Bethesda announces QuakeCon at Home, an online event starting on August 7

Doom Eternal Dlc
Doom Eternal Dlc (Image credit: Bethesda Softworks / id Software)

What you need to know

  • QuakeCon 2020 was canceled earlier this year to the global pandemic.
  • Today, Bethesda announced a replacement event: QuakeCon at Home.
  • There will be tournaments, livestreams and some "fun secrets."

While QuakeCon 2020 was canceled earlier this year due to the ongoing pandemic, Bethesda isn't giving up on having a fan focused event. Today, Bethesda announced QuakeCon at Home, an online event aiming to run from August 7 through August 9.

Details are currently vague but the event is set to include tournaments, livestreams, charity fundraising and some "fun secrets."

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It's possible that we could see the first campaign DLC for Doom Eternal here. Two DLC packs are coming and right now, all we have are a couple of screenshots to speculate on. QuakeCon at Home would be the perfect place to learn more.



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