If one of you owns the game, the other can play the entire experience in co-op for free as long as you're gaming together. This is definitely an interesting approach to multiplayer and should make finding gamers to play with that much easier.

A Way Out comes from the studio that created the critically-acclaimed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and is scheduled to launch as a digital download beginning March 23, 2018 on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. Keep in mind that A Way Out is an entirely co-op only game, meant to be played on a couch or online with a friend.

The story of the two main characters, Leo and Vincent, begins in prison, where they will need to build a relationship with one another based on trust. Players must learn to work together to break the two out of prison and navigate further perils to freedom. According to EA, A Way Out has options that will appeal to players of all types. It's filled with action, puzzles, and mini-games woven together in a compelling plot that will keep players on their toes.

If you're a fan of shows like Prison Break, be sure to check this game out on the Microsoft Store. Communication is the key to success here because in many instances you have to time your moves perfectly. Here's hoping that the co-op mechanics won't become frustrating because playing with other gamers doesn't always go smoothly.

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