure if they're going to throw it on the store or not. Would be dumb if they didn't Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Yay more repeats >_>
  • Need one of this on windows phone
  • Sleeping Dogs is great on the PC. It reminds me of Shenmue but with too much cursing and violence turned up to 12. Great graphics, story, control and voice acting. I haven't completed the game so I guess it is time for me to jump back in and bash some 1080P skulls.
  • Sleeping Dogs aww yes!!! Bring more of these games. Hopefully they port Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 via digital.
  • Seeliping dogs is amazing i like a lot that game play all game enjoy more that vs gta v is more fun. Maybe I bought again or after while drop price. Now playing forza horizon 2 and FIFA 15 stand by for metro and murders and soul I buy but not play yet.
  • Its sucks that I have to repurchase two or these that I own on 360 but I am most excited for the evil within I can't wait to be scared
  • I totally thought that Sleeping Dogs felt like a True Crime game. With less bugs, of course. Which is a very favorable comparison. Crazy amounts of bugs kept the True Crime games from being a true GTA killer IMO.
  • The Evil within is must have ))