Outlook Mail and Calendar app for Windows 10 PC and Mobile updated with Week View

Microsoft has released a new update for its Outlook Mail and Calendar app for Windows 10 Mobile along with an update for the PC version for Windows Insiders. Unlike some of the previous updates, this new version does contain a few new features.

The update, which changes the version number from 17.6310.42252 to 17.6319.42022, adds support for the recently launched Dark theme to the mobile Mail app's Settings menu for the first time.

The Calendar portion also supports viewing it in a weekly mode for the first time, which is a huge deal for many users out there.

In addition, we noticed that the new version fixed a bug we noticed earlier that was causing Outlook to hang on the logo after sending attachments from Photos. If you notice any other improvements with the app, let us know about it in the comments.

Download Outlook Mail and Calendar from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • I was missing week view! It works!
  • Yeah, appreciated, but in week view click on Month at the top and it comes out white on the dark theme. This makes it inconsistent with everything else being dark and is also barely readable.
  • Wow. Week view. So that was again missing in portrait mode??? Hilarious.
    Unfortunately they still stick with a Week view where appointments are hidden if you happen to have several per day. Nothing beats the graphical information of a coloured bar which starts and ends somewhere during the day. Why is this sooo difficult to understand?? As an idea how it is much better:   View Hide  
  • Disagree as to it being 'better'. I rather get to see all my appointments for a day clubbet together than scroll down the page for it. I'm interested in the event and its timing, not colorful bars! Clearly, the design is subjective to each individual ;) Some prefer visuals, some prefer efficiency.
  • I think the 8.1 version had a setting for agenda view vs time-based view, which could be set for the daily or weekly view. There's no one answer to this for everyone and it really belongs being a choice. After I update the app and test it, I'll submit that feedback.
  • What scroll????? The day between say 07:00 and 20:00 can easily be shown without scrolling, if one designs it this way. And for further details, there is day and agenda view. Instead of cluttered small day boxes which not even can display all day because they are too small, I prefer efficiency. Nothing to do with design. But each to his own.
  • For some, visuals are efficiency.
  • It's getting better and better. Can't wait to repair my L930 and test it out!
  • what about year?
  • Your screen is too small for that lol.
  • But WP 8.1 can display the year, why not be able to Windows 10 mobile?
  • My week view is back! Couldn't be happier.
  • Yessssss finally. Missing the lil calendar view bottom right though.
  • Anyone hoping that they will bring back landscape mode on Outlook Mail? My Lumia 830 loose this some versions ago...
  • What are you talking about? I still have week view in landscape mode.
  • Mail...
  • It's back with this update.
  • I still do not have this
  • i've been using outlook in landscape on my 1520 at 100% text scaling this shows messages and the message itself. really convenient.  
  • Work even on Lumia 720, with 4.3 
  • Since its getting some old features back, hope they're working on Tasks support.
  • Any idea when they'll update it to have a consistent UI with the rest of Windows 10?
  • It's an office app. Office apps have a consistent Ui within them selves. There is no need to update to have a consistent Ui with w10 because all the office mobile apps have consistent Ui within themselves. Just like the desktop office programs do. And and google chrome does. And edge dies. They all have their own Ui styles. They don't necessarily have to match with w10 Ui. IIRC even office 2007 had a different Ui to windows 7. So no big deal
  • Now if Microsoft can update the live tile to list multi day appointments would be great.
  • Can we send that to feedback?! Cause yea, that needs to be addressed.
  • Send a feedback about it. I ll upvote. That's the best way to let them know.
  • Ok I will.
  • Don't forget to share the link to your feedback!
  • Oh snap, now it feels real. RTM is coming, just add the weather please.
  • Week view's month-calendar is black text on dark grey in one of those screenshots. I know it's a preview but that seems a bit sloppy.
  • I didn't even notice the month there until you pointed it out. They need to change the font color to white or a lighter gray.
  • It's white in the dark theme and I have done a feedback on that.
  • I guess we'll just have to give up on getting app download links from the Windows Central app. Which means I wouldn't use the app anymore.
    Sucks, but wmpoweruser's web page loads a lot quicker than this app and the WC site. Maybe that's they way to go.
  • They also have a nice app. I'm a WC fan for its content and writers, otherwise I would've probably moved to a different site. TLDR: we need some app love (or at least some insight on what's gonna happen)!
  • I agree, but listen to the last Ask Dan for a teaser on their new app. I think it was #11.
  • 100% agree. And this app sucks big way on WM10. Content is good but app and site both needs big improvement. C'mon guys do it. WMPoweruser is good site, load very quickly. And it's getting better content wise too. Wake up guys
  • They are doing it according to #AskDan and will be here soon. Something to look forward too :)
  • Fix the date picker. way to sensitive
  • Woohoo, now add month view (and fix the current ridiculously sensitive month to month scrolling too)! Btw, in the phone app you can now edit a phone number before dialing it/calling it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqVT-Tg_iFA
  • About time!!! Yeah!!!
  • But I already have week view in landscape mode.
  • h
  • How about task view? Did they remove that?
  • Looks like it. I have now started to use WonderList as it was bought by Microsoft and links in with Outlook and looks great. I also find it easier and better for tasks. Edit - I'm only using the free version.
  • thank goodness they're finally making it closer to the 8.1 week view. definitely some tweaks left to add, especially for dark theme (can't see the month calendar). ... why on earth is 'dark theme' not true black? true black looks so good, not the sad and washed out charcoal of the current dark theme offering.  
  • ^^ Up Vote Make sure you do a feedback :)
  • definitely have. just made the rounds again on feedback upvoting - some guy has copy and pasted this feedback into every single feedback category. kind of flooding the search results.
  • Great, the votes the better. Yeah, once is enough on feedback though!
  • Week view! Awesome! Finally! :)
    I'll upgrade my phone later!
  • Latest build is awesome on my L520!
  • Would still like the feature to have specific email provider icons like the mail client did in 8.1. As well as an option to empty the trash bin.
  • It's not better. Lost "tablet" mode with 175% scale view. Lumia 1520
  • Yeah, great! Now I can have a dark menu on the desktop. Would have been nice if they finally would have fixed the sync for sent email. I still can't see older messages there than from 30 days ago.
  • Select all and empty folder. Why this was removed is mind boggling.
  • Is there a taskview already?
  • I can't see one and have tasks in my Outlook desktop. I tried the free WonderList, which is owned by Microsoft and links into mail.
    I find this better and easier to use, it's free for basic functions and I prefer this as it looks great and is on my phone and SP3.
  • I want search in the calendar
  • What about a live tile to show more than one event at a time, And a choice to set up the tile the way we want it to be?
  • ^^this
  • When is S/MIME encryption coming...? IS it coming in time for the release of the 950 & 950 XL...?
  • What I want is that MS release a Sunrise calendar universal app. That will be great. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I still can't believe Microsoft released this mail client as part of Windows 10 for PC back in July.  3 months later, it's still alpha-quality software missing basic features. To be fair, they did fix my biggest complaint by finally allowing you to turn off Conversation View, but the missing features, performance issues and glaring bugs remaining are remarkable. Did someone send you an email with pictures in it? I hope you like viewing them within the email app because there's no way to download those pictures in order to do anything else with them... assuming you can even get those pictures to show up in the first place. Inline image attachments sometimes just refuse to load. And if you don't have a touchscreen, get used to scrolling around because the images are always shown at full resolution. The only way to scale them is by using a pinch gesture on the touchscreen. Oh, the message list doesn't show you which messages have inline picture attachments either. That paperclip icon only appears on messages with other types of attachments. Did you delete an email in your inbox on another computer (or via a web interface like OWA or Gmail)? You'll need to delete it again in this mail client because it doesn't sync those changes. Messages deleted outside of the mail app will remain in your inbox within the app. Want to see the headers for an email, you know, to evaluate the legitimacy of the source or something? Too bad. It's not possible. You also can't see the actual email address of a sender in the message list. You can only see the "Friendly" name and you know those are ALWAYS accurate. Even when viewing the message itself, you'll only see the sender's email address if you click on their name, that gives you a temporary popup with the email address. There's no way to have that appear on a printed copy of the email, though. You still can't select a range of messages, either.  If you want to delete or move a bunch of messaages, you have to select them one-by-one by holding the Control key and clicking with the mouse or by bringing up the checkbox option and tapping the box for each message you want to select.  It's not possible to select multiple messages using just the keyboard... no Control+A to Select All, no SHIFT+ARROW to select a range. This mail app doesn't have ANY features or capabilities that haven't already been done better in a different app.  Quite the contrary, almost everything it tries to do, it does WORSE than other mail apps.  It is garbage with no redeeming qualities.
  • Some good points. Did you tell all this in the Feedback app too? Maybe they can learn some things...
  • Unfortuantely its indeed that Mail app is still missing essential features that we taken for granted (which Microsoft even forgots to implement). This also applies to virtually all apps in Windows 10 (except the Office apps which so far well made). Even their own feature such as Alias and Categories isn't present in Mail app at all. This is why sometimes I have to use web app just for those. Come on Microsoft!
  • ThE Mail app sorely missing the Save All Attachments feature
  • I can't view shared calendars on Google if I clean install Outlook. But if I upgrade from WP 8.1, the shared calendars are still there. Could anyone explain this?
  • Mail app now have pop-out option... 
    https://twitter.com/vitorgrs/status/656992535353675776 Also, still waiting for year view on Calendar.
  • Hope this update fixes the bug where a recurring appointment with invitees is updated and the time on each appointment in the series shifts semi-randomly. The only work-around is to delete the appointment and recreate it with the updated info.
  • Yeah! I love the week view style I already have on my WP8.1!