Type faster with the Razer Huntsman gaming keyboard on sale for $80

Razer Huntsman keyboard
Razer Huntsman keyboard (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition tenkeyless gaming keyboard has dropped to $79.99 at Amazon. We did see this keyboard go as low as $75 during Black Friday, but other than that the street price is actually around $130. This is a huge discount on a very good gaming keyboard, which makes it a great deal even if it's a couple bucks above the lowest price. You can also find this price at a couple of other retailers including Best Buy.


Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition keyboard | $50 off

A great, compact keyboard with linear optical switches and Razer's Chroma custom lighting. You can even change the lights using your voice with Amazon Alexa.

The Razer Huntsman is an interesting keyboard. It uses linear optical switches instead of traditional mechanical switches. This unique technology uses beam-based actuation, which is technically faster than the already super speedy mechanical actuations of other keyboards. It's literally registering your key presses at the speed of light.

We reviewed the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition and gave it 4 out of 5 stars plus a Recommended badge. Richard Devine said, "The responsiveness is remarkable, and it truly is difficult to put into words just how fast these red optical switches are. If you're looking for essentially zero delay from press to action, you'll find it right here. You might also need a secondary keyboard for typing with, but for serious, competitive gaming, this is one of the very best around."

In addition to the fast keys, the Razer has a ton of customization. For example, it uses Razer Chroma tech that allows you to choose from more than 16 million colors. Each key is individually backlit as well. Chroma is better than regular RGB because it can sync with other Razer products and even some third party products like Philips Hue smart lighting if you use the Razer software.

The keyboard is also built to last with an aluminum top plate. The Tournament Edition part of the name refers to this keyboard's ability to travel well, particularly if you're going to LANs or gaming tournaments. It is powered by a detachable USB cable that's easy to pack. And the tenkeyless design not only makes it great for gaming but keeps the whole design compact so you can carry it with you.

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