ProClip working on wireless charging for in-car mounts. We tell you why we like 'em.

Update: We now have a discount code...see below.*

Moment of humble-brag: I bought a new car recently and since it’s my first new car I’m suddenly into accessories for it. Enter in ProClip, one of the top recommended companies who manufacture in-car mounts for literally everything mobile.

We had a few conversations with Johan van Mierlo, Global Partner Development Manager at ProClip at CES 2013 and truth be told their products are quite compelling for those considering a superior setup for their vehicles.

The benefit of going specific

While ProClip do make “universal holders” which are themselves quite impressive due to their high quality, the company’s bread and butter is the ability to custom make mounts for any vehicle going back to 1972. In other words, you’re not buying a universal piece that you have to suction cup to your windows, but are instead buying a mount custom made for your car.

In fact, the company doesn’t need to receive “X” amount of orders before it can manufacturer a specific mount. Due to their manufacturing setup (located in Sweden), they can literally do “an order for one”. Sure, if it’s a 1973 Dodge you may pay slightly more but for the knowledge that you’re getting a specific part to fit your vehicle, it may be well worth it.

In addition, the mount you buy is not only specific for the car to ensure maximum efficiency in placement and stability but the corresponding holder is also custom made for your phone.

Lumia 920 and HTC 8x mounts selling like hotcakes

Before CES we actually ordered a Lumia 920 holder to give it a going over and as it turns out, we got briefly backordered. In speaking with Johan he confirmed that the version for 920 was selling very well, especially in comparison to the 8xx series which was not as popular (their version for the HTC 8X is also selling a lot due to its worldwide availability).

Although it’s anecdotal, we can add this as more evidence that the current crop of Windows Phone 8 devices are resonating with consumers as third party companies are starting to feel the effects.

What about Qi wireless charging?

Glad you asked. When we first mentioned the Lumia 920 ProClip setup, the first question we all had was “Does it do it Wireless charging?!”. The answer was “no” but we now have some clarifications on that and some good news.

Turns out there are quite a few considerations that need to be accounted for before tossing in a wireless charging setup. Here are just a few that ProClip shared with us:

  • Qi Wireless frequencies can interfere with Push-button ignitions
  • Qi Wireless frequencies can interfere with tire pressure sensors
  • Coil placement and number can vary
  • Is wireless charging enough to power the device and trickle charge it while using navigation?

Ah, you see now. It’s not as easy as just tossing in a wireless charging plate to make this happen. Choosing the right frequencies and making sure there is enough power are all crucial to this project.

For instance, on the flat wireless charging plate made by Nokia there are actually 3 coils whereas the stand only has one. While having more coils is better, since ProClip can make the wireless configuration more universal, it also drives up the cost.

The good news is ProClip is working with the Qi Wireless group and they are very confident that they can make this work. In fact, the Lumia 920 mount has a nice “gap” between the back of the phone and the mount. Traditionally ProClip does this to allow ample ventilation so the phone doesn’t overheat (which is itself brilliant) but it should be enough space so that a wireless charging pad can slip behind it.

We’ll have more on the Qi wireless version of the ProClip mount when it becomes available but rest assured, the company is actively working to get it done and do it right.

The high quality angle

We’re not here to tell you how to spend your money but if you tossed down some serious cash on your Windows Phone and you drive, ProClip seems to be your solution.

On our original article, numerous comments from readers like you heavily endorsed the company and their products. Much like Nokia, when a company’s fans speak out, we listen.

One of the benefits of the ProClip system is the high quality of parts. They’re not mass produced through injection molding but rather ABS plastic, which is sturdier and more reliable. Indeed we just received our Accord/Lumia 920 setup and the materials are solid (we’ll have a more thorough review later in the week).

Of course with excellence comes a price and the 920 holders range from $34 for just the holder to $80 for the hard-wired setup. In addition, the car mounts themselves are another $30 meaning you can easily drop $100 or more on the full system.

That’s quite a jump from a $30 universal holder but at least from our previous experience, those devices rarely live up to their promise. Plus in comparison to the car we just bought, it’s a drop in the bucket for a more superior experience.

Coming to the Windows Phone Central Store?

And yes, we’re going to see if we can stock some of the more popular Windows Phone accessories in our Store, so you can help support two companies at once. These things are complicated so I can't give you a firm “yes” or “no” or even a when, but we’ll be working to make sure you folks get the best accessories out there.

Head to for more information on ordering or wait for our review in a few days.

*Update: In case you're ready to order, ProClip has extended a 10% discount code applicable now through Monday night. Simply enter in WPCCES13 during checkout to get the reduced price. Now, because the Lumia 920 ones are selling fast, you may have some lead time before your item ships, so keep that in mind.

And for you HTC 8X fans, we'll also do a review of that holder next week as well.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • I love options that wireless charging brings, but dont really see the point on a car mount. I had quite a few car mounts that all had a wired charger integrated in and worked fine in that respect. I won't buy anouther ProClip mount, since my last one did not fit my device properly and was not fixed by ProClip despite my assisting them with tested a corrected mount. I never received a working mount with integrated charge. Terrible customer support!
  • I've never had poor service from them myself. It's taken some time for getting a specific device holder. My HD2 didn't fit perfectly but mine was different than normal since came from Telstra. They took it back no problem.
  • Either way if it does or doesn't have wireless charging we should be happy that windows phone is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Now we are starting to see companies come out of their holes and start making accessories for windows phone instead of the norm that we hear.
  • ProClip did mounts for WP7 devices as well, so it's no something new
  • No but I'm saying as a whole, its nice to see the companies focus on windows phone as much as they focus on Iphone and Android, I can't connect my phone to my stereo even though it states iphone and mp3 which any windows phone has, so I take this as a good sign of things to come in the future, sorry for being blunt.
  • Check the aux cord that you are using. If your stereo has an auxiliary input, then it won't matter if its iPod, mp3 or tape deck. I could be wrong, but I think it should work, or it's broke.
  • My car is a 2013 Chevy spark and it has an auxiliary input but it won't work with my Lumia 920. I've even connected it through Bluetooth since it can store all my contacts and music, but all it downloads is my contacts.
  • There's no need for wireless charging in a car if you use a proclip mount. It would be pretty much the same.
    Because of the tight fit of the 920 mount, when you slide the phone in it just connects to the the USB. I've had no issues with it (you don't need to play with it until it slides in, it just works)
    A wireless charger on the mount won't make sliding the phone in and out easier, you would still need the same cable from the mount to the cigaratte lighter, and the wireless charger just isn't as string as the USB charger.
    Wireless charging is great for the office desk and night stand, it doesn't do much in this scenario
  • I've been using these for years. I have set up the charging cradle for my L920 and it's great. This actually is my first charging cradle. These are made to perfectly fit, nothing touching buttons but it's securely set. You'll spend an extra few $ but it's worth every dime. Your phone will be where it needs to be everytime, even if you get in an accident. Placement varies by vehicle but many vehicles have multiple options for placement. There's even quick change options for changing to different phones or vehicles.
  • Awesome! Would so use one of these in my car. 
  • I bought the ProClip mount for my Ford Explorer and the holder for my Nokia Lumia 920. Fits like a glove. I love it! Great quality. As to the wireless charging, for me it's not really necessary. I'm fine with just plugging the phone into my cigarette lighter. I bought the Nokia car charging cable from the Windows Phone Central Store.
  • ProClip = AWESOME. I have used their mounts for many years/many phones. Nothing compares. It's like having a custom made mount for you car.
  • I was actually already looking into getting a proclip mount and moding a nokia charger plate into it but if they're going to make one with it built in I may just hold off. Hopefully they have an 8X version and not just a 920 version.
  • The proclip I bought for my car ended getting put on the boat. It never failed.
  • Can someone confirm the ability to be landscape? Don't hate me if I missed something obvious.
  • Yes. The swivel mount will go to landsape as long as you have the clearance around the mount in your car.
  • Making sure since nothing specifically stated it and no photos on their site had it. Thank you!
  • This doesn't make sense. Toyota already has qi wireless charing plate in their 2013 Avalon. So if Toyota figured out how to place a wireless charger safely in the car, I am sure there is technology available already to do that.
  • They didn't say they couldn't do it. They said it's not as simple as just dropping one in and they're working on it.
  • But what for the rest of us who can't afford...
    ... to look like we are 65+ years old will drive something a little less homely. Besides, I think the one for the Avalon doesn't exactly hold the phone up where it is easy to see on the dash like many of the Pro Clip mounts. By the way, I have a few Pro Clip car & device mounts and don't like how almost all of the device mounts have rubber grips that hold the device securely, rather than letting gravity do the work like on their mount for the iPod Classic that slides out easily and with its flock surface.
    P.S. I know the newest Avalon isn't as homely as the earlier versions, but they dug a pretty big hole in the 'lack of style' department.
  • I really want to see a handlebar style mount for motorcycles. 7/8 for metric inch and 1 inch for Harleys. 100 bucks is NOTHING compared to the cost of good universal mounts on a bike.
  • I have a car mount for my truck but I can't seem,to find a good docking app to use it to play music and weather does anyone know of a good app for that . That's one of the only things I miss changing from htc to Nokia was the sweet HTC docking app
  • Is the fit so exact that a Lumia 920 with a Speck case won't fit?  Living in a spotty signal state I also like the new Wilson 4g/LTE signal booster mounts... decisions.  The nice thing about wireless charging over wired is that if you are in and out of the car all day you are less apt to wear out the port.
  • It is so exact that it's for a naked Lumia 920. A case won't work with the 920 mount. 
  • ProClip is a great product.  I have used them for the last 10 years from my SAAB to CR-V.  Their Lumia 900 was one of the best mounts from them.  Very secure and usb powered.  I really don't see the need for wireless charging, if you are going to run a calble to the mount why not use the USB?
  • I have the ProClip mount for my Lumia 920, and it is awesome. Mine attaches to the center left of the console, and plugs into the nearby "cigarette lighter" power to power the USB that slides into the phone when you slide in. Unlike prior holders I've tried, this one leaves cup holders free, and holds the phone securely in both portrait and landscape mode. You do need to be aware that the fit is so custom that you can't have a case on the phone. I highly recommend this product!
  • I'm definitely going to go the ProClip route when they have the direct wired Lumia 822 mount ready.  Debating on whether to buy the vehicle mount at 10% off now and waiting :-/
  • Just got mine. They are great. Wish I knew about them sooner.