Patch for Windows 10 Mobile 14393.105 Preview now available to Insiders

Microsoft is busy reworking some of their telemetry tools this week, so there will be no Fast Ring Insider builds for PC or Mobile until next week.

Nonetheless, Windows 10 phones are getting a patch 14393.103 for those who are on the Release Preview Ring. Interestingly, the patch says 14393.103 despite our phone already being on that build.

Update: We can now confirm that this does bump the OS to build 14393.105 up from .103.

The same update was released recently as .105 for PC following the initial .103 release for PC and Mobile.

Although we have not yet confirmed this update likely bumps the OS to 14393.105 bringing parity with PC. So far, no changes have been posted. We'll refresh the article accordingly as new information becomes available.

Thanks, Kelvin A., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Sweet
  • It is sweet because my Alarm has been broken for a couple months since updates. Now it was loud enough to wake me today on my Lumia 950! =)
  • I'll have to check my alarm now after the update.  Mine had gone extremely quiet on my 950XL and was barely waking me.
  • It starts out quiet and then gets louder for me, I like it so I hope that hasn't changed
  • I did wonder if that was just mine...I'm on my 4th 950XL and just assumed it was f----d again...!!!
  • No sound for alarm after the update. Lol. I got f**ked....
  • Try Realarm
  • My phone keeps sending my text twice ..very annoying
  • Mines does the same thing over and over.
  • Definitely annoying and needs a Fix asap
  • I find this very hard to believe.
  • It can happen on almost any OS/carrier. For instance, when my mom was on Verizon with an iPhone 4, I would occasionally get duplicate messages. Still happens on AT&T with a Lumina 520.
  • I see this happening a lot with my daughters Nexus phone, when she txts me I get it twice.  I just assumed it was android.
  • I have seen it on a crackberry before.
  • Is it just your daughter? Maybe she's pranking you by doing it on purpose :-)
  • Yeah.. it used to happen to me on Cingular... on my Nokia E70(that was a great phone!!!)
  • I never had such problem
  • Yea, never seen such a problem. If you're running insider builds and you haven't hard reset your phone, that's probably why if it's happening.
  • Two of the same messages and I have negative 11? All that shows is how many people are extremely vindictive all because I defended a company that gets dogged all the time. All it shows is how many babies can't handle being wrong and don't have facts to come back with so they use multiple accounts to make it seem like a Windows fan site thinks the defense of Windows is negative. That's just really really shocking and sad. Stop using Windows and their fan site. Go to android central or iPhone central.
  • You're being down voted because many if us have and this issue and your posting "I find it hard to believe" as if we dont have anything better to do then get together and all lie about the same issue. So hell yea you're getting downvoted.
  • One person I responded to and somehow that's all? Lol ok suit yourself. Hell yes then, do what makes you happy. I'll respond in kind.
  • If you have Wi-Fi Calling enabled, that might be the problem. I have T-Mobile, and once I turned Wi-Fi Calling off, I stopped getting duplicate texts. Now I just use it when I need it.
  • I don't have that on mine and it still does it lol. im using an unlocked att 1520 on Tmobile
  • Does it happen particularly with weak signal or anything?
  • All the time. Even after restart and soft reset for days now since last update
  • You should be able to call T-Mobile and have them reset your connection on the network. Don't know if it'd solve the problem, but it's worth a shot. It could also stem from the fact that it's not a T-Mobile proprietary device. In which case, you may not have access to the entire network, which might cause issues or something. I rarely had duplicate texts on Verizon. The only thing I could think of was that my device and the network didn't communicate properly, so it ended up sending twice thinking the other didn't go through or something. I don't know for sure though :/
  • Good idea :-) thx
  • You need to hard reset the phone, that will solve your problem.
  • Are you with att? Just wondering. Mine does the same thing, has done this for years, even on WP7-8.1... Could be a firmware issue which is in the carrier. I think that's how it works. It's not as bad as it used to be.. But, my 1520 with the TP was bad with that ghost messaging issue.
  • No. Tmobile and metro pcs. But it never happened before the last update on fast ring
  • Hummmm
  • This is normally a network / carrier issue. Turn the phone OFF for at least 15 minutes which should reset the network connection when you switch it back on.
  • Ok ill try. Thanks
  • I've had that before, rebooting cured it previously
  • Hard reset should solve the problem. But I (not just I) don't wanna do a hard reset every time Windows 10 Mobile has a big update...
  • You won't have to hard reset on big updates unless you are doing the insider preview builds, that's part of the signup agreement. The magic is that when you backup, hard reset, you can then restore your phone back to the way is was as if you never rest it with no effort from you except letting your apps finish downloading which it does automatically. Even your start screen, texts, calls are all restore to as it was before hard resetting. It's really painless.
  • Exactly. But I did and it still is doing it. I'll wait till next update
  • The Facebook, messenger, Instagram apps freeze up on my Lumia 950XL from time to time and my Windows Hello is very slow compared to Samsung Note 7. Wasn't it Microsoft that came up with iris scanning? I'm lost on this one because Samsung made it perfect.
  • I'm not sure what this has to do with the Release Preview update. Sounds better for a general rant in our forums.
  • Don't know how to go about that. Just thought I would make a general contribution. I feel like I am the only one with this issue.
  • Nope. You aren't the only one with these issueS.
    Quite common in the Anniversary Update.
  • Don't mention any issues in the articles. search solutions on MS forums.... Or atleast u should get ready to take abuses... Fanism... This "ism" is very dangerous, it closes our eyes and pretend everything is right about the things which we like.
    Right now i am very angry with MS for disabling MS fb which runs very smooth on my phone and tile working even though it didn't had advanced features in official Ported app....
  • Lol! .103 on my 640xl and b/tooth to my blaze is better. Sync takes seconds now
  • Want another random, unrelated, comment? Here it goes....
    I'm quite impressed with how Apple has revamped the iP6 into the iP7. They made some terrific improvements, and that gloss black is tight.. So, I think it would be nice if you guys did a quick (take) on what Apple has going on (and throw in a little Nexus Information), and based on your POV suggest some ideas of what MS could/should do with an alleged "Surface Phone".... I mean, MS has been with these mobile preview builds for awhile. At some point one is gonna work. Lol.
    Man, have you seen Apples site for the iP7? They are TERRIFIC at marketing. I hope one day that is what MS is doing with Windows 10, on a phone. Do you think these builds are getting closer to that day, Daniel?
  • Iphone= #Hotgarbage
  • Yeah, my GF has a iP6, and I have a 950.. Trust me, looking at her device, sans biased static, the iPhone is not garbage... Daniel Rubino can vouch for that.
    Yes, but people like it, and Apple knows how to take advantage of that... Wouldn't it be cool if MS could do the same with a Surface Phone❓
  • This hysteria with surface phones is already dumb. It is a smartphone man. Could be called lumia, surface, guacamole, timbim ponc. The name does not matter;). For God sake!!!!
  • Who said it did?
  • When I look at my 950 compared to iphone6 of my coworkers their phone sure does look inferior. And it's not me, it's them telling that my phone looks much better than theirs (they mostly refer to the screen which is readable even in sunlight and the photo quality, but lately they like the looks of it too thanks to the green mozo cover). Just saying... Most iPhone users I know are bored of their phone and they keep it because it just works, so there is a big market for Microsoft to win back, a big market of milions of bored iPhone users that just need to be amazed by something new but easy to use at the same time.
  • If Microsoft does what Apple does then I'll end my existence. I don't want painfully slow feature additions, updates, and just bad commercials. I think you got this reversed my man... Have you actually seen the sad news from Apple?
  • No, man. I don't have it wrong. I think you may have the wrong attitude.. No offense. It's not about liking, or disliking, Apple.
    See, Apple has come with a quality product that people love, is stylish, functional, sees consistent launches, has a very loyal following, and is respected worldwide.
    I would like to see MS do the exact same;; come with a quality product that people love, is stylish, functional, sees consistent launches, has a very loyal following, and is respected worldwide.
    "Drops mic"... Lol
  • Is that not what they have been doing for the past year or two? You are looking at tomorrow when you should be looking at longevity. How do you get a hardcore following to stop using one product and use another? Time and better products. Tell us what Apple has done that is better and what Microsoft is not doing. Apple is losing its grips and has lost its magic. Microsoft is about to take by storm which we've already seen by the Surface tablet and Windows 10... Hence Apple copying Microsoft with the ipad pro. I do not want Microsoft to learn a single thing from Apple as I want Microsoft to continue what they are doing, innovating the paradigm shift to erase the line between phone and PC. Go to non-touchscreen macOS or no mouse pointer iOS and tell me why Microsoft should be learning that from Apple, I'll stick with touch screens. I mean, where have you been this past year to not see how much faster Microsoft is building over Apple? Over anyone? For that matter.
  • Lol. Calm down dude! Nobody is saying that MS needs learn from Apple. Lol, I'm sure they already have learned a thing or two. Old news. Nobody is trying to sell you a iPhone!. Your defensive nature towards MS is getting in the way of you seeing what the fact, and the point really is. It's not about Apple. It's about what we know MS can do, and what our exceptions are from what we know MS can do. It's also not a shot at MS, just because someone brings up Apple.. Nevertheless, Apple, Samsung, and many others, do a pretty good job with mobile... My question has always been; when will MS join in? More rhetorical, of course, because by now all their plans are apparent to avoid readers of this site.. Fact is that the iP7 is exciting, either way you look at it. If not technically exciting, then emotionally exciting on several levels. That's what I'm interested in seeing MS achieve. We should know by now terrific hardware, and cutting edge specifications, doesn't sell devices alone.. To me the opportunity of a Surface Phone means more than terrific hardware. That's just one aspect.. I would like to see MS do what Apple, and maybe I should say others, have done from a mindshare point of view as well. You have to admit that would be nice, for a change. I mean, seriously... That's the only way to REALLY solve the mobile application problem.. Market Share! We need that! So, seeing that new iP7 high upon Apples site fires my mind up, and gets me excited for how MS could respond. Think about that. I don't want an iPhone, despise the idea of having to carry an Android device, but I have much respect for both, and so does MS. That's the only way to move forward.
  • Scroll up man. Calm down? Where can you see my tone in the text to know if I'm calm or not. Rhetorical... I feel like you do what an iPhone if you're that excited. No one has spoken one feature that has excited them on here. Too many people want now now now and yes, scroll up, they do jab at Microsoft when they don't have to support Microsoft. It's denial. But I think you should use iPhone. If Windows is not exciting you then you need to use what excites you...
  • ❓ ... What? Lol. You can't be serious. I think we're having two different conversations here. And, you think I want an iPhone? Suggest that I get one??? LOLOLOOOOL! Crazy man. Why wouldn't I just do that?... I've been dealing with Windows on a phone since 2005, and you "think I want an iPhone?""" LOL. You pulled my funny bone. Let's see which devices I've had
    4. NOKIA 920
    5. NOKIA 1520
    6. MS 950.......
    Does that look like someone who isn't dedicated to WM, and isn't knowledgeable about the platform?. Lol. I think my opinion deserves some respect.
  • Not sure what you want me to say, I am speaking two conversations here. A very excited Apple device person who's also a loyal die-hard Windows Phone fan? You don't see how any random person would not read your excitement for a a product to say that you should get that product in which you are that excited for? Forget names, forget loyalty... Get the device that you are so so so very excited for and well you tell me, tell all of us, what device is it that has gotten you so excited today...?
  • Lol you guys are both on the same team though lol
  • I used to be like him. No hard feelings.
  • Lol. It's all good man.. You don't get what I'm saying. But, it's all good, man.. Either way we all hope MS does a lot better with Mobile in the future. That's the point.
  • Yikes, talk about serious comprehension issues!
  • Lol.
  • Yes, it's very alarming...
  • I think rodder's point is very clear, agree with it totally. But people on here always get very defensive about such statements for some reason.
  • Pride. Self righteousness, fear, jealousy, hatred, closed mindedness, immaturity... All logical reasons
  • +danj210 Honestly you're both right, but you may be going a *bit* overboard. You are only looking at one part of the picture (and this is coming from someone who really hates apple products). He's not saying "omg this is great! get this instead of windows", He's saying that the amount of general excitement and hype for the phone, MS should be working on achieving themselves. We all know MS is capable of it, but every time they try, it feels like they're only putting their heart half into it. (look at all the recent adverts for MS products recently... I've only seen on surface advert and that was once. While I've seen the same laughable "iCrap pro advert" (which is practically a downgrade of the surface 4 pro) about 5 times today alone. And honestly, for any company to thrive in the market, they have to learn and improve off their rivals. That doesn't mean copy them, that means observe them, and adapt to the market while doing it better than their rivals. As a fan of Win10(and mobile), I ask that you reread his comments with an open mind without being defensive :P
  • Well said.... And, I totally agree about marketing... That's always been my argument.
  • I feel ya man but I mean I get that excitement with every build, every new release, every new feature... Happens multiple times a year, I don't want once a year. If someone else isn't feeling this then they need to go elsewhere that they want to feel the excitement from. How is it bad that I say that when I'm suggesting that I want a person to be happy?
  • However he's not saying he's jumping onto the excitement. He's saying he understands it. And that he hopes in the future MS will manage the same excitement.
  • I'm the one saying "omg if you're loving it that much then switch and get this instead of windows," I'm saying that and that shouldn't be misunderstood at all. Nowhere I've said that came from him, that comes from me. If you're not getting excited the multiple times a year from Microsoft coolness, then you're on the wrong boat. You need that once a year excitement from Apple. Someone tell me how that's wrong? Stay with the opposite OS of what you're excited for? Has anyone seen the commercials from Microsoft in response to Apple? Yea they've learned. They've learned to be honest, state the facts, not mislead, and all around make a product that people ask for and want. The come back they are making is from the "observation" and application of those observations. Windows Phone isn't going to get marketed yet as that would be foolish. Please read the articles on Microsoft's strategy so we could talk further on this if someone wants to respond. If you guys read the articles then you'd be able to say that you know Windows Phone is not going to get marketed yet and why.
  • I read nearly all the articles. But with the marketing point, you don't understand my point. You read it and assumed I meant MS should be deceitful with the adverts like Apple. What I was saying was they should advertise like apple, in the way of Frequency. It's rare you see any MS advert, while you see apple nearly everyday. And never did I mention Windows phone with marketing. I mentioned all MS products. However even before MS's mobile retrenchment, they didn't advertise Lumia's even nearly enough as they could have. It is possible to understand the excitement of other products, while being excited for the products you love. It is also possible to love a platform, at the same time as see the flaws that the company need to improve on.
  • You are right. I know how you feel. I am using my third windows phone This one is L925 and 3 years old. Most of the L920-L925-L1020 phones faced yellow tinted photos problem as mine. Forums were full of it. But MS simply ignored and played deaf. Do i need to get a new model just because MS don't fix it's own product? I still love my phone so didn't go to android or apple but didn't get a new wp yet. So yes I love wp is but MS need to do better and listen.
  • Insider program? Listen?
  • So, two people that have no idea about this two companies, make a scene:))). Let me set you streight my fanboys. Ms has nothing to learn from apple and apple fr ms cause they work together since ever, and they will probably always do it. Reminding you of the old strategies of ms. When they helped apple twice from dying and they will probably do it again if anything happens in that matter. Crapple and ms are brothers. Crapple is the suit brother that thinks his better, but knows, behing him their is his brother with jeens and glasses that makes things spin. Ms does not need recognition for anything. They need apple to work, cause they earn a lot of money from them. They also need apple to have those money;). For ms this world is a playground and for sure they make money out of apples ecosistem while slowely building their own. Now, i have a conspiracy in my head, since some time. But have guy kids ever tought why everything from ms works better on ios? Why is ms team working more on apple ecosistem then on their own? Nope? Well, think about it;). Why is windows 10 a beta since one year now? Probably they want it like this, till things get big;). Or they wait for an apple response till they go down the history with a great futuristic os approch. A thing i am almost 100% apple will follow...
  • Show me a few points that show I have no idea about these companies when the points come from this site's articles?
  • Microsoft did very well with the Surface but it only really hit its stride with the third one. It wasn't overnight.
    The Surface Phone, if it exists, won't be the answer to the barriers Microsoft faces on the mobile front, this is a different ball game altogether. They have ONLY just begun to make their operating system stable on their phone. If you want to talk about slow updates, it took months for Microsoft, after various builds, to actually release an update to fix the issues which came out of the box when I got my 950xl at launch.
    The likelihood of Apple releasing a new phone with the same amount of issues WM10 had at launch are very, very unlikely.
    Sometimes you have to respect other phone makers and what they have achieved and how they have done it. Apple is popular for a reason. They release refined products. They market extremely well, I mean seriously their marketing is superb. They say marketing is an art, if that is true then Apple has been producing masterpieces for a long while.
    Microsoft doesn't know how to market WM10. They don't make clear anything about what direction they're headed, and keep even the most loyal in limbo. Right now do we know what is happening with WM10? Apart from a rumoured Surface Phone which may not exist? Anything? Just a we are not focusing on Windows Mobile this year. Lovely thing to hear.
  • I totally agree. Yes, it's gonna take some time, but It CAN be done. In a year my GF has had not one issue with her iP6. Not one. She just uses it.. That is EXACTLY what consumers are gonna expect from a "Surface Phone", or they will go right back to Apple, or elsewhere. We're looking at a long, long, long road ahead.
  • Just something to consider. Do you think Apple can revamp their entire OS strategy 3 times in under six years but also revamp their desktop version as well and nearly making them identical in the process while inventing other hardware like watches, hololens, Xbox, camera technology, biometrics, a search engine, cloud advancements, even valuable data collection and artificial intelligence breakthroughs with that data and probably a bit more very cool things that I haven't listed, all at the same time in under six years? Is Apple doing something else I'm missing? The phone and watch and TV? Apple has improved the same thing over and over again yet I can't state that when everyone has said much worse about Windows alone? Look you're assuming too much as I've never said Apple didn't do a good job nor make a fine product. They don't even have that much of the market share to even speak as if they did so well, 14%? So why has android just dominated all this time if Apple has done so well? I'm not saying anything but facts. Even worse is that when they tell my family members who want a hybrid computer that the iPad pro is better than the Surface Pro because it is just like a laptop and those members call me up asking why they don't have a trackpad, a mouse pointer, they have word luckily but can't split screen, can't run their .exe installers, that they were told by Apple that this was a laptop replacement on TV and better than it's competition at it, and I'm supposed to not dislike a company being incredibly misleading in their marketing and advertising? Some of the things they claim are borderline un-ethical if not completely, only to make sales. There's articles on this. I can't respect that I'm sorry. It's all over TV. I've followed all of this since the beginning and I'm not sure what 950/950xl bugs you're talking about here, I have the phone too and all I've seen is more and more and more, quite rapidly actually. I've seen more new things in the past year from today than I have since iPhone's entire career. Can we have a screenshot of each iOS version side by side to see if I am wrong? Sure I could be but I'm only going by what I've actually seen. I'm not trying to dog anybody, but this is "Windows Central" not "iPhone Fan Cave," so I'm sure you know what kind of products we are going to talk about here, there is a forum for Apple fans. I'm trying to make sure that the ones who read this get a good reflection on the facts and achievements that have been made by Microsoft when this Apple event happens once a year and everyone is ******* Microsoft on a Windows fan site like Microsoft has done absolutely nothing but worse... Last thing but I've really got to let you know that Microsoft has made more clear on their direction than all of these companies combined. If you truly want links I'll dig them up on all companies and share them here but if you search in Windows Central alone, they've got one very very lengthy paper split up into three separate parts that were posted here on the site as separate articles which covers the very clear direction from Microsoft's own CEO and some other big names, and the "posts" are extremely detailed. Have you seen those and am I wrong? If I am then I'd only be curious to what exactly that 3-part paper is talking about when Microsoft's direction is stated profusely throughout the entire thing.
  • One more thing... I see you are in major competition between platforms. But, setting loyalty, bias, and favor aside,, in the end MS is a business, and in it to make money. So, are Apple, Google, and everyone else.. MS has made good with Windows, and a lot of other product, and they are fine,, will be fine.
    Nevertheless, when considering mobile (which is what we've been talking about) MS has failed, or is not doing good right now. My point is WE can sit here and say all the good things about "Windows Phone", and everything that MS has, and is doing, to have a stronger presence in mobile, but if market share isn't increasing (yet), and they AREN'T YET MAKING MONEY, then at this point in the game those arguments don't hold very much water.. Not to say that they are false, because I believe they are true, but like I said, this is a business, and ultimately MS does EVERYTHING THEY DO to make money. That's the bottom line, like it, or not... My point never was to compare MS, to Apple, in the sense that you are... But, looking from the outside in (if you want to make comparisons) any WP/WM fan looks foolish when comparing WP, with 1% market share, to any other platform.. Not yet, at least.. I mean, you're preaching to the wrong people about what MS has done, and what they are up to. After we see some results then we can "compare".. For now It's best to humble ourselves, and wait. But, there's nothing wrong with having faith, and hoping MS will turn things around.
  • You need to read the articles I referenced above about Microsoft's direction before I could debate further with you, otherwise it's pointless. Phone won't make money tomorrow and MS states that, you do know that right? Go read what their plan and strategy is and then decide if it's something you want to support or not. But you're talking about something that's already been known and discussed and strategized. Just read the articles.
  • You know when you right a twelve page manifesto, no on reads it...
  • You know when you right a twelve page manifesto, no on reads it...
  • If people can't read for 30 seconds then something's wrong with the education In this world. Some need to go back and read before speaking as if you are not happy with an OS then you need to leave that OS, it's just common sense. The gripers can come on here and whine and complain but ignore and make fun of legit fact which just shows huge denial. Recognize what you're talking about before you speak and make sure it's accurate, don't burn those that do, it only shows lack of intellect. If people try to burn someone else but can't spell correctly, maybe you shouldn't do that?
  • Lol.. We don't care.
  • That's quite obviously very untrue.
  • Rodney, at least be a good sport it's very obvious what you're doing. I will do the same thing if it doesn't stop and I'll get Windows Central involved. Be a good sport. I'm not talking about any of your text, you know what I'm talking about... Stop please. I'm not doing it to you.
  • Dude, you've lost it... Seek help. Or just calm damn down.. Enough!
  • if you've got to borderline insult someone who has not insulted you, seeking help isn't what you should tell others to do. I never used to be like you and I didn't state that like you have.
  • danj210, may I ask how old you are?
  • Sure but only if it's for something productive and not just to insult or make fun of someone.
  • The infaimous Bendgate, broken OS with each major release, touch sensor that is literally falling off. If this is quality I'll eat my socks. Stop longing to Job's era, Apple devices now are just glitter and lots of balooney. And I nearly faceplanted myself when that moron at keynote said "optic lenses" and "you can preview bokeh which is impossible even on DSLR". Even their most loyal tech outlets like The Verge and TNW are quite tired of BS Apple uses to market their devices.
  • I find that Hello is working very well since the last insider preview. It also works with Enpass now...
  • Is it faster?
  • It's so fast sometimes it unlocks my 950 before I manage to pull Action Center.
  • Really? Mine looks at me, wonders "hmm who's that" a second, then logs me in, taking almost two seconds just doing the "recognized" animation and fade out. I think most times it takes 4-5 seconds all in all...
  • Make sure you train it a few times but yes, mines so fast it unlocks before I even fully get it in front of my face. I couldn't unlock it with my pin any faster.
  • Sarcasm on your part. Let me check it out
  • There's absolutely zero sarcasm. Where do you see sarcasm? This is legit fact.
  • Wasn't replying to you.. Calm you head down. Bye.
  • Lol
  • Maybe you should take your butt to private messages then? If you can't back BS you call arguments.
  • My first vote up to Mr editor lol
  • He probably means that windows hello could use some improvements. It still says Hello beta. Looks like Microsoft is not planning to improve it for the 950 series. They probably only focus on what's next. And we will always have the beta Hello....
  • I'm only curious what makes you think they are not planning to improve it when they state they are not planning to improve it, they state that they ARE improving it as we debate this? Not for the 950 series? Where did you see that as all I've seen is it getting improved. Are you sure? Can I not ask if someone is sure?
  • yeah, same problem, same device. Instagram freezes sometimes or wont load. Iris scanner is a joke, I dont use it anymore. .103 installed
  • I stopped using mines it's a waste of battery.
  • You should both use 6tag instead. No reason to use the official client until it's as good as 6tag.
  • Instagram, messenger and Facebook does not freeze they just don't recognize the touch commands. Yes, it's a bug everyone faces from time to time but it has nothing to do with build you're a running.
  • You guys should not be on insider builds expecting official releases. I mean, really? The iris scanner is probably the most useful feature I've had since it's launch. A joke? Lol, please use Apple...
  • Iris scanner fails me only in bright sunlight. To fix that I can either pull up my glasses with UV filter coating or show my side to the sun. In fact the scanner is so reliable it reads my eyes even with pupils big as cats. They suggest to train it few times, but I never did.
  • I stubbed my toe.  it hurts. :)
  • Yep, Windows Hello has become slow due to that totaly unnessery animation.Before that it was much faster. Instead of making stupid animations that always slow down things they should invest their time and efforts in usefull stuff.
  • You mean the text words and the little half circle shape that tells me it's doing it's think? I'm kinda glad we've got ya'll aren't engineers. You shouldn't be on insider builds.
  • I agree. It's cool, but right now It's too slow. I had to disable it.. But, I'm sure it will get faster with time. It's new technology. Right now MS can't sacrifice security over speed.. The speed will come with time, when MS see's fit.
    But, right now it is too slow for practical use,,, IMO.
  • Don't use it. But 3 seconds is too slow for security on your phone? You're not going to get faster than that. 3 second? Really? I'll take a video if you say this is wrong without actually timing it yourself.
  • Yes, three seconds, if that's how long it takes, is way too slow.. Especially when for years I've never had a lock on my phone, because I haven't been too worried about security, and my phone has been unlocked after double tap to wake, which is way faster.... So, it's just what the individual is used to. If you think it's fast enough, fine. Use it. For me in Its current state it is too slow, so I will not use it.. Just like all new technology it will eventually get faster, so no big deal.
  • 3 seconds is too slow. I mean that's pretty darn silly. I'm sorry but I don't want my phone to unlock on the wrong person and if 3 seconds is all it takes before I can even type my pin, that's incredible. It scans my iris and unlocks in 3 seconds, that's just incredible. Can you do better? Here, how about go make your own and show me how 3 seconds is slow?
  • I tried the S7 one. And just like the WM one, I don't have any eyes! Set up easy with glasses my a*se. Then again, I'll never by another Samdung as long as I have breath in me.
  • Yeah, it blew my mind when I saw galaxy note 7, LOL. FYI, facebook, messenger and instagram apps are buggy (and take years to load) because of Facebook and their iOS porting tool. BTW, iris scanner with windows hello is very fast on my Microsoft Lumia 950 XL.
  • Not sure how nearly instant is very slow, lol. You sure man?
  • Once the red led lights up, it's just a, heh, blink of an eye to log in. I do wish it would light up simultaneously with the screen for even faster use.
  • Lol
  • What do you want a slow Iris scanner on 950xl or a bomb note 7? :D
  • My 950xl also got some of these kinds of anomalies!!! None of the previews worked on my phone. I have to stay on public release builds!
  • Yeah, same here. Make sure you comment in the store. Also, if you reboot your phone you can get it to work again, but if you leave the app there is a 50/50 chance it will freeze again...just reboot and start again.
  • No one is holding you on Windows if you feel android is better bro you're free to leave.
  • This site no longer has educated fans anymore, it's all apple and android. Look at all the thumbs down on those who comment stating how well these features work. 3 seconds on the iris scanner to unlock my phone and people complain about that? Windows Central has lost its fan base.
  • Samsung? Please. OnePlus 2 has the fastest fingerprint scanner (on Android 6). And it'll be even faster once CyanogenMod for OnePlus 2 goes out of beta. I love both Windows Phone and Android, but I don't understand why people insist on going Samsung when buying an Android phone, they are far from the best. ASUS, Sony (the latest ones) and OnePlus (2) are much better. I know Samsung does quality products, I love their storage and TV solutions, but their Android rom is just really bad compared to what the community has to offer. Every time I see someone with a Samsung phone, I insist on rooting the thing and flashing a real good rom in it, otherwise it's often a waste. And in regards of the performance of Windows Hello, my friend's 950XL is very fast on Anniversary Update after a hard reset, and training the scanner a few times.
  • Hopefully they push it to the public soon, because I'd really like to use my Band 2 again. At the moment it is practically unusable with the huge battery drain. This is fixed in .103-.105.
  • I've seen zero battery drain. Hey guys. When you're powering a processor and RAM and basically a desktop computer... it uses power... If you want flip phone battery life then get it.
  • I'm talking about drain of the Band 2 battery. It's a well known bug, just take a look in the Band 2 forum. Threshold builds, 2 days Band battery life. Redstone builds, suddenly 12-14 hours Band battery life. Build 103 fixed it, but they are taking their sweet time releasing it to the public unfortunately. Which means I haven't touched my Band 2 in weeks.
  • Gotta read the fine print. 2 days battery life if and only if you disable certain features that use battery. I'm sorry but I just can't trust some people when everyone seems too lazy these days to do some research and learn. Not talking about you I have no idea who you are but those in the forums, based off of what they say you can tell that it's not even worth enlightening. Everyone needs to keep in mind that nothing will be perfect day 1, especially when you've built from complete scratch and doing things never done before, perfection will never be the first build but we sure do get some awesome stuff. If anyone can do a better job then please, dazzle us, otherwise we should be amazed that Microsoft has gotten this far this quick without having to wait for "perfection." Imagine this time next year... Just by measuring the rate at which these companies are pushing out, yea I wanna be on this boat. I don't see any other company pushing out this much, this fast, this well.
  • You really got no clue what your are talking about, do you?
  • It's funny you say that... Why don't you speak what I'm not talking about then? Got any facts? Or do you have no idea? Prove that I've got no clue then and show that you have a clue... That simple.
  • Your clueless comments speak for themselves. Get a job or different perspectives in life, rather than defending companies and products you know very little about.
  • Then why are my comments stating fact while yours just insult with zero fact? Atleast show that you know what you are talking about and I don't, don't just pretend and say you do, show it. I already asked you to once, why haven't you?
  • Lol
  • As Tafsern mentioned in less polite terms, I don't believe you understand what I am saying. I own a Band 2. On the Threshold builds ( and before the Anniversary Update (14393.67) the battery life was a little over two full days, no special tweaks or settings needed. On the Anniversary Update build, the Band 2 battery suffers extreme battery drain due to a bug in Bluetooth idle connections with devices like the Band 2. No one is making this up or overstating it, not here, nor in the forums. It is a bug that is fixed in 14393.103/105 according to their changelog and according to the feedback from users in Release Preview ring. It is that simple. No need for further discussion. I just hope they release this build soon for the general public as I do not want to enter the Insider program right now, not even Release Preview Ring.
  • Nothing here
  • I noticed the problem with fb and fb messenger freeze issue...just updated to this build...hope its a good one!
  • My phone prompted me to update, and I'm on slow ring...
  • Hope this fixes the outlook out of date settings issues. And the font display problem whereby it says I have insufficient disc space.
  • I intend on returning to Windows Mobile, but I'll get a refurbished 830 until the Surface Phone arrives. Do you guys know if these latest builds run smoothly on the 830? If not, why so? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My L830 is already in redstone 2 via fast insider and runs smooth :)
  • How's the battery holding up? Before I bought my current S6 I had a 930 (or was back in March) and its battery sucked and the overheating was a major issue. Despite the lack of AMOLED, it'll be good to have Glance back. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My L830 is  in redstone 2 via insider and runs very well. Not sure about batter as I only test on it and don't have a sim in it (I have a 950XL)  
  • I don't get why people relate the problem with Facebook and Instagram to the new build!? The problem with the apps is because of the porting not the OS and they don't freeze they just don't respond to touch commands, if u click on ur notifications on the notification center you'll get take straight to the notification but u won't be able do scroll or do nothing because it fails to recognize the touch. To fix that you need to reboot the phone or uninstall the app and reinstall.
  • Then, how do you explain that when I updated my Lumia 830 to Annivarsary Update, the Instagram opens faster?
  • Perhaps because they did some upgrade to the app loading in general, or maybe some changes that happened to affect some apps in particular. Or perhaps you updated Instagram just after updating your phone and didn't see it.
  • I am non insider and just got updated to .105 last night..
  • On which phone model. Tell us your country also.
  • Lumia 950 nam cv
  • very confusing in terms of version number. Hopefully, they will sort it out.
  • Glance seems to have begun working again with this update.
  • Is working again but still not right. Sometimes 'hunts' for the appropriate brightness, sometimes still too dim to read. At least they're acknowledging the issue and trying to get it right.. Nice to have it back kinda..
  • The WC app double posted. Can't delete.
  • It installs as .105 (though the "update" window says .103). Best to take the "Patch" out of the article headline. It's apparently a new build.
  • You are right it install as .105 but anything with only change in number after the dot is a patch release. Patches in windows mobile always install as a new build.
  • Seems faster
  • Although I hate cliché's,,,, you're right. It does in fact seem faster.
  • They should have released build 14393.185 which is under testing from 31 august. CU next week will be a higher version
  • I'm gonna be preordering the iPhone 7 plus. anyone one else with me?
  • I'm not with you. My iPhone 6 works just fine and will run iOS 10 just fine as well. I'll probably replace my 950XL with a HP Elite X3 though as I want the most powerful Windows phone and water resistance. I'll keep my 32GB Nexus 5 around for another year or so (had it since launch) before I replace it with the Nexus 5X or another Nexus due to the lack of official Android Nougat support on the Nexus 5.
  • Nexus 5X isn't bad except battery life idk if nougat has fix that yet. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • No.. Lol. Not just yet, bucko.
  • Pretty OT don't you think? Anyway, no, most buy Android phones anyway.
  • I'll need to test this more in the coming days, but it looks like the music control on Band 2 is working smoothly when connected to a Bluetooth earbuds or speaker. Previously, you needed to follow a "work around" sequence: connect the Band 2 to the phone, then launch Groove Music, then connect a Bluetooth device.
  • I hope this fixes my screen going blank when I get a phone call making my phone otherwise unusable until the person on the other one nd hangs up. Although, I can use it if I have ear buds connected... I hope it fixes that SEVERE issue.
  • I hope this fixes my screen going blank when I get a phone call making my phone otherwise unusable until the person on the other one nd hangs up. Although, I can use it if I have ear buds connected... I hope it fixes that SEVERE issue.
  • That's a sensor issue. Push slightly the screen of your phone (but not with the finger on the sensor) and see your image appear. It's because of the screen got unglued a bit from the frame. Happened to my 930, fixed it with a drop of super glue.
  • Hard reset and restore from backup. You're supposed to do this when using so many insider builds.
  • 103 is kind of a mess for me on my Lumia 950 XL. Delayed notifications, gotta hit play multiple times in Groove and Podcasts, GPS stops detecting location. Need to reboot multiple times throughout the day to correct these dumb quirks. Hopefully these get fixed in 105...
  • Downloading it. Hope it fix my screen brightness issue just before screen gets off.
  • installed... but still have the brightness issue.... just before my phone gets Screen OFF brightness increased to High.... Hard reset gave me new issue.... I can ignore it anyway... if anyone have a solution pls comment.
  • I hope this will fix gps problems on my L535. Or is it wishful thinking?
  • Hope it will fix VPN issues AU introduced new bugs without fixing the old ones very disappointing
  • Can anyone with a Lumia 63X check if the navigation bar issue is fixed? Thats really annoying.
  • I'm praying.
  • Any update on the fixes it includes?
  • Downloading stuck at 100% since hours..
    Soft reset doesn't help..
    Got error code once (8024001e).. Dont know what to do..
    Any tip??
  • Will WDRT reset everything??? Edit: I checked out and found that yes it will reset everything.. I am done with resetting again and again.. fack you microsoft!!
    I am not going to use WDRT. Let it be stuck at 100% for as many years it wants.
  • You can backup and restore everything. But yah, wait a few days and it might fix itself.
  • Sadly, yeah. But think about it. It will probably cure 90% of system errors. Cause it is almost like rewriting windows on a new hardware:).
  • Please windowscentral pay some attention that there is a problem to enroll for preview. Probably when anniversary update was installed.
  • Pls help me out windows 10mobile , my store don't show apps that needs updates y?
  • Hard reset your phone, restore from backup. Solved.
  • Yep, I just got the update message. Lumia 950. 10.0.14393.105 it is.
  • Why
  • It feels faster and smoother here.
  • yep, but ported apps are getting crashed.... fb app is not working properly. It crashed like 10 times so far..... got irritated and using fb in Edge browser... haha.... want to make clear onething, i am not blaming anyone... sharing issues thatsit.
  • Strange fact, i really don't like portred apps:)). This messenger apps su big time. And yeah, touch won't respond after a while it need restarts everytime. And i am on production build...
  • Yeah me too. Instagram and Facebook apps stuck and it won't respond until I restart phone
  • so far it seems good.
  • Release Ring users didn't get update since Anniversary...
  • Looking forward to 1493.185 on patch Tuesday
  • Did this patch address any Hey Cortana issues. It worked well on my Icon with 10586, but didn't with Redstone. Rolled back with subsequent OTA update to 14393.67. Still out of luck. Advises Cortana needs to be "turned on" first. She's as turned on as she can be and still won't get to training mode. Any thoughts?
  • Hi everybody!
    Would you recommend updating to this build from 8.1? (I am happy with the os itself, though the app support is getting worse)
  • Absolutely. App support will change drastically this year and next considering it's all one in the same now. Don't worry. It is our time and people on the other side freak about that.
  • just consider onething, battery backup is not as good as in Win8.1 except that there used to be app crashes if u use any application heavily....
    I don't see normal users complaint about app crashes but I use moderate to heavily.
  • So my GF has a weird issue with this build that I would like to get your opinions on. About a year ago I bought her a used ICON on Swappa to replace her aging HTC 8X. Soon after updating to W10 she had issues w/ her camera focusing correctly resulting in blurry images. A number of builds back the problem seemed to have been fixed. With this new build it is back. I have an ICON myself that I bought @ launch & have never had this problem. So do you think the issue is software or hardware?
  • it the problem is with the HW than the camera would make blurry images both on old and new build
  • The pc and phone sync is a good feature....that was introduced with the anniversary update.....but would really appreciate if they sort out the issue of syncing everything....would like to see sync regarding only the unread msgs and mails....and not every msg or mail read or not read or deleted......
  • At least now OneNote seems to work after logging in again (in OneNote).
  • I installed it in the morning on my Lumia 730
  • Alarm tone silent. Can't hear anything from alarm. I have 730 too. Can you check if alarm is working fine for you ?
  • Just got this update. It seems to have smoothed things up a bit. I just bought an Android (LG) to use as my primary phone. Oh I'm keeping my 650 going to play with win 10. Darn its nice to have a full featured fb and Messenger that works great again. Love the chat heads feature. I feel kinda torn but Android is sorta awesome.
  • Android is a more polished OS compared to Windows 10 Mobile, so by rights if Android didn't feel better then something would be wrong given the still present issues some users are facing.
  • To the complete idiots who down voted my post, right now how many millions of android users are there compared to Windows Mobile os users? Now compare the ratio of users to problems on both oses as they are right now and you'd clearly see android has way less complainers as opposed to Windows. Stop being Windows fan p#$%&s and use the obvious little intelligence you have left.
  • So there are millions of users happy with android.. I can't speak for millions but all my family were on android when I got my icon and they were intimidated by the live tiles. It took right at 3 years of them playing with my phone snapping photos and such but now almost all have migrated to Lumia 640's not one complaint (well at least not to me lol) Most of the people I work with are daunted by live tiles too.. But a couple are real interested to try the platform...
  • Installed last night on my L950 in less than 40 minutes. No change so far. Still running smooth! The DTTW firmware would be nice soon though!!
  • Seems like the Store is broken after installing this small update. Anyone else having such issues?
  • just tried to open Store and it throw an error: 0x80131500
  • Store is back up, it wqs broken for evryone even on pc but now its up
  • Love my Windows Phone but seriously now this is getting borderline ridiculous. Now after this last CU patch when on a call the phone screen goes black and can't hang up. Then can't tap screen to bring it back on. Sometimes the windows hello don't work as it should with it showing just the iris scanner and screen black, hold it for a few then screen auto comes on. Some are experiencing same and some are not but this is getting frustrating to be honest. Fix the damn OS!!
  • Satya is not at all interested in investing on mobiles. But somehow it is surviving. What I think is that they have a long term plan for Mobiles but reluctant to put more resource on it bcz of low users. Market share is going down very rapidly but all they interested to bring new features and asking us to test their beta OS in our mobiles. Lot of people just scared to buy windows mobiles after seeing reviews in different portals and Youtube.
  • Long term plan is a good thing.....but at this point of time they shouldnt have stopped the lumia line....they should have gradually pulled out in favour of better after anniversary update windows 10 has not only improved in performance but the overall feel seems to be better than least they wouldnt have shrunk so rapidly.....beacause there is hardly any oem partner that can actually create an effect like nokia....lets hope hp elite brings some marketshare back....dont have to be a commercial success but if hp can create a favourable niche market amongst business class then surface phone or the next whatever ground breaking phone microsoft brings will help it break into the consumer market.....and i know its coming ......
  • HP Elite is not for normal users and it clearly can't increase the share of WP.
    What all they can do is stop worrying about new features and focus more on existing issues... why win10 consumes hell of a battery ? y not win8.1 ? bcz of lot of features ?
    Bugs bugs bugs... except those who claim as fanboy's remaining people have atleast couple of issues with their phones and MS have no solution for that.
    I several times raised issues in twitter and found no answers. later I researched few things and reported back to them.
    App scaling is common for all non UWP apps... WhatsApp still doesn't have a UWP y ?
    Clearly MS is not Interested to invest in mobiles has they are not profitable but they might thinking to concentrate about mobiles in near future...
  • Same issue for me with the addition, that sometimes the screen is dimmed to about 1/2 light intensity when it finally shows up...
  • Just disabled Windows hello because of the re-occurring black screen bug. Oh how great this OS is becoming with each update.
  • TBH my 950XL DS worked better on TH2 than it does now on RS1. Too many restarts to get it working as it should and I should NEVER have to HR to get the phone working as it should. Don't see any IOS or Android user HR just to implement OS updates properly. Your own OS on your own devices you can't get right utter BS!!!!!
  • My alarm gone silent, no sound at all. I changed several alarm tones and custom tones but no use.
    Worst bug ever.
  • Got the update, and here's how its going for me, I had to charge battery 4 times yesterday, the last time. At one point I looked at the charge status, it was 49%, I put it down and looked at it an hour later, 7%.... Today I've used the phone a lot and now on my 3rd charge already. Texts are taking ages to write and send, nothings coming up then all the words just appear at once, trying to edit errors in text is a nightmare, really disappointed here. Edge is taking an age to load. Doing basic things makes the phone run red hot. After the last update my phone has never run better on win10, it was sweet so happy with it and now this. I know it'll get sorted but good grief, I'm just stunned at how p**s poor my phone is running after this. 1 step forward 2 steps back. Using insider preview on 930. As I said I'm sure it'll get sorted again and that these are preview builds but still. It was running fine....
  • having the same problems
  • Alarm broken in this build. Re-alarm a third party app is not working either.
    Battery status is not updating for a while and we doesn't know the exact battery status.
    i dont know why but it is taking very long to get charged 100%
    MS just taking windows phone DOWN
  • I guess I'm lucky because this update has improved my 950xl. the music controls now work my band2, hello works fine , battery lasts all day with moderate use, Bluetooth to my car works better. I haven't found any downside yet.
  • I am not receiving any of the windows 10 mobile updates for lumia 920 as an preview. I did not receive anniversary update too
  • Animations are faster my lumia 650.
  • I kind of ignore the battery life, so far no freezes on fb and messenger...i like the update of the store in particular...nice one on my 930.
  • Smoothest update ever on my Lumia 735.
  • I didn't get this update on my lumia 640 xl
  • U r lucky
  • When will it going to release non insider for Lumia?? - .67 ni build
  • This is waste build. Don't even try.... Last build .103 was awesome.
    This build full of app crash, alarm sound almost silent, tried increasing volume no use, 3rd party re-alarm too have same problem.
    Lot of apps not working properly, total crashing, swipe keyboard is worst thing.....
    Although OS it's very smooth.
  • This build is a total disaster on my 950. Notifications not working on Whatsapp even after I reinstalled the the app. Also other alarm issues...Does MS really test these CUs? I really wonder...
  • MS is about to stop support for Lumia Phones. So, can't expect anything best from them....... They ditches us with BETA OS.
    kill the Lumia's only after releasing a good OS. hmmmm.... but no use, no one cares anymore.... Just waiting for Nokia Android......