Philips Hue Lighting sync to come to more game titles

Philips is preparing to bring its Hue lighting synchronization to a number of other AAA game titles in the near future. During IFA 2015, Philips confirmed to Gizmodo UK that it is currently working with developers on game titles to bring its synchronized ambient lighting effects to a wider variety of games. Philips believes that its lights are able to take gaming to a new level, and connected lighting will continue to be a big push for the company.

Currently, there is no word on what titles Philips is working to bring the support to, as things are always changing. Are there any titles you would like to see this arrive in? Let us know in the comments below.

Windows and Windows Phone do not yet support Philips Hue, however, there are third-party apps like Huetro for Hue that do.

Source: Gizmodo