Need to post to Instagram from your Windows Phone? Here are two methods that do work

With the recent "security changes" from Instagram, causing all third party apps from being blocked from posting, we figured we’d recap at least two ways that we know of that still work. Think of these as your permanent fail-safes in case this is a prolonged outage or as a temporary solution until Daniel Gary (Instance) and others figure out a way around the problem.

To recap, using apps like Instance allows users to post to their Instagram account, but after about fifteen seconds, the image is deleted. That means somehow Instagram has flagged images uploaded by unauthorized apps in a clever way that has befuddled developers so far. But you can still post via other apps—one official, the other a hack.

Hipstamatic Oggl and Oggl Pro

Released this past Friday, and probably the catalyst for this change in policy, Hipstamatic Oggl is a free, 100% guaranteed working method for posting to Instagram. In a sanctioned deal between the two companies, users can cross-post to their Instagram account and get some snazzy filters to boot. The good thing here is this method should work for the conceivable future as it is authorized.

The downside is that Oggl is a bit clunky to use, causing some consternation amongst users. In addition, only those with a Windows Phone 8 device and 1 GB of RAM can use it.

Note: if you get an upload/share error, try logging out from the app (Settings > Sign out from Oggl) and then re-sign in again. This should resolve any “token” errors.

  • Pros: Free, guaranteed to work, great filters, fast and direct posting
  • Cons: Windows Phone 8 only, Oggl is still a bit sluggish to use, cross-posting to Twitter omits written text, only provides Oggl link not to Instagram, cannot view Instagram followers/following—only for posting, doesn’t work on 512 MB devices

Pick up Oggl (all Windows Phone 8 devices) here and Oggl Pro (Nokia Lumia 1020) here from the Store to get started.

QR: oggl


QR: Oggl Pro

Oggl Pro


Instagraph was the very first method by which Windows Phone users could post to Instagram. We covered this app extensively in the past as it uses a clever work around: it relays the image via pseudo Android/iPhone devices to Instagram. Translation: proxy servers. As a result, it looks like it came from an official iPhone or Android app, keeping those over-zealous Instagram developers in the dark.

As of today, this method is still working, which gives users a viable alternative. Instagraph has not had any legal challenges and it has been quite reliable, but still, there are tradeoffs.

For one, you are posting through another server, which can cause complications or delays. On average, it takes about two minutes from when you submit the image to their relay service until it gets posted to your account. That’s opposed to the instant posting from Instance or Oggl. Likewise, the service is only as good as those servers, meaning if they ever go down, so does your ability to use the app.

Still, other benefits include the ability to use original Instagram filters (no preview though), account creation, management of your profile, ability to save the original image to your device and more.

Users of Pictures Lab or Fhotoroom, two popular image editing apps on Windows Phone, and Tagsdagram for tag management, also have direct sharing abilities with Instagraph for a more integrated experience.

  • Pros: All Windows Phones (7.x and 8), Tried and tested workaround for Instgram posting, original Instagram filters
  • Cons: Works via proxy servers, not free, not the prettiest app, delay in posting, no cross-posting to Twitter, no Live Tile

You can grab Instagraph for all Windows Phone devices here in the Store. It goes for $1.49 though you have a free trial (one upload per day, max 30 days) to give the service a spin.

QR: Instagraph

Wrapping it up

While Windows Phone is still struggling in the Instagram world, users at least have two viable options for continuing to participate in the hipster photo sharing service. Neither are complete solutions, as they only allow you to post to your account and are not “all in one clients”, like Instance.

Still, if you want to give the finger to the man, you can use Instagraph for posting right now or Oggl if you want to be legit (and have Windows Phone 8 device with 1 GB of RAM). They may not be perfect, but they do work.

Did we miss a solution to the Instagram problem? Let us know in comments and we’ll update accordingly.

Daniel Rubino

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