Philips Hue Lighting synchronization to come to future 'Triple A' game titles

Philips is preparing to bring its Hue lighting synchronization to a number of other AAA game titles in the near future. During IFA 2015, Philips confirmed to Gizmodo UK that it is currently working with developers on game titles to bring its synchronized ambient lighting effects to a wider variety of games. Philips believes that its lights are able to take gaming to a new level, and connected lighting will continue to be a big push for the company.

Currently, there is no word on what titles Philips is working to bring the support to, as things are always changing. Are there any titles you would like to see this arrive in? Let us know in the comments below.

Windows and Windows Phone do not yet support Philips Hue, however, there are third-party apps like Huetro for Hue that do.

Source: Gizmodo

Jared DiPane

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  • What games use this?
  • Chariot does (indie title released a year ago I think) and it looked pretty neat. That game is very colorful already with a pretty broad palette.
  • So, like Alienware's AlienFX for the living room.
  • Ummm... Not really. More like a dummed-down version of the Illumiroom thing MS demoed a few years ago.
  • I've been hoping for this announcement after just investing in a bunch of these bulbs. After playing Chariot with these lights, it really makes the game more immersive.
  • Really need to bring an official app...
  • Mirror's Edge MIRROR'S EDGE MIRROR'S EDGE! I mean, it'd be cool or something.    
  • Can't wait for this!
  • Without an official app Philips can forget I will ever spend that much money on unsupported light device
  • Halo obvi
  • Ok so the lights in the change neat.
  • Using the hue lights with chariot is amazing. I would like to see it as an option for every game.
  • Not heard of their Hue lights before but i'm sat here with AmBX lights on my PC atm and they're great! I just wish they weren't so buggy. I've done my fair share of hacking them into several games myself which can be quite trivial but so worth it. Lets hope their Hue lighting stuff works with AmBX too!
  • Amaaazing....imagine an FPS - you creep around the corner and all of a sudden theres an earthquake, and the lights go off with occasainal flash, or a red siren and your room is flashing red too, possibilities are amazing to enhance the realism.....crash in a racing game and screen and all lights go off lol or same in a zombie game..
  • Yes, it would be pretty neat but somewhat concerning as certain strobe effects can cause photosensitive epileptic fits.
  • Those people also know that, and simply wouldn't use that feature. (my father has epilepsy)
  • That's there problem...
  • I'd like someone (Hue or LifX) to formally support the Windows Platform. I LOVE the idea of ambient lighting changing with what's on the TV screen, like ambilight (not just in the game). especially as, for the likes of me.. Philips TVs aren't available in the country.