Park-builder 'Jurassic World Evolution' gets release date and preorders on Xbox One

Today, Frontier Developments announced that Jurassic World Evolution is coming digitally to Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 on June 12, 2018. A physical release will follow on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on July 3. The release date coincides with the the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom film.

Frontier Developments is a well-regarded studio which has a long history of producing amazing experiences like Elite: Dangerous. The studio did wonders with Planet Coaster so it's no surprise that the team is tackling the challenge of a Jurassic Park game. Jurassic World Evolution is a park-building experience along the lines of games like Cities: Skylines and looks rather unique.

Jurassic World Evolution gives players more control than an average building simulator because you can heavily modify the terrain by introducing lakes and other natural elements. We haven't seen this level of customization in a game for a while now.

The game also went up for preorder today on Xbox One and a host of other platforms. You can purchase the standard edition for $59.99 or the digital deluxe version for $64.99. The digital deluxe package contains five extra dinosaurs. Lastly, if you preorder before launch, you'll receive an exclusive helicopter skin and off-road vehicle skin. According to the listing for the game on the Microsoft Store, Jurassic World Evolution supports "4K" and "HDR" on Xbox One X.

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  • What's the point of spacing the physical release from digital? I hate buying digital versions.
  • To encourage people buying the digital version of course. Because it prevents resales and gives a developer more returns.
  • You mean publisher...
  • The game is published and developed by the same company...
  • But it's the publishers mostly making the money. Devs usually make a LOT less (if not anything) from game sales.
  • @erzhik
    Totally agree. For me, physical copies is always great for consumers.
    For me what they are doing is anti-consumer. I always try to buy physical copy these type of practices almost makes me not want to buy the game at all.
  • Physical collects dusts (me and 2 brothers were gamers & figure / gunpura collectors since I was 6, we've too many stuff in the storage. We own the factory so we can throw things in without 2nd thought. But at home... wasting space tbh) and I prefer not to swap disc. With digital:
    1. I can share my copy with my GF.
    2. I can game @ home and continue in the office.
    3. I can continue playing on my Alienware / Surface.
    4. buy a new console → login → install all → leave it over night is much more hassle free.
    5. Makes moving much easier.
    6. More money towards devs not retails. 2018, no way getting physical. I'm also re-buying older games (books and movies) or game I previously bought from other platforms in digital format.
  • 1) You can sell physical copies.
    2) You can share with anyone. It's much easier to lend or borrow a game than with digital copy.
    3) There is no limit to sharing.
    4) You can actually build game library or collection. For those who wants to.
    5) No need of hours of download and bandwidth consumption just to play the game. No need to login and stuff. Just put your disk and play.
    6) Physical copies help regulate the prices.
    7) You know you'll be able to play your game in few years. With digital copies you don't. You rely on steam, MS, Sony... Or on services.
    8) Not as much as HD space is being used. So less hassle about disk space management. The positive this is you don't need to get up and change disc when you want to start a new game. But hey, I'm not lazy or suffering from mobility issues. I can get up press a button and swap disc. And I'm not sure how you can say devs make more money? Publishers and platform owners yes but I'm not sure about devs. Also less retailers means probably less exposure, which will hit sales figure. We always need video gaming or big retailers to sell games and promote gaming to the general public. I know you probably love it when a company like MS makes more money but that's not always the best thing for gaming (if you actually care for gaming)
  • Man I wish this was a play anywhere title.
  • Yea me also, hopefully it is actually on the windows store so I can get my xbox cheevos, I sold my Xbone
  • Lol to those still living in the past, to continue using physical is dumb and will eventually cease to exist. Physical discs cost money and the dev eats that cost. Once people start buying digital content it'll be great for the game industry as a whole. Also you save money by not paying the extra taxes when you buy digital vs physical.
  • And one can login from work and play any games they own.
  • I love people who just want to judge people who don't have the same opinion as them.
    There are SO MANY advantages I see about buying physical copy vs the advantages of buying physical.
    Just because people are saying it's "the future" it doesn't mean that people should just blindly accept it. People will buy what they want, what they suits their needs the most. I actually don't believe much of the points you're making. I think physical games if GREAT for the industry and gamers.
    We can have a discussion about it if you want...
  • Looks great. I've been waiting for a refresh for a long time. Didn't think I'd see another Jurassic game.