Prepare for key Docker and Kubernetes certification exams with this $16 bundle

Cloud computing is growing every day, and the technologies that help make it feasible continue to flourish. Professionals who know how to operate two of today's top cloud deployment technologies, Docker and Kubernetes, are in high demand, and a lucrative career can be made with the right training.

Prepare for Docker and Kubernetes certification exams with this $16 bundle

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Training to pass DCA and CKA certification — the exams that qualify you to work with Docker and Kubernetes — can be pricey, and you might already have a busy schedule. Windows Central Digital Offers has a deal for you, though, that can solve these issues. Right now you can get this certification training bundle for just $16. That's 92 percent off the regular price of $200, and access remains open forever so you can take it at your own pace.

This bundle includes "Introduction to Docker and the DCA Certification" and "Kubernetes On The Cloud & The CNCF CKA Certification" courses, together totalling over 200 courses that will prepare you to pass crucial certification exams.

Get started on a new lucrative career with this $16 Docker and Kubernetes bundle!

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Ready to take on something new and exciting? Prepare yourself for crucial Docker and Kubernetes certification exams with this bundle, now down to just $16. Don't wait too long; this deal doesn't last forever.

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