Record every moment with Rexing's V3 4K dash cam on sale for $170

Rexing V
Rexing V

The Rexing V3 front and back dash cam is on sale for $169.99 at Best Buy. This is one of Best Buy's deals of the day and one of the best prices we've seen on this dash cam. It's actually a fairly new dash cam, too, so it's great to see any deal at all. The normal price for the Rexing V3 is $200, and it's still going for that price at other retailers like Walmart. Remember this deal expires tonight, so don't let that price disappear.

The Rexing V3 actually has two cameras. One of them is always pointed forward at the road. The other can either point backwards to capture things happening inside your car's cabin or can be rotated to point forward so you get single-channel recording at a higher resolution. With the cameras rolling in different directions, you can record 1080p video. If focused on one direction, you can record in up to 4K resolution. Capture every moment on the road in front of you and everything that happens behind you.

The camera includes a 2.7-inch 16:9 LCD display that includes an interactive interface and enhanced clarity. This is a larger screen compared to previous generations.

The camera also has a G sensor that can detect the moment your car is involved in an incident, which lets it automatically lock the current video to keep it from being overwritten. You never know what you might need that footage for, including insurance or the police or a TikTok showing off some silly happenstance. The built-in Wi-Fi lets you view, save, and share your recordings directly to your mobile device.

If your video isn't locked, the memory card will do loop recording so it will just overwrite footage you don't need and keep going, saving you the time of having to replace it when it's full. The dash cam comes with a 32GB microSD card, so you won't need to spend more money there.

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