Photo Timeline, full resolution uploads and more added to Skydrive

Microsoft has been busy polishing up Skydrive. Starting today Skydrive will offer a timeline view of your photos to help you navigate through all your images a little more efficiently.

Skydrive users will also see improvements with respect to upload performance (twice as fast) with the Skydrive desktop app and full resolution uploads from your Windows Phone has become available to all markets.  

It may take up to 48 hours to see the changes but the new features for both the desktop app and Windows Phone app helps make Skydrive a great way to back up your photos.  The full resolution upload option can be found in the Windows Phone app's setings where you can choose original or resized under "photo upload size".

You can find the free Skydrive app for your Windows Phone here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store. You can find the Skydrive desktop app here at Microsoft. (opens in new tab)

Source: Windows Blog (opens in new tab)

QR: Skydrive App

George Ponder

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  • Poor laptop...
  • So WP7 can upload full resolution? Can this be true? 
  • I've always been able to do that through the app.
  • Does the "Best quality" auto upload features on Windows phones upload at full resolution?
  • I'm curious about this as well... I hadn't noticed that both the photos settings and the skydrive settings include photo uploads...
  • That option keeps the full resolution: each photo is about 3-5MB depending on how many details it contains, and the resolution is 3552*2000, which is 7.1 megapixels. And as I shot that photos with a Lumia 920, that has an 8MP sensor, in 16:9, that is the full resolution (you get 8MP photos only in 4:3).
    Cheers :)
  • Do we have to use the app or will photos uploaded from WP also be high res?
  • > The full resolution upload option can be found in the Windows Phone app's setings where you can choose original or resized under "photo upload size".
    Slow news day or? This was said like 5 days ago here

    Still nothing, doesnt work
  • Will he see these changes on iPhone and android app as well? My mom has SkyDrive on the Iphone
  • and skype also updated ..
  • But in WP 7 you can't choose a resolution of picture. So what I have to do? :D
  • Upload from the Skydrive app to get full resolution.
  • thanks bro...I'm feeling stupid now :D
  • Now when will you be able to access files off your home PC from the app like you can from the website?
  • hehe... :D :P
  • Really nice to see the steady incremental SkyDrive updates. Seems like every month we get a new feature or an improvement.
  • Hopefully they will release a windows 8 and Xbox update too. The current app on my surface is next to useless in terms of its lack of speed
  • If you have Surface Pro, use the desktop version with the tray icon. It auto-syncs everything between SkyDrive and your computer.
  • Cannot upload full pics in Australia
  • Nice, but what I really want is seamless SkyDrive integration with Music Player. Many WPs don't have an SD card slot, so phones are chalk full of music with no room for anything else. Storing music library on SkyDrive and streaming to any device so obvious Microsoft...let's get it done.
  • Yess! I support this statement 100%.
  • A very very musleading advertisement. As if you got perfect WiFi or 3g connections while camping!!! Nice try Microsoft but this advertisemet shows why the cloud is not convenient. I like the humor, but that's just about it. It would have been more convincing if they showed a convenient offline solution.
  • Lol. Its not misleading at all. Its an advertisement. Just because they are on their devices, doesnt mean they are online, first off. Second off, Its an advertisement. They were going for humorous and entertaining. Not to mention, its point was having things backed up to the cloud. Not accessing the content on the cloud.
  • What about the girl working on her laptop? She was typing. Perhaps working on a document or file. If she wanted to back this up in the cloud the spot in the woods is not the place to be. The last sentence mentioned by the narrator is, back it up in the cloud. That poor girl defintely lost that last part she was typing about. No chance there to back it up in the cloud. At least the other girl was smart to film the event. Oh, the joy of the cloud concept in the woods;)
  • I heard about this a week ago; and it still doesn't work (in Australia). Not full res for us yet!
  • Its 5th june and new features as mentioned in the article are yet to be updated for my lumia 820 in India (carrier Airtel).