Play hide-and-seek with a xenomorph with Alien: Isolation on sale for $2

Alien The Game
Alien The Game

Want to play a thriller? Grab Alien: Isolation on sale at Humble Bundle for just $1.99. The game is also available on Steam, but Humble Bundle gives you a Steam key anyway. You can also get all the DLC and the Season Pass added on for $8.49 total, where it would cost $12.49 on Steam since you'd have to buy The Collection to get all that content. This is an older game so it has been a while since it really went for $40, but even on a normal day the game is at least $15. Getting it for $2 is a real bargain.

If you're a member of Xbox Game Pass, you can already play this game since it's a part of that subscription.

Alien: Isolation video game collection

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Get the collection, including DLC and Season Pass, for $8.49. Also on sale on Steam. Play the daughter of Ellen Ripley. Find out what happened to your missing mother and end up hiding from aliens and crazy androids in this thriller of a game.

Alien: Isolation is a game where you play as the daughter of Ellen Ripley, Sighourney Weaver's character in the first Alien movie. You're trying to find out what happened to your mother after the events of the first movie left her missing. In doing so, you stumble upon a space station that has a rampaging xenomorph on the lose.

You can't fight it, so you have to hide. Instead of following in the more run-and-gun footsteps of the Alien sequel (which is what most Alien games in the past have done), this one tries to capture the atmosphere of the first movie. It's tense, scary, and more like a thriller than an action game. Use Stealth and Tactics to survive, not assault weapons. If the alien catches you, you're going to die. So you sneak around trying to save yourself and get rid of the alien. And the creature is not the only problem you'll come across in your adventure.

If you choose to get the full collection, some of the downloadable content even has you going back to the original ship from the movie, the Nostromo. You'll obe trying to eject the alien out of an airlock or running for an escape shuttle. Many of the original cast of the movie return to voice act in these missions, too, which is cool.

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