Python is one of the most popular programming languages out there thanks to a fast edit-test-debug cycle and wide versatility. Jumping into Python from a beginner's standpoint isn't exactly easy, as there are many routes you can take. The training required to become a Python expert is also generally quite expensive.

What if there was a bundle of great courses that included teaching for beginners as well as advanced users? What if, instead of paying more than $1000, you could essentially pay what you want and have access to the bundle for life?

Right now, that's exactly what Windows Central Digital Offers has to offer. Right now, you can pay what you want for the Absolute Python Bundle. Instead of paying the regular price of $1066, you'll pay what you want and get one course, or beat the average price (currently around $14) and get all ten courses in this bundle!

Included in this bundle are ten courses featuring hundreds of lectures and exercises designed to help you understand Python and improve your career prospects. The available courses include:

  • Python Programming for Beginners
  • Making Graphs in Python using Matplotlib for Beginners
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Master Python Interactively with PyGame
  • Python Web Programming
  • Data Analysis with Python & Pandas
  • Python Web Development with Flask
  • Python Libraries Bundle
  • Web Scraping in Python: Master the Fundamentals
  • Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals

Even if you're a complete beginner to Python, this bundle should have what you need to teach you the ropes. Given how low the average price is right now, there's no better time to buy! Don't wait too long; the longer you wait the higher that average price paid is likely to be!

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