Razer's new Nari Ultimate for Xbox One lets you feel your games

What you need to know

  • Razer launched the Nari Ultimate for Xbox One today.
  • The headset uses haptic feedback to make you feel the sound from your games.
  • The Nari Ultimate for Xbox One is available now for $200 (opens in new tab).

Razer made a splash last year wen it introduced the Nari Ultimate, a headset that aims to make you feel the sounds in your games with haptic feedback. Now, that same experience is available on your Xbox One with the launch of the Nari Ultimate for Xbox One.

This new iteration of the Nari Ultimate works the same as the original, using Razer's "HyperSense" feedback to create physical feedback from in-game sounds ranging from footsteps to explosions. The main differences lie in the headseat's looks — there's now a lot more green — and the fact that it uses the Xbox Wireless communication protocol to connect to your console. That's the same protocol your Xbox One controller uses, which means you won't need a dongle to pair it up.

"Razer HyperSense features haptics by Lofelt, a leading German technology company that specializes in creating advanced haptics for immersive, realistic tactile experiences," Razer said in a press release. "It uses special haptic drivers and intelligent digital signal processing to generate high-definition tactile feedback in real time, creating an immersive in-game experience with any Xbox One game."

Along with it haptic flair, the Nari Ultimate for Xbox One packs swiveling earcups, memory foam ear cushions with a cooling gel layer, and a retractablemicrophone.

The Razer Nari Ultimate for Xbox One is available now from Razer for $200.

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  • I guess this will disappoint few people.
  • I'm not, this sounds either really good or really gimmicky. Hopefully the reviews are good.
  • Yeah, I am disappointed, I would have to actually try these in a store to decide whether I would want to upgrade my current headphones, but I kinda feel like feedback only on the head would be really weird, especially for things like footsteps and the like. I really, really wanted illumiroom.
  • Way too much for way too little.
  • As compared to what? The other 2 3rd party Xbox Wireless headphones are about the same if not the same price. One could argue that those are too much, but I wouldn't say that this seems to be missing something that those do. I used to think 200 for Headphones were too much myself, now I am strongly considering buying the Arctis 9X ( or now this if the reviews are good) at full price because sales dont seem to be happening.