It's Black Friday once again, joy! As such, many of the greatest Xbox headsets are on sale for Black Friday and its surrounding retail festivities. The Astro A40 MixAmp bundle is on sale right alongside its unbundled brethren, both offering a tidy $50 saving for early deal hunters.

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Wired Headset + MixAmp Pro TR

Save $50: Astro A40 TR with MixAmp

The Astro A40 TR combined with the MixAmp is an excellent pro-grade set up for anyone looking to get into content creation. Thanks to the SPDIF-optical port on the MixAmp, you can combine audio from a TV output (such as from your Xbox) with PC USB (for communications). I used this setup for a long time while streaming, and only the A50 wireless is better.

$199 (was $249) at Amazon
Astro A40 Headset Se

Save $50: Astro A40 TR

If you aren't a content creator and just want a great wired headset for cross-device play, the Astro A40 TR is also sold without the MixAmp. Astro's sound profile is one of the best in the business and for $99, this headset is a steal.

$99 (was $149) at Amazon

The main difference between these bundles is the MixAmp, which offers unique capabilities depending on how you're using it. If you plug it directly into your Xbox console, you get additional features like Dolby sound, highly configurable side-tone mic monitoring (so you can hear yourself speak on comms). You also get a SPDIF-optical port, which lets you connect the headset up to a sound system or directly into a TV. Why would you want to do that? Well, if you're a video game streamer who primarily uses their Xbox, this headset can feed sound from your console into your headset, while you use the USB connection with your PC for voice comms or stream alerts.

Astro A40 TR with MixAmp (2019)Source: Windows Central

I used this set up for years while streaming on Mixer (rest its gentle soul), and only stopped after upgrading to the Astro A50 (which offers a similar setup, albeit wireless). Sadly the A50 isn't yet on sale, but it might be in the coming days.

If you don't see the need for the MixAmp, the $50 saving on the unbundled A40 TR is a great deal. I always felt like the Astro A40 by itself as a wired headset was a little pricey, but $99.99 is the sweet spot that elevates this headset to one of the best value wired headsets on the market. And as a 3.5mm wired headset, you could also use this on Xbox, PC, PlayStation, Switch, and any other device with a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

The A40 sounds great, is super comfortable, and highly durable and adjustable. This is a great headset that certainly won't disappoint at $99.

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