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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Outlook is now optimized for Split View on iPads.
  • You can drag and drop text into a message with your finger.
  • The update is generally available with version 4.23.0.

Microsoft Outlook for iPad is now optimized for Split View. The update allows you to drag and drop text into an email with your finger and makes multitasking easier for email accounts and calendars. The new feature comes with version 4.23.0, which is generally available now.

Here's the complete changelog for Outlook.

Multi-task like a pro with Outlook, now optimized for Split View on iPad. Open your mail and calendar side by side or drag and drop text into a message with your fingertip!

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Microsoft continues to emphasize multitasking and splitting screens. With the Surface Neo and Surface Duo on the way, Microsoft appears to believe strongly in the value of splitting an app across a large workspace. This update brings somewhat similar functionality to Outlook on the iPad.


Outlook is a multiplatform email client and calendar app that allows you to send and receive emails through all of your accounts and stay up to date on your schedule.

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