Rainbow Six Siege Lesion guide: Gadget tips and best weapon loadout

Rainbow Six Siege Lesion
Rainbow Six Siege Lesion (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Lesion is the patron saint of annoyance. He drops a sprawling network of sharp mines around Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, wounding and slowing attackers headed to the objective. He's the spider in the middle of the web, and you'll need help getting past your latent arachnophobia to conquer your foes.

Understanding Lesion

Defender Liu Tze Long, better known by his codename Lesion, is a defending Operator that dropped with Operation Blood Orchid, alongside Ying and Ela.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
AbilityGu Mines
PrimarySIX12 SDT-5 SMG
GadgetImpact GrenadeBulletproof Camera
Price20,000 Renown480 R6 Credits

Lesion's core strength lies with his Gu mines, invisible traps deployable on flat surfaces, messing up nearby attackers underfoot. Hit a Gu mine, and you're pricked until you remove it, unable to sprint, while taking constant damage. They're a massive headache for shield Operators, with Montagne, in particular, unable to use his extended shield until removing the Gu. If he's the first in a door, losing full protection can be detrimental to an attacker's push.

With his two speed, two armor status, Lesion is flexible as an anchor and roamer but works best locking down the perimeter. His weaponry also provides considerable player choice, from a destructive SIX12 SD shotgun at close range, and accurate T-5 SMG for all inside encounters.

Lesion gadget and ability

Gu mines are everything for Lesion. Once triggered, Gu mines damage and slow enemies until removed. They also disable some Operator abilities, making removal near-essential before pushing forward any attacks. They're phenomenal when solo queuing but also alongside allies without much support.

The predictable cycle of catching players can also be exploited, given Lesion's overview of active Gu mines at all times. Once activated with an on-screen score pop-up, it's easy to gauge where enemies are, and pounce during the removal animation. You can also use a Gu mine as an early warning system to pre-fire (this is when you fire before seeing an enemy) with a reasonable level of success.

Gu mines become increasingly useful later in the round too. Gu mines slowly regenerate, with two Gu mines at the start of play, followed by a further six throughout the round. Pressure for time causes attackers to aggressively push, with the chance of deadly results on weakened enemies.

Lesion guns and best loadout

There are strengths to both of Lesion's guns, but you should mostly opt for the T-5 SMG. It does 28 damage per shot at 900 RPM while dropping to 23 when suppressed. It handles well for easy headshots, and the suppressor keeps an element of surprise, even if it takes an extra round to kill. Your mileage will vary, but the T5 is, nine times out of ten, the better choice. The Q-929 handgun is a reliable companion, but substantial damage reduction makes this less than ideal with a suppressor.

Following Ember Rise, Lesion has lost his Deployable Shield for a Bulletproof Camera. While we generally don't put stock into Bulletproof Cameras at the best of times, Lesion often creates a bottleneck to make it as lethal as possible. However, Impact Grenades are often the best choice for an Operator who struggles to make rotation routes without them.

Lesion tips and tricks

When placing Gu mines, remember that your opponent must step on them to be activated. Effective placement requires map knowledge and a pinch of guesswork, determining where players move. Generally, opponents won't rush into the center of rooms, making surrounding routes more valuable. Also keep an eye on your mines after you've placed them, with a constant icon on your HUD, disappearing once activated to reveal enemy locations.

Ensure your Gu mines also arm correctly, signaled when the top pops loose and the camouflaged device is (in)visible. If you can still see the casing, it's not armed, requiring a pick-up and redeployment.

Team up with Frost and her Welcome Mats for a deadly combo you'll struggle to stop. Place the Gu mine nearby the trap, and if both trigger, you'll instantly kill the triggering attacker. Aim to place your Gu around one foot from the Welcome Mat, catching attacker legs as they swing outward from the trap.

Gu mines can also be used to counter shield Operators, especially when thrown behind a Montagne dug into the corner. If it sticks, it'll deal constant damage over time to Montagne, forcing him to take immediate action.

And while it may seem obvious, staying alive is extremely valuable to Lesion. With your pool of Gu mines increasing as the round continues, it's in your interest to play cautiously. With up to eight drops per round, you'll be a considerable hindrance with the traps alone.

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