List of Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass known bugs and launch issues

Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass
Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass (Image credit: Windows Central)

Ubisoft has released its debut full-fledged Battle Pass for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, trailing a new 35-tier progression system laced with exclusive in-game rewards. The Battle Pass ties into the ongoing "Road to S.I. 2020" event, shining the spotlight on the upcoming Six Invitational and deploying Operators into a sporting-style event. That includes the new Stadium map, host to an ultra-competitive game mode based on tournament settings.

The Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass is a new concept for Ubisoft, following a brief one-week trial back in Operation Ember Rise. That brings a share of hiccups, with some players reporting various issues, including many acknowledged by Ubisoft. We've wrapped up all known bugs and launch issues surrounding the Road to S.I. 2020 Battle Pass.

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Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass bugs, glitches, and issues

Rainbow Six Siege Stadium Map

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Battle Pass not progressing, rewards not unlocking

Ubisoft has confirmed a visual bug affecting the Road to S.I. 2020 Battle Pass, where progression visuals fail to reflect in-game progress. It may prevent earned Battle Points from being shown, or players from accessing rewards. However, the bug is solely visual, with no impact on tracking or earnings. Ubisoft has provided the following on the issue:

Description: In certain instances, the Battle Pass may take longer than usual to visually synchronize, or could potentially get stuck. You may not be able to access the Battle Pass progression page in these cases. Restarting the game will fix this issue. Please note: Your progress and items will continue to be tracked and granted. This is only a visual issue.Status: (Target:TBD) We will be working internally to firstly improve on the UI's feedback to players on the status of their Battle Pass status. A more complete fix will take longer and we'll update this page when we have a better estimate.

R6 Credits missing after purchase

Updated January 17, 2020: Ubisoft claims to have fixed common R6 Credits issues affecting most players, recommended those still impacted contact Ubisoft Support. "Everyone who purchased R6 Credits yesterday should have received them," a Ubisoft representative stated on Reddit. "If you still have not gotten yours please reach out to for further help."

With the launch of the Battle Pass, some users report purchased R6 credits not appearing in-game. Ubisoft recommends players restart their game for currency to appear or wait for up to one hour.

Description: We are aware that players are having trouble with R6 credit purchases not being delivered. Try restarting and/or waiting 30 minutes to an hour for them to appear. If they do not appear after 24 hours, please reach out to

'Road to S.I. 2020' Operator loadouts resetting

While not directly related to the Battle Pass, some players report Operator loadouts resetting in the Road to S.I. 2020 event playlist. Ubisoft has acknowledged the issue, with investigations underway. "We are looking into this currently and should have more to share when we know more," stated Ubisoft.

'Road to S.I. 2020' Event incorrectly categorized as Unranked

The post-match rewards screen categorizes the Road to S.I. 2020 event as an Unranked Match, however, has been confirmed as a visual bug with no impact on statistics tracking.

Description: We're aware that the match rewards breakdown in the post-match menu for Road to SI Event matches is labeled incorrectly as an Unranked Match instead of an Event match. This is a visual bug and does not affect your progression and match bonuses tracking.

Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass menu visual bug

Ubisoft has acknowledged a visual bug affecting the Battle Pass menu, where Premium track tiles exhibit visual inconsistencies, such as green striped backgrounds.

Description: We're aware of visual bug that you may run into with the Battle Pass Progression page. The Premium track tiles may have a green striped background, and restarting will resolve the issue. Again, these are visual glitches only and will not affect progression or gameplay.

We'll continue to add this list upon updates from Ubisoft, and as the Battle Pass progresses throughout the month.

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