Record every incident with the Vantrue N1 Pro dash cam on sale for $56

Vantrue N1 Dash Cam
Vantrue N1 Dash Cam

You never know what's going to happen out there on the road. You could get involved in an emergency, or you could witness something happening to someone else. A dashboard camera can come in really handy for recording everything, whether it be a collision or something ridiculous like an elephant on the highway. Grab the Vantrue N1 Pro mini dash cam at Amazon today on sale for just $55.99. The on-page price is $80, and that's the price it normally sells for. You can clip a $10 off coupon and then use the code E32MFPZ7 to bring the total down to its sale price. It is a unique low that we haven't seen before, so grab it while you can.


Vantrue N1 Pro Mini dash cam | $24 off

Use this dash cam to record video in your car at 1080p resolution with a 160-degree wide angle. It even has enough detail to capture license plates in the day or night thanks to the enhanced night vision.

The Vantrue N1 Pro is super small with a compact design that won't take up too much space in the front of your car. Despite its size, it is perfectly capable of recording some great video. You can capture all recordings in 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution at 30 frames per second. The advanced Sony sensor and 160-degree wide angle lens ensures you capture all the details around your car, including license plate numbers and more.

The dash cam uses a built-in battery, and it still has collision detection built in. In other words, if something happens to your car while the cam is off or your car is off, it can automatically power itself on to record up to 20 seconds of the impact. Because of its low battery protection, it won't drain your car to make all this happen either.

Plus, the dash cam has loop recording so once your memory card is full it can just start from the beginning and overwrite old recordings you don't need. That saves you time and money on SD cards. If there is footage you need like from a collision, the dash cam's G-sensor will lock that part of the video so it doesn't accidentally get overwritten. The Vantrue supports up to 256GB microSD cards, and you can find those on Amazon for very little.

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