Path of Exile 'Betrayal' expansion is a game changer (update)

Updated December 7, 2018: Path of Exile: Betrayal launches on Xbox One on December 10.

Path of Exile is a free-to-play action game which draws inspiration from classics like Diablo. Set in the gothic world of "Wraeclast," players have access to hundreds of combinations of spells and abilities, granting unprecedented gameplay style tweaking.

Today, Grinding Gear Games announced that a new expansion was in the works called "Betrayal". Betrayal deals with the old "Masters" vanishing and being replaced by new ones, alongside a challenge league that deals with the rise of a group known as the "Immortal Syndicate." These two elements are no doubt related.

Betrayal's introduces a new character called Jun Ortoi, of the "Order of the Djinn." She is the main character that you interact with, as you help her with her investigation. The new expansion evokes themes of investigating a criminal cartel. It's a very character-heavy expansion, with nineteen voice-acted characters and around forty thousand words of text so far.

According to Path of Exile spokesperson, "we realized that the 'Forsaken Masters' content from 2014 was probably Path of Exile's weakest element. We developed a plan to phase out the current group of Master characters, and create four new ones with a very large amount of corresponding content each." Not only that, Betrayal also brings with it a lot of end-game maps, missions, unique items, and powerful skills.

Alongside the expansion, Grinding Gear Games is launching Path of Exile on PlayStation 4, in addition to its existing Xbox One and PC versions. Betrayal should launch on December 7, 2018 on PC, and roughly a week or two later on consoles. That's probably when the PlayStation 4 version will go live too.

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