PlayStation classic 'Fear Effect' gets sequel on Xbox One and PC

Fear Effect is a popular PlayStation franchise which originally launched back in 2000. Gameplay revolves around exploring various cyberpunk environments and shooting enemies that try to get in your way. Despite its short run, the series is surprisingly popular and many gamers have been waiting for a sequel for almost two decades now.

Today, publisher Square Enix Collective and developer Sushee launched a sequel called Fear Effect Sedna on Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Fear Effect Sedna introduces a brand new character named Axel, as well as an isometric view point that seems to fit the combination of action, stealth and puzzle-solving gameplay. Fans of the series will also be pleased to hear this new chapter retains the classic death cutscenes from the original games.

Benjamin Anseaume, founder of Sushee, issued the following statement alongside the release of his studio's game.

It feels great to breathe new life in an IP that gamers still had a lot of love for, even almost two decades on from its debut. Fear Effect Sedna managed to garner that community during its Kickstarter campaign and, now with the invaluable backing of Square Enix Collective and co-producer Forever Entertainment, it's time to tell a new tale with characters those fans will find so familiar.

Now that Fear Effect Sedna is out on PC and consoles, Sushee can turn its attention to the recently-announced Fear Effect Reinvented. Fear Effect Reinvented is a remastered take on the original PlayStation game that started it all. This title will also launch on Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

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