Remap your Fortnite keybinds to improve your building game in the battle royale mode

Have you wondered why your shooting game is on point in Fortnite, but you continue to lose out in the battle royale mode due to not being able to get the building mechanics working in sync? The issue could well be the default keybinds, which can cause issues with how you access walls, ramps, and more while focusing on landing those killing blows. I'm going to quickly run you through the process of changing keybinds to win more games.

By default, the building is handled using the first four function keys — F1 through F4. Yes, that layout is horrid. Luckily, Epic Games makes it easy to switch it up to something more accessible. Popular streamers have also changed their settings with different professionals opting for specific layouts. If you have a MOBA/MMO mouse like the Razer Naga or Corsair Scimitar, you could bind one of the side buttons to the building of objects.

Or you could choose keys that are easily accessible without having to move your hand from the WASD movement keys. Shroud, for example, tied building walls to Q, floors to X, and ramps to E. As well as these three keys, you could also try out C and F. In order to change the necessary settings, simply fire up Fortnite, click on the main menu in the top-right and choose settings. Hit the input tab and switch out the keybinds you wish to alter.

Now you should be able to get some wins under your belt.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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