One of the things that bummed us out about the Redfly was the price, as we mentioned in our review. Looks like Celio has helped out with that little issue: starting now the Redfly is $399.95. The price drop is reflected on the Redfly at the WMExperts Store -- the folks who run it tell me that they'll be issuing credits to the folks who bought it after we first announced retail availability last week (sound familiar?).

Meanwhile, we're still giving away a Redfly to one lucky user who comments in our new Redfly Developer's Forum -- get the full details here.

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Last but not least, the Redfly now supports an expanded list of devices (see them here) and there is a small firmware update for the Redfly. One small piece of cool: you actually install the firmware onto the Redfly from your Windows Mobile device. Installation of both the Windows Mobile driver and the Redfly firmware update is simple and available OTA, at