It's that time of year again – Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is soon on track to receive its next seasonal update. Ubisoft is cooking up a fresh wave of content for its hit tactical shooter, today dropping its opening teaser for Year 4 Season 2.

Tailing its blazing trip to the Australian outback, Season 2 is opening with a new cryptic aesthetic. The first formal teaser has hit the Rainbow Six Twitter account, paired with the caption "Look carefully... what do you see?"

Although the first formal tease for Year 4 Season 2, Ubisoft has still provided many details throughout 2019. Two playable Operators are confirmed for the update; enlisted with U.S. Secret Service and Danish forces, potentially under Frogman Corps. A full rework of existing multiplayer map "Kafe Dostoyevsky" is on the roadmap, tweaking angles and aesthetics.

Firm details on Operator roles are yet to surface, though assets from February's Six Invitational provide an early glimpse at what to expect. The illusive Danish Operator is officially pitched as an "expert in covert reconnaissance and stealth tactics" with the "ability to blend and adapt into an environment." Reputable leaks have since surfaced for the upcoming duo "Nökk" and "Warden," detailing a stealthy Danish soldier and U.S. agent negating flash and smoke grenades. The first teaser might be short on details, though currently aligns with prior leaks.

Ubisoft is set to host the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League finals on May 19, home to its Year 4 Season 2 unveiling. Expect firmer details on the update in the days ahead, with regular teasers leading to the grand reveal.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season 2: Everything We Know

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